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Details for Christmas Puzzle
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File Name: Christmas Puzzle
Authors: TheOrangeToad
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Story
Mario has a happy christmas but bowser hate christmas so bowser use a machine call the remove christmas machine so bowser use it then some the snow area are turn in to a grassy sunny area so mario has to stop bowser from ruined christmas.


You can now press Start+Select to get back in the overworld if you stuck.
Tags: christmas special, puzzle, snow
Rating: 2.6 (Votes: 26)
Download: Download - 233.24 KiB
Not enough Christmas or puzzle. The lack of an ending story or credits left me unfulfilled, distraught, and adrift.
Posted by: Svorass - | Link
I beat this hack in three hours without any tools.

Most of the puzzles are indeed too simple, and sometimes repetitive.

The bosses are out of place for a puzzle hack, but aren't bad bosses in their own right. The Thwomp boss is one of the better custom bosses on this site, even though it's hard. Nothing about it runs counter-intuitive to vanilla SMW, and it is completely deterministic, so consistent setups can be crafted to defeat it. I liked the final boss.

So, not a good puzzle hack, but a decent non-puzzle hack.
Posted by:  BeeKaay - | Link
Originally posted by Koopster

Agreed. I cannot consider this "making levels from scratch", not because of using Smw's original levels, just rehash the levels that you've previously made, by making small changes to it, and pass it off as a different level.

Also, kill rooms can be bypassed by sliding the screen (LR) so that all sprites are offscreen.

And why does the player spawns over a switch in certain levels? I understand that happened in a Wario land 4, but it is awkward. At least use uberasm and on level init clears the on/off flag.
Posted by: HammerBrother - | Link
Then a easter eggs in the level call 3-3 (3 section) Go left all the way to the wall then go to two grass tiles last press down.
EDIT:If you done that send a video on youtube.
Posted by: TheOrangeToad - | Link
I voted 5 stars to improve the rating at least a little. These aren't really "puzzles", and the bosses do get annoying, but it's still a SMW hack, and there aren't as many of those nowadays, so I think any effort is appreciated. And the grammar and spelling only make it better.
Posted by: LatvianEnglish - | Link
the desciption has a bit broke english i guess.
Posted by: niko - | Link
Konata Izumi
10/10 best description ever would want to imitate 10/10
welcome to dinosaur land peach is kidnapped by bowser and you save her (insert jeopardy music from SMW64 here)
Posted by: Konata Izumi - | Link
Andyana Jonseph
This is one of the funniest descriptions I've ever read.
Posted by: Andyana Jonseph - | Link
Final Theory
This year in my house we did not get snow or cold. This must mean that bowser used his no more christmas machine in my city and ruined christmas for myself. but all i want is happy christmas with mario. i hate bowser since he give me ruined christmas.
Posted by: Final Theory - | Link
Dont play the hack at all.

But i can say, what the other moderator of your other hack already said, put a bit more love into your hacks.

i watch the half of the hack via youtube video and the puzzles reminds me more of another "100 rooms of enemys", so, there are not puzzles at all, killrooms.

If you want to make a great puzzle hacks BETATESTERS are very IMPORTANT! they can say if a puzzle too hard, too easy or too shitty.

Keep it up.
Posted by: niko - | Link
I don't like this game at all. It's basically a lot of uninspired rooms that get copypasted over and over. Barely "puzzles" - they're either killrooms, or rooms where you have to "get one thing and then go there and get another thing". None of them involve any thinking. The closest to a puzzle there was were those levels with the kicking koopas, and even then, just experimenting a bit led to the solution easily and rather arbitrarily.
A lot of really strange levels, especially the switch palaces. What even is the point of them?
The difficulty is all over the place. I really dislike the boss choices. You'd think three thwomp bosses would be unmanageable, but you managed to make the single thwomp in castle 4 even worse with that room's setup. That was probably the worst boss I have ever played, beating even the piranha boss. Bowser is also a really weird one.

Yeah, you can see, I did not enjoy myself. This hack doesn't break any rules however, and for that it is accepted. Still it gets a one star rating from me - sorry. You've got some reading up to do if you want to design something actually enjoyable.

(Also your original description said you can press L or R to go back to the overworld, which isn't true? You can press Start+Select. I've fixed that for you.)
Posted by:  Koopster - | Link
Green Jerry
Good luck... again.
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link
can make a gameplay of my hack.
Posted by: TheOrangeToad - | Link
Repetitive, uninspired, and mostly no puzzles at all. It's not hard, it's very easy. Until you reach the bosses, that are boring and very hard. And very repetitive as it's the same boss the whole game.
Posted by: Romano338 - | Link
This Hack could be good....if you wouldn't have to do the same thing over and over and over again.

Posted by: Chosentw0 - | Link
Green Jerry
inb4 1.0 rating
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link

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