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Luigi and the Island of Mystery

Super Mario World Hacks → Luigi and the Island of Mystery

Submission Details

Name: Luigi and the Island of Mystery
Author: superwiidude
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 93 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Version 1.2.

Luigi decides to set off on his very own adventure when he encounters a strange island. Bowser is already here. Can the green plumber stop his evil plans?

Fixed faulty fire
fixed pausing stopping the music
Tags: asm bosses exgfx health traditional variety
Comments: 47 (jump to comments)
4.7 (23 ratings)
No rating
Download 1.39 MiB | 13,255 downloads


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Comments (47)

Ekimnoid Link
I got 95 exits, not 93.
Danik2343 Link
Good Hack!
My hack have over 5 hearts, 7 max on luigi.
Played this hack in 2020, replayed in 2022
The Lucifer of Gaming Link
I don't know if this is a FIXME or not but in Green Valley are you supposed to be able to pick up the Pow Block seen here? It's a great hack but I'd really like to know if that POW block is able to be used or if it's just there for what they call "eye candy" for the game, that and the fact that some of the friends I sent this too was also wanting to know.
PM-Faster Link
Cool Hack :) 5/5 #lm{owexstar}
 Pokemon Hacker Link
I enjoyed the hack at first, until I discovered something that really got under my skin:

1. After Luigi has 7 hearts, the remaining hearts never register. So Luigi can have 7 hearts max.
2. While "hang gliding" with the cape, Luigi is vulnerable to anything. I tested it numerous times. Instead of turning into a default spinjump after getting hit while "hang gliding" with the cape, Luigi automatically loses the cape power up.

Titanish Link
Absolutely fantastic hack! Played the remastered version and I have only compliments.
Nicoke42 Link
Nice quality easy hack, very entertaining. Loved the final bosses!
Satsumaimo Link
I absolutely loved this hack years back. I always will love the special world, especially how you used the
Nitro Man stage theme for that one level... You know the one.

I don't know if I have it on my computer anymore, but I'm gonna download it again anyways.

Five stars! #smrpg{haha}#tb{:DD}
edwinmusic Link
Great hack! Amazing! Congratulations!
LordLuigi Link
Great great romhack... definitely not perfect by any means. Some annoying parts that required some save state abuse for me but overall really great hack. Packed full with excellent music and wonderful mashups of enemies and levels/themes from other great games like Metroid. Most of the levels had cool design with the exceptions mainly comimg very late in the game. Certainly fun and worth checking out. Link
Finally got around to playing this hack and it's amazing! The level design is superb and the graphics/music are great! One of the best SMW hacks I've played! 5/5
Dan314 Link
Really enjoyed playing this hack, great job! Good to see the influence from other 16 bit classics, the Green Hill level was a nice touch.
LatvianEnglish Link
A few bugs:
Some levels had glitched graphics, most notably "Open Sea!", which was completely glitched;
If you complete a level with the timer under 100, the music sometimes keeps playing faster, even after completing the level.
Other than that, it was a fun challenge, and the end screen really made me laugh out loud.
Paddy Link
Fantastic hack, loved playing it. Really well done. Please continue to make more, or even a sequel to this.
Denzi00 Link
Great hack so far untill i encountered a glitch at castle 2. it trew me off for a few days i couldn't enter the level, well i could but i would die as soon as the level started. So downloaded diffrent rom to patch with, played trough all the levels again castle 2 still glitched but it was playable. I can send you a image if you want but don't know if links are allowed cause i just joined to tell you there is a bug at caslte 2.

I also softlocked at the red switch palace and it deleted my safe data.. So basically i've been playing trough it for 3 times now.:p

Which means a great hack. Very well designed from what i've seen so far.
dede2006 Link
I can confirm that this game DOES work with the SD2SNES cartridge!! (NICE)
dede2006 Link
I preferred ips much more better.. now with bps I had to search for a clean rom as I didn't know at first but I figured it out

with the ips patched I would need to load the rom into "Lunar Magic" and it would tell me a msg about adding headers or something and then I would just save the rom as is after, and use that new headered rom for the ips patched..

but now i just learned that for the bps patch you need to have a clean untouched rom without the extra added headers from Lunar Magic, and also the bps patches seems to be creating a new file for the output patched rom, rather than overwritting the current rom.
Atomicatoms Link
Very awesome that you fixed up the music bug and the faulty fire.

This is still a great hack! #smw{:TUP:}
Elvis1991 Link
Thank you Dan , it worked :)
 Dan Link
Originally posted by Elvis1991
Can someone , make an ips file or smc for this hack ? Thank you !

No, you can easily patch the .bps file to a clean ROM yourself.
With this tool, please.
Elvis1991 Link
Can someone , make an ips file or smc for this hack ? Thank you !
elezard Link
still one of the best hacks ever, fixed stuff with update, good
kpe From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
This new version? why there 2 post?
kvbriggs From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
This hack was really fun. Three things though. I would have appreciated some more custom or challenging castle bosses. The final level was way too easy and I wasn't expecting the game to end after completing it. Also, I'm using super everdrive to play this hack on the original snes and every time I hit pause and then resume the music is muted until going through a door, pipe, or until I finish the stage.

Really though, excellent work. I enjoyed playing.
kaitri From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link

you can jump over the goal with yoshi and enter a different level (as you can see on the screen) if you finish the "ghosthouse" it puts you in you get the secret exit anyway :/
niko From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Superwiidude ... you're just a great hacker, one of the best ive seen.

You make the best hacks, there was fun, challanging but fair, extremly nice looking and very clever. The levels, the secrets, the music, the design choises, all is nearly perfect. Some very very little minor bugs.

Im happy about giving you 5 Stars.

Keep up the amazing work.
dreaddlor443 From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
its good
Antshield21 From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
I joined this site just so I can praise you on the greatness that is this hack. There are so many games on here that I can't help to just play a few levels, see what's different and move on. The over saturation keeps taking me out of the experience. But with your game I truly got immersed. The difficulty and custom art seems so official yet challenging. Truly impressed, your hard work was not wasted. In fact I'm going to play more right now. I have 7 hearts but when I got the 8th it didn't register and keeps appearing in the level, not sure if there is a heart cap or if that's a glitch but regardless I'm having to much of a blast to care. Thank you for this game.
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
That means Awsome oh I like this hack
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Hey I wanna use the overworld sub map music it's really sick
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Hey add the tag " custom music
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
And I'm 10 yrs old
IanBoy From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Did you download Lunar IPS and downloaded a clean and unheadered ROM?
Der_slime From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link

Sorry for my bad englisch and english grammar. I am 14 years old and i can not so good english sry :/

But my question is

i can not play the hack rom because my Emulator (Zsnesw) can not start the IPS file and if I Patched the IPS to the Normal Rom From SMW the emulator makes nothing?

what should I do? I want to play the rom

and sorry for the bad english Grammar
Atomicatoms From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
I honestly really like this game. It's cool that you also fixed out the "fire blocks crashing the game" issue.

I would still give it a 4/5 rating due to the fact that the annoying "Pausing mutes the music and/or other sounds" bug is still there.

I would totally give it a 5/5 if you fixed that bug. Keep up the good work superwiidude#smw{:TUP:}
Green Jerry From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
@Bioma: You can find the graphics here.
Bioma From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Green Hill Zone very similar with the Sonic the Hedgehog original! How rip Sega Genesis graphics?
elezard From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Best hack on the site. I tried to fix an "issue" in lunar magic, and now i can't complete the last few levels, even with that, 10/10. You (superwiidude) have been quite active lately, can't wait for your next game!
 Wakana From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Okay, the major issue about the fire blocks crashing the game has been fixed in this new version. The rest kept the same.

My opinion on it didn't change, still one of the most memorable legacy hacks to play. 5/5.
elezard From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
The last few levels in the wily area have broken bosses, broken overworld paths and broken exits so i can't finish the game unless i edit the levels in lunar magic so they end properly.

This is probably specific to my copy so it won't effect my rating which is 5/5, fantastic game, better than the original SMW, incredibly well-designed, unique, addictive, fun and great to look at. 2nd best hack on the site.
Dark Mario Bros From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
oh, I've seen this hack before, that will be nice play this hack again
I hope you find a way to fix the music pause thing
 Wakana From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Such feels. This is one of the legacy hacks I played most in the past. It's scary how I still remembered some of the secret exits of this one.

Either way, was a bit unsure about what to do here. Seems that there's a major bug about these blocks: try touching them like I'm doing. If you do so, hack breaks, showing garbage tiles and then freezing. This is an issue that happens in every level this block is in.
Since this version already fixed a major bug about music incompatibility on accurate emulators, I'm accepting it, but it would be really cool if you could fix this other major bug as well.

Other minor issues I found:
- I can go trough the switch blocks here, despite I activated them.
- In "Glass Jungle", music doesn't stop if you die. I have no idea why this happens, but thank god it's not crashing rom atleast.

Once you submit an update, PM me. I'll quickly check if you fixed the major issue, and then I'll accept it. 4/5 for now, will give a 5/5 when you'll submit the update.
Green Jerry From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
You forgot to add 'health' as a tag.
 MaiK From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Still one of my favourite Hacks of all times. Great Work David, keep it up !
5 Stars
H.carrell on an ipad From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Bad overworld exit means it's game over
And it also means reset
NatsuFireball From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link
Hello Superwiidude,

I personally very enjoyed your hack. You paid attention to details in each level and the overworld is very well thought, one of the best if not the best I've seen so far.

Musics were good too, with lots of winks to old games such as Megaman or Zelda.

I figured out to find all 93 exits without using savestates, although some levels were very hard, especially the last one in Special World. There a little midway-point would be very useful ^^

10/10 Thank you for all dude =^.^=
mangolo From older version: Luigi and the Island of Mystery Link

MUSICS (3/10): This is one of the first hacks I played containing badly used musics. There's almost nothing of Mario musics here. You used many annoying musics too many times and just didn't care about the ambient. Desert musics will appear in icy levels, that will appear in lava levels, that will appear in forest levels and so on. You were pretty lazy. You also used some repeated musics with different arrangements; wasn't very creative. Also, the variety of musics is pretty low.


GRAPHICS (5/10): Many backgrounds are good as ones made in Paint. Both tileset and sprites were annoying in 80% of the levels.
The first levels are great. You used SMB2 scenarios well, as well as the enemy sprites. But after some time, you lost your inspiration.
The game was supposed to be a misterious island. You changed most enemy sprites to different ones, what fits with the different ambient you wanted to create. Unfortunately, you also used those native creatures as members of Bowser's army, like if they knew Luigi was comming. You ruined the main feeling of the game.
Sprites with "^^" eyes are a really bad idea. You used it a lot and sounds noob. Even worse, many changed enemies are annoying after some time, mainly the new koopas graphics and the piranha plants. I just thought Sumo Brother a funny one because it remembers me of Sonny, from Mario Golf.
In many levels, you took parts of the tileset and used it as a background with a slightly different pallete. That's not creative and you get confused when you can pass through it or not.
I noticed you used the SMW's original cave background so many times, only with a different pallete. Could have been well used if the musics fit with the ambient.


LEVELS (3/10): Again, the same: first ones are great, last ones are bad. Your levels contains lots of P switches in almost all secret exits and sometimes in normal ones. Also happens in bonus rooms. That's repetitive, and will occur since the beggining of the game until the end.
After world 3, your levels get short. They almost always are just a straight way to the end, without extra entrances (unless for secret exits)
In the last 3 worlds, your levels are usually based on spike traps/ways, and you even used mines from minefield as spikes. It's easy to find Chucks that will make you bounce on spikes or even fall on a hole.

Pointing levels now:
Luigi's House: Why Luigi has a house in a mysterious island no one went before?
Trick House: In one of the bonus rooms, you will need to use a springboard you must take in a room before it, and it's impossible to know that. If you get in there without it, you must kill yourself and start again.
Labirynth Tunnel: One of the very few nice ambients. Too bad the background is not that good.
Green Hill: Awful background. One of the worst ones.
Mechanized Fortress: Here is where your levels start to get short. This one was poorly made. Its name simple don't represents what it is.
Sand Trap: I don't know why this kind of level is so rare. You were original here with a simple stuff. Good one.
Star-Bound Bridge: Interesting way of making two different ways in a level.
Open Sea: Also original, but annoying. "Open" ins't the best word to describe it.
Brinstar: Cool use of Metroid scenario, but once again, level is short and the idea was poorly explored.
Mystery Saucer: Fits with the last world, we know where it came from. Is not just a random idea comming from nowhere. But, at the same time, is senseless, considering the native creatures and Bowser's boomerang brother. His fight is boring, by the way.
SR388: If you had merged this level with Brinstar, could have been an awesome one. Like this, seems like you don't have creativity to develop your own ideas into the game. You have one good idea, and share it between several levels. That's a bad thing.
Mole's Advice: Good idea, bad design...again.
Shyguy Cave: Really dissapointing, considering you just replaced already existing enemies with shy guy sprites and used this as a base for another short level.
Rocky Ridge: First level I saw that fits with that background. But it has nothing special.
Fortress of Steel: One of the worst tilesets used.
Downed Ship, Glass Jungle: Those both levels were the first ones I really liked on the game. They have a new feeling I didn't see before. Too bad we are on world 7 already.
Castle Finale levels: Worst tileset and worst background of the whole game. I couldn't enjoy the levels. I just wished they end up as fast as possible.
Teleport Chamber: Wasn't expecting something like this. Of all serious hacks I played, this was the biggest joke ever. Level flashing and shaking all the time? What is Bowser doing here in Dr.Wily's castle? You don't even have to defeat him to beat the game. Ah, and Wily simple dissapears (you won't fight him as well) and Luigi will go away with Yoshi, who is barely used in the game. So that's it, the game ends, and there's no final boss fight.


OVERWORLD (9/10): Amazing overworld. You can make the game in many diferent ways in many different occasions. Just the graphics are not that great.


STORY (0.5/10): Luigi went to a mysterious island, and yet, he has a house there, and even Toad is living there to be able to clean his house. Senseless.
The monty mole tells Luigi where the princess is being held. She wasn't even mentioned in the whole game until this point, and neither after this point. Bowser's evil plans? I'd like to know what they are. He didn't kidnap Peach and she is not shown even after the final level. Bowser simple has nothing to do with the story at all. Luigi just keep "destroying enemy strongholds" searching who knows what. His main target was to explore the isle and then he starts destroying castles and that's how it end: finally found the nothing he was searching for. He just got captured and escaped. The main stronghold, the last castle, wasn't destroyed, and neither the so misterious plans of Dr.Wily, who just appeared on the story all of sudden, like Peach, Bowser and the koopa kids.
I don't know if something is explained on the secret world (shouldn't be like this, if it was done). I stopped playing the game after the last level. Was just too pathetic.


FINAL NOTES: I have no idea what happened to you. Your other game, Mario's Amazing adventure, is A LOT better than this one. I would never say it was created by the same person, and I just played until the end because I really respected and liked your previous game.
And about the story, seems like you had random ideas and used without any connection between them and the story. It's just terrible. Ruined the game for sure. I hope you start doing games like before. I stopped playing this game before I finished, because I had to think properly if keep playing it was worthy. Sorry, the game was too boring and VERY repetitive.
I really wish you luck on next game.