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Cheep Cheep Challenge

Super Mario World Hacks → Cheep Cheep Challenge

Submission Details

Name: Cheep Cheep Challenge
Author: zacmario
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: Yes
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: After a ship capsizes treasure is spilled into the sea. Help Cheep grab 50 pieces of treasure. It's Dangerous to go alone and Cheep can't stay in any one area to long.
Use the X button to perform a Dash Attack.
Use the L or R button to save the treasure and return to the overworld.
If you die you will restart at the last pipe you exited, but it if you get gameover or use L\R save system you will be brought back to cheeps home.
Some Graphics are drawn by awesomezac(not me) and Valterri of MFGG.
1.1 fixes title and intro cuttoff. It also fixes wierd colors on player select.
Tags: asm cheep-cheep enemy exgfx exploration gimmick huge level music no boss puzzle
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
4.0 (10 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (6)

 Koopster Link
For a "no exits" hack this really takes a while, but I've had a blast playing it! (Eventually gave up on bearing the music, though.) I love how well thought out this hack is in general; how the coins are actually important for getting some extra lives, for example. I also really really love how new enemies are introducted gradually. It's also neat that you split the path in two, so the game is not too straight-forward, and at the same time it's not a confusing pipe maze (I was really afraid of that, would've been a chore to play). You've managed rooms that ultimately look the same very well in that aspect - I was never "lost".

Though I kinda wish that a game over didn't make me lose progress (I eventually learned that you can bypass this by pressing L+R during the death animation to cancel losing a life). Also, I wish the entire game was styled like SMB1 - replace the status bar, title screen menu font and a few sound effects and you got yourself a pretty accurate NES-era Mario game candidate (the red coins also aren't 8-bit, but I think it's alright that they're outstanding).
zacmario Author Link
Possibly. No promise though.
Grillollo Link
There will be Cheep Cheep Challenge 2?
Green Jerry From older version: Cheep Cheep Challenge Link
Sometimes, when I go back to the hack, my emulator crashes.
 Wakana From older version: Cheep Cheep Challenge Link
The concept here is pretty cool I must say. It's very creative and fun to play. Sadly, it gets kind of boring at a certain point, especially when the goal is to collect 50 "pieces of treasure". Also, I disliked the fact that every section looks pretty much the same one in terms of aesthetics; the coins are a good hint of where you passed through and where not, but it still can get confusing. On the other side, though, I liked the fact you could "restart" the level while keeping the treasure with you, as well as the dash attack, which could seem a little bit overpowered, but it's balanced with the fact you only have 1HP, and it's good enough.

This is worth accepting, although I'm addressing you a few errors that you could consider fixing in an update:
- Here I died randomly. Not so randomly though, since the bottom part of the screen had a firebar. They are buggy, since you'll get hit both in the upper part of the screen and in the lower part (the latter is where this was placed).
- Silly cutoff here and on titlescreen (plus weird colors on file select in this case).

A good and original hack overall, but it can get repetitive. 3/5
B-L SMW Hacks From older version: Cheep Cheep Challenge Link
Very good Hack!