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8BPP Nintendo Presents Screen

SMW Patches → 8BPP Nintendo Presents Screen

Submission Details

Name: 8BPP Nintendo Presents Screen
Author: edit1754
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch allows you to use a custom fullscreen 256-color image as your "Nintendo Presents" screen. Read the readme for more info.

The graphics, tilemap, and palette are all inserted using ExGFX files.

It differs from the Intro Patch as it actually replaces the Nintendo Presents" sprite rather than coming before it & not playing any sound, and it uses compressed GFX.

Erik557's update: added Vitor Vilela's fixes to higan-accuracy/real hardware and rewrote the graphics routine using LM's included decompression routine.
Tags: 8bpp lorom needs remoderation nintendo presents sa-1 tilemap
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
Download 3.15 KiB | 938 downloads


Comments (11)

Mapping_bl Link
look cool
El Cuh Fermin Link
Holy crap. It works in my hack. Thank you edit1754 for making this patch.
FailSandwich Link
it doesn't work even a little bit for me
DynastyLobster Link
i'd love to know how to actually use it
ASuperMarioWiggler Link
*insert happy bork*

I do layout requests.

...Gabe is love...
...Gabe is life...
DiscoTheBat Link
Finally a version that is hardware compatible. Good work!
 Erik Link
thank vitor instead. he just didn't submit the fixes.
Final Theory Link
Thank you so much for making it real hardware compatible.
Final Theory From older version: 8BPP Nintendo Presents Screen Link
This patch does not fully work on real hardware and accurate emulators.
Coolmario From older version: 8BPP Nintendo Presents Screen Link
I'm pretty sure this isn't what it should look like in Higan (Accuracy)

Here it is in SNES9x

 Vitor Vilela From older version: 8BPP Nintendo Presents Screen Link
That's an awesome patch there. Added SA-1 support and tags.

You may want to note the following:

- You no longer need Layer 3 ExGFX Patch to the patch work. Actually, you need to use Layer 3 at least once (just enable bypass in some random level or overworld).

- The LC_LZ2 Optimization Patch is integrated with Lunar Magic. To enable it, in the Level Editor, go to Options -> Compression Options for the ROM. Then choose either LC_LZ2 (Optimized for Speed) or LC_LZ3 (Better Compression). You don't need to do that for SA-1 (and in case you choose LC_LZ3 or revert to LC_LZ2 Speed, you must reapply SA-1 Pack to it use the faster version).

- edit1754's BG ripper is available here:

- You can also create the logo using SnesGFX. Use "Format: 8BPP SNES", "Tilemap: Output SNES Tilemap", "Palette: Mario World Palette" and "Split: 4 KiB". Then just rename the output files to ExGFX files in split order.