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Airjump and Airspin

UberASM Repository → Airjump and Airspin

Submission Details

Name: Airjump and Airspin
Author: HammerBrother
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: Allows the player to jump in the air. You can also make it limited so that after a number of jumps in a row gets disabled (not the buttons, in case if something also uses the jump button).

Also includes a NSMBW styled airspin move that allows the player to do a short spin in midair (by pressing spinjump, much like shaking the wii remote)
Tags: airjump airspin cheeta-jump cheetahman jump lorom sa-1 super fx
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
4.0 (4 ratings)
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Comments (14)

Yoshioshi59_ Link
What does flag mean? also i cant find airspin in the airjump file, which is the one im using
Soul Link
If the gravity of your level reverses when u try to airspin, Change the flag for the Airspin.
Wolfguy423 Link
I cant get this to work.
my character disappears and freezes.
I can still start+select exit out,
though that doesn't fix the issue.
Zatara Link
Check if you are using a FreeRAM
Xboy1282 Link
Cool the airspin can be use for a "New Super Mario World" styled type of ROM hack
Dark Mario Bros Link
With a little edit, the air jump can become a double jump for cape mario, then remove the flight with an asm and you have a double jump cape or a multiple jump cape, depending on your desire
Flat5Games Link
Could you add an option for:
1. Bouncing off an enemy does NOT consume one of your remaining jumps.

2. Bouncing off an enemy replenishes your jumps.
A2yerold Link
Originally posted by agostino1991
Can this patch be used only in certain levels? Can anyone explaine me how to use this?
go to tools download UberASM tool. extract the zip into a folder put your rom hack in the folder. put the .asm in the levels folder. open list.txt look for levels under it should be some numbers and file names. the numbers are the level numbers and the file names are what will be patched to the level. just delete both put the level number you want the air jumps to be in and the .asm file name beside it. go down and look for rom the default is SMW.smc change that to the name of your rom. save list.txt run the uberasm.exe and you should be good to go.
A2yerold Link
didn't test the air twirl but the air jumps work great!
agostino1991 Link
Can this patch be used only in certain levels? Can anyone explain me how to use this?
Akutarex Link
Parece a minha vida
DiscoTheBat Link
Well, this is a pretty useful code, it is really useful for the hacker to make certain types of level. Nevertheless, this is really good!
zacmario Link
Thank you, I think this will come in handy for some folks.
zacmario Link
Would you consider making another version of this. It would disable spinjumping on the ground if you jump then spin jump it makes you spin float up a tiny bit. like the newsmb series ?