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Disable Death Scrolling

UberASM Repository → Disable Death Scrolling

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Comments (7)

broom Link
Great aesthetic thanks Rube
 Kevin Link
Update: added screenshot.
obersteiner86 Link
Yes but for me UberASMTool dont works all files give me wrong checksum error and the game frezzes at the start screen
 Telinc1 Link
Actually, it does use !addr. !Base2 is used by PIXI.

This code (as well as everything else in the UberASM repository) is for UberASMTool (which automatically makes SA-1 defines), not for the UberASM patch, which is probably why Rykon-V73 got that error.
obersteiner86 Link
UberAsm use !base2 and not !addr
Rykon-V73 Link
UberASM can't seem to find !addr in your code.
DiscoTheBat Link
This code, while simple, it is pretty functional and does what it promises. I added the tags and changed the types.