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The 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → The 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

Submission Details

Name: The 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack
Author: SMW Central
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: Yes
Length: 152 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: The 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest Collab Hack of 2016 features 108 contest submissions, along with various staff, judge, and post-game levels. There are a total of 152 exits spread across 117 levels.

While the levels themselves remain vanilla, we included various other ASM features such as score displays with reset functions, as the point of this collab is showing off the individual levels, and not to be restricted by the switch palaces one has already pressed.

The overworld also features ASM shenanigans en masse, creating an experience you are sure to have never had before in a Super Mario World ROM hack.

Taking all of these aspects into consideration, this is now the largest SMW hack ever made (more than 96 levels that would not fit into a regular 4MB ROM!).
Tags: collab collaboration sa-1 vanilla variety
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4.7 (79 ratings)
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Comments (100)

Kimota Link
A masterpiece of an overworld tainted by mostly trash levels. If you like enemy spam, you'll love this hack. Maybe the biggest problem is that hardly any creator regarded having only one checkpoint as a serious design consideration. So a bunch of levels are like eight minutes long deathless with one checkpoint, so you will be slogging back through super long sections every time you die to some unfair bullshit (likely a lot). On that note, I'm not sure how this got rated "Normal" when two thirds of the stages are hard or very hard at the level of something like JUMP. The Top 10 levels are mostly good, and there are a few other gems mixed in there such as Swiss Hotel (morsel) and Fish In Space (snorunt), but as an entire game, it's not worth the time.
JosephTheCube Link
Mario is small in all screenshots.
NicolasAP2005 Link
O collab mais impressionante, ansioso para o proximo!!!! <3
eujulio93 Link
por que todas as fases são abertas?
poppy100 Link
I found the previous annual level design hack to be a fairly miserable experience, though I still powered through most of it because the few halfway decent levels kept me going. Maybe a year later, people would be more skilled level designers?

Assuming all the same people made levels for this game, its safe to say you aren't improving at your craft. I'm not expecting EVERYTHING to be amazing, but I AM expecting asinine crap like the level entitled "Cutting in line" to not be listed in the god damn top ten. It has a neat concept, but everything in the level is EXTREMELY incongruous. The very beginning of the level has some blocks and a falling platform which appear to be leading up to a pipe...except you can't actually go into the pipe... Then later in the same level, Theres a side room with a puzzle, I THINK the intended method was to use the moving coin block, (which is up OFFSCREEN, where its not immediately obvious you need it!), combined with the P-switch, to catch the turtle shell, and use it on the enemies to the left... But I didn't know about the coin block the first time I was there, so I just caught the shell as it was falling and skipped the other steps.

In the outer space level, (I can't remember what it was called, I'm pretty sure it was ranked number 3) you get to a part where you're swimming in outer space, sounds cool right? I touched a square block on this screen, and died. Why is that a problem? THE SAME SQUARE BLOCK IS PRESENT BEFORE THIS POINT, AND DOES NOT HURT YOU THEN! Why wasn't it just a spike block or something!?

And that particular example gets weirder too, there is a second part of that same level where you go swimming, and only at the SECOND part, the game actually warns you not to touch ANY moving blocks! Why wasn't this warning present earlier? I already learned by DYING to a block that you need to avoid them!

I wonder how many people will even see this, don't waste your time with this game. Theres MANY more examples I could probably list. The levels are, at most, passable, and at worst, indicative of people going into a vegetative state before finishing them properly.

I wonder if the moderators would consider any of this too hostile... But stupid children have to learn from their mistakes somehow, don't you think? Its not good to keep throwing yourself at something if you're not visibly getting better at it. Its something most speed runners and fighting game players really need to be taught.
Exemi Link
Why this hack is already done? Is there a way to reset?
Isaque World Link
Originally posted by SakyceWasTaken
What's the overworld music used in Frozen Mirage level in worst map ?
VLDC7 - Remix - Mountain, VLDC7 - Remix - Cave 1
SakyceWasTaken Link
What's the overworld music used in Frozen Mirage level in worst map ?
QuikSenS Link
niceeee game
nordict Link
quite stunning effort from everyone who entered, good job
erpster2 Link
Originally posted by SHARPY
This hack doesn't work in the latest version of bsnes v115 or as a repro cartridge on a real SNES due to increased accuracy of the SA-1 chip since the hack was uploaded. Is there any way that this can be rectified?

play it in either snes9x 1.60 or bsnes "forks" like bsnes-classic or bsnes-plus v05
or ask bsnes creator byuu to update his emulator to add some sort of compatibility function for VLDC8 & VLDC9

Edit 5/21 - the issue with VLDC9 not working with newer bsnes versions from v106r62 onward has been reported on github in April 2020:
Isaque World Link
Vou botar o link da versão 1.10 pois a primeira versão é legal demais, eu também já completei o jogo
MarioObsesivo Link
I patched this hack with UniPatcher for Android Smartphones, and works perfect! Outstanding #smrpg{:D}
MarioObsesivo Link
Really need Special Overworld theme!!
MarioObsesivo Link
En el nivel 108, Green Meadows, se bugea el cuello de las plantas carnívoras. Lo jugué en Snes9x EX+.
Koop the Koopa Link
ooh boy thats good
This hack doesn't work in the latest version of bsnes v115 or as a repro cartridge on a real SNES due to increased accuracy of the SA-1 chip since the hack was uploaded. Is there any way that this can be rectified?
Frozen Aurora Link
I just want to know how to obtain the secret exit of the level "Brown Block Basement", I have obtained all dragon coins at that level.
erpster2 Link
Originally posted by tdavid95
@RussianMan: Thanks for your reply! I did it before, it gave me only black screen with Snes9x 1.53 and ZSnes 1.41, but it seems it works fine with ZSnes 1.51.

you need Snes9x v1.54, 1.54.1 or higher to play VLDC9
rafaelfutbal Link
This game don't run on "Snes9x TYL" for PSP.
Which emulator for PSP should I use? 🙁
prelovedSausage Link
Like it!
silphex Link
I'm on Mac and don't have an emulator to use. It won't show up when I use OpenEmu, Snes9x gives a "powerpc apps are no longer supported" message, and bsnes is laggy as shell. Any suggestions? :|

EDIT: I got openemu to work
GaloombaCat Link
good :)
elScream Link
Hello, i'm new here.
First, congratutlations for all the realisations here ! Really impressive :)

Secondly, i have "a problem". This is normal to have a start game with all the levels already done ?
I used a wrong rom or something else ?

Thanks for help
kaitri Link this is the song of midnight arbor (underworld forest from the gameboy game last bible 3. never played the game but it looks weird)

np <3
Raichu BR 2003 Link
please , midnight arbor theme
Raichu BR 2003 Link
which the music in the level midnight arbor
 Pokemon Hacker Link
The first time I downloaded this, it always played at less than 60fps, usually 40 something or less. So it would stick every few seconds. I'll try downloading it again
Mr Scotsman Link
Kyle likes it #smrpg{y}
Adriel_ICS Link
Excellent hack
MarcoAMW Link
better than vldc8
Khaoskar Link
OK so far it's really good, but on 103 something happened where it gets really glitched? and confusing
Enan63 Link
great collab hack cant wait for vldc10#smw{:peace:}
Mrgh Link

taebot64 Link
Help I cant get this to run on SNES9X 2010 for the wii u I tried 2005 and 2010 there is no later builds can someone help me please!!!
taebot64 Link
Help I cant get this to run on SNES9X 2010 for the wii u I tried 2005 and 2010 there is no later builds can someone help me please!!!
tdavid95 Link
@RussianMan: Thanks for your reply! I did it before, it gave me only black screen with Snes9x 1.53 and ZSnes 1.41, but it seems it works fine with ZSnes 1.51.
 RussianMan Link
You don't have to expand anything. Just apply to clean rom, and you're good.
tdavid95 Link
Hello! I applied SA-1 patch for the ROM and Flips says this patch is not intended for this ROM.

I did:
* used clean ROM
* extended ROM to 2MB
* applied SA-1 asm

What I have to do?
Chwee Link
789maio Link
by far one of the best hacks i played
irfeq Link
hello friends I love this rom, I have a question, how can I start the map from 0, without solved levels, because I can walk around the map and that takes away the fun: C
ScottyTheCube42 Link
Loved it! Keep it up you guys! 10/10
unipat Link
TheJullasicFox Link
@Charizard746 Darude SNEStorm
Charizard746 Link
jjoepr Link
I've been asked how I got it to work on a pi. All I did was install the snes9x 1.54. Can't remember if it was an experimental package. This only runs on snes9x 1.54. Hope that helps.
jjoepr Link
I've been asked how I got it to work on a pi. All I did was install the snes9x 1.54. Can't remember if it was an experimental package. This only runs on snes9x 1.54. Hope that helps. Just note all sa-1 roms tend to lag a bit . This one lags a bit in the overworld and some of the custom music.
Juze Link
Got it to work on a raspberry Pi 3 and I'm not sure how I did it. Just backed up my image in case things get messed up.
jjoepr Link
Got it working on my raspberry pi. Sound is a bit buggy, but I guess it's due to the size of the rom. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to update to the latest snes9x version.
remivamp Link
The "Worst" world doesn't work on SNES9x 1.54.2 as it just keeps loading the next muncher that doesn't show up.
jjoepr Link
tried this on my raspberry pi. did not work. guess the sa-1 patch is only compatible with the most recent pc emu version.
Juze Link
Got an old smrpg cart. This will be the donor cart to make a repro.
Juze Link
It's all good. Just wanted to see why this needed the sa-1. The worst that could happen is that I get a repro cart of this. But like I said total noob here. Still learning stuff :-)
 RussianMan Link
No. You can't just remove SA-1 from the hack (it's also locked). SA-1 is needed for... some things. I think World X is one of them. It also allows for more sprites on screen. Just use another emulator (ZMZ, BSNES, etc.)
Juze Link
Total Noob here. Just wondering why is there a need for the SA-1 on this hack. Couldn't there be a version without the need for SA-1? Just a question as i want to learn some more. Wouldn't this work without SA-1 on the SD2SNES? is there a way to remove SA-1 from this? Just want to learn, that is the reason for the question.
kpe Link
#8,9 working on real hardware :P
RoboDoe Link
I like this hack, but is there a download for the gfx that shows in lots of the levels for decoration such as in green meadows?
KalEl Link
Perfect! Great work.
hypertbn Link
The overworld is simply... epic!!
Nice job guys!!!
ExxorD Link
Got another question to ask. What is the theme for all the switch palaces? I'm listening to it in my head and I can't get it to leave me. lol I wanna know what that particular song is, and if it's an original composition or if its arranged.
Wise Person Link
I have 151 exits, But I have world x and got all exits in that. What's going on?
redeyeguy_ Link
On the level "CITY SEWERS" by K3fka/Eevee, the game freezes when you grab one of the dragon coins.
erpster2 Link
Originally posted by toad64
I can't find the last dragon coins in the level call azul fortress.

I found all 5 dragon coins in the Azul Fortress stage, toad64. The first dragon coin is hidden somewhere early in that stage and you can NOT see it. Look for suspicious high ledge or platform to climb on when you first see 3 green koopa paratroopas, bounce off one of them to reach that high platform and then jump to the right and you should be able to get that "invisible" dragon coin.
mizorefan Link
Looks so good. Sadly doesn't work with SD2SNES.
 RussianMan Link
normal 1 MB ROM

You should patch BPS to clean rom (512kb), using what Erik linked.
 Erik Link
Use this tool to patch instead of Lunar IPS.
TheUltimateKoopa Link
I'm probably the dumbest person so far to make a comment here, but, exactly what do I need? All I have is the BPS file, and a normal 1 MB ROM. I know the hack uses a 6 MB ROM (am I supposed to use Lunar Expand, and then, which setting should I use?). And then, what exactly do I need to apply the bps? All I have is Lunar IPS 1.02, but no "Floating Lunar IPS" or whatever.
NGB Link
@Todbot you need to use the current version of snes9x (1.54)
Todbot Link
This looks good, but so far I cannot get past the blank screen when I load the rom in SNES9X.

I've made sure the rom I'm patching is headered, and I have to assume I'm using the correct rom because every other rom gives "This patch is not intended for this rom" in Flips. Is there something else I have to do, maybe perform the secret handshake before I can play this game?
The Runway Guy 655 Link
Hello: D I made a Level for the VLDCX In my youtube channel I want you to give your rating: 3
KashinaDaMouse Link
@werd Doubt there will be another update.
werd Link
this will be the last time to go on about the levels' any more plans for another version with more green doors for levels like cutting in line or great ice ravine or weird at the sky. will the future level that had a pipe go into the endless bonus game get marked down. cutting in line does out stay its welcome.
Steven Link
On a repro, I wouldnt see why not. This wont work on an SD2SNES or a Super Everdrive though.
Proof: tried it myself. :I
jnl Link
Sorry if this is a silly question, but will this hack work on a real console? The 7th collaboration hack worked, but I think this one was purely vanilla...
Sketch Link
Man. This is one of the best hacks I've ever played. It's up there with SMW:The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues.
TheOrangeToad Link
Can i make Collaboration Hack or not.
cyphermur9t Link
Chuck/Chuck. Would Charlie Chuck again. How much Charlie's could a Charlie Chuck chuck if Charlie Chuck's could chuck Charlie's? TONS of Charlie Chucks were chucked.

Many Charlie's are in many levels would be my main problem. But it's okay because it wasn't done by a single author so it's understandable. It reminds me of ASMT's item babysitting problem. Almost every level in that game had P-switches & springs to babysit.

Still an impressive collab though. I still enjoyed it.
 Koopster Link
Yes they will
Klug Link
Originally posted by yoshiatom
Will my save files from the previous version work on this update?

Hmmm... Maybe not.
TheOrangeToad Link
I can't find the last dragon coins in the level call azul fortress.
Lumy Link
@ZirexBR: de nada, agora por favor não transforme isso num chat, essa seção é destinada para comentários sobre o hack. Enfim: você precisa ter o DirectX instalado para usar o Snes9x, ele deve vir com o tal "d3dx9" que você precisa.

Edit: deletei os comentários menos pertinentes.
Lumy Link
@ZirexBR: use o Floating IPS para aplicar o patch, que está em formato BPS, na ROM, e use um dos seguintes emuladores: Snes9X 1.54, essa custom build do Snes9X 1.53, ou Higan.
Mimmobombo Link
For me it is will remain a historic hack
 Erik Link
of course not, it's sa-1
try smrpg on your cartridge, it doesn't work either
dede2006 Link
I can confirm that this hack does NOT work with the SD2SNES cartridge.
 S.N.N. Link
ExxorD: It's "One Must Fall 2097 - End". You can find it in the music section.
ExxorD Link
I've been wondering this, and the music is really amazing. What is the song that is used for "Square Land"? Its also the title theme when the game is started up.
Grillollo Link
152 exits the hack longest in history of SMWCENTRAL, I wonder if VLDC10 will be even longer, there is one thing that makes me wonder, in years of SMWCENTRAL I've seen some hack removed with 190, 400 exits?, fake? or really existed so long hack.
But you can really create hack with over 200 exits
 RussianMan Link
@erpster2 I thought that .BPS works with unheadered roms too
erpster2 Link
Note to MinecraftPro297: are you using flips.exe to patch this new VLDC9 release? Also you need a "headered" SMW ROM for the patch to work.

note to niko: what version of higan are you using? VLDC9 works almost flawlessly with nearly no lags with higan v098. I don't use the later versions of higan like v101 as the lags are very noticable on there.

also note that this game randomly crashes in zsnes and no$sns, so avoid using these emulators.
 Koopster Link
Immortality means you have infinite lives :P
Which is basically how it has always been in the VLDC compilations since the map auto-saves. It's just more convenient about it now.
KashinaDaMouse Link
I like the hack, but I don't like how you are immortal in it.

Immortality just takes away the difficulty.

I would recommend making two patches, one with immortality and one without.
MinecraftPro297 Link
Why will it not let me patch the IPS patches anymore? I use Floating Lunar IPS and it always tells me, "This patch is not intended for this ROM" for every patch. I try to patch a clean U.S SMW ROM. Can someone help me?
Green Jerry Link
Originally posted by Release thread
v1.11 - Fixed palette in Divemissile's level.
Fixed yellow level dot for Simple Path.
Removed exit-enabled pipe in LucasRCD's level.
Various stuff in SomeGuy712x's level.
Removed time limit from switch palaces.
Removed F*** You from Streamside (because we can't have profanity
like that on an (illegal) ROM hack on the interenet in 2016)
Changed some names in the credits.
Fixed walking on OW after beating S.N.N.'s level.
Small changes to the haunted OW map.
Fixed 3rd save slot.
yoshiatom Link
What's new/been fixed in this update? (I haven't been on the site for a few days) Also, will my save files from the previous version work on this update?
 MarioFanGamer Link
SA-1. The computer has to process even more than on a regular ROM.
niko Link
Why that hack lags like hell on higan?