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All-Inclusive Mario Physics Modifier

SMW Patches → All-Inclusive Mario Physics Modifier

Submission Details

Name: All-Inclusive Mario Physics Modifier
Author: Thomas
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch can be used to modify any aspect of Mario's physics, including running, jumping, falling, flying, swimming, climbing, sliding, and more.

By default, all values in the patch are (mostly) identical to as in SMW, so you don't have to set up all values if you only want one thing changed.

Optional hijacks, which do use freespace, are also included to increase options if necessary.

Update: fixed an issue with LM v3.00+ regarding diagonal pipe entrances.
Tags: jump lorom needs remoderation physics player sa-1
Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
Download 9.46 KiB | 1,780 downloads

Comments (13)

Ice Man Link
What I noticed is that the cloud acceleration breaks the P-Balloon's movement (no chance to move down anymore). I'm not sure if that's on my end but you should check the hijack at $02D277.
I also use the P-Balloon Direction Fix as well as the Reset Some Player Flags on P-Balloon patch.
Nyako Link
This breaks when combined with this patch.
ZachJamesGames Link
Is it possible to alter the physics for each player?

i.e. Player 1 (Mario) has default physics and Player 2 (Luigi) has floaty/higher jumps and less friction?
So... How do you use it?
 Thomas Author Link
Redownload the patch, it was an issue caused by LM v3.00 that should be fixed now.
KabanFriends Link
I patch this on a fresh SMW ROM (I modified it using LM once) and it made the game crashes when mario starts from slanted pipe (even if I patched with default settings)... I want to have slanted pipe and this patch working together for my joke ROM hack...
thecentralbus Link
I try editing Mario's physics, but When I do it ends up glitching the tiles when I land on an enemy, then crashing. Can I fix this? Even when I add the file unedited, this happens.
Mogu94 Link
I just recently came back to this patch and tried using it in a SA-1 rom anyways despite the warning from 2017.
...It works, I've not ran into any problems. Ugh...?
 Thomas Author Link
Since the falling acceleration is applied every frame (even while moving upwards), you'll have to increase the initial jump speed as well.
thewhiskas27 Link
Every time i try to make mario fall fast , the jump is shorter . What do i do to make the jump as high as vanilla Mario but fall faster ?
Mogu94 Link
Where's the fix?
 Thomas Author Link
Heads up that apparently this patch doesn't actually work with SA-1 for some reason, I'm gonna look into it and submit a fix soon.
DiscoTheBat Link
This is a pretty awesome patch, I always wanted to have more control over Mario physics and this completely does the job. Good work!