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Super Mario World Hacks → Underworld

Submission Details

Name: Underworld
Author: cyphermur9t
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Where does Mario go when he dies? When one of his death falls goes awry, he finds himself in a completely different place and does not restart where he previously left off.


This hack is more centered around story, rather than platforming (that is saved for later levels which are not part of this demo). Since this hack is story driven, there is obviously going to be a lot of text. Also, pretty much all the graphics are custom drawn.

If you don't like Undertale, I would suggest not playing this.
Tags: asm crossover exgfx music story
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
4.5 (22 ratings)
No rating
Download 602.80 KiB | 7,743 downloads


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Comments (20)

Vellax_Uchiha Link
its undertale
tmkgames12 Link
Me encanto#ab{:LOL:}
Podrian agregar a luigi
les va a salir bien#smw{:TUP:}
giovanni Link
hey man
Can you add 2 players option?
SMWAndy24 Link
Make the full version please, this hack ROM is very good!
Robot Mario Link
Explain to me how you pulled this off. Don't actually though. This game is AWESOME. I give it 5 starmen.
LuigiRulez Link
How about "MarioTale"?
Maxiii Link
I think that's an UNDERTALE fangame already and not a SMW rom hack
AkiraDaFenix Link
Its really good, but there is a problem:
Thsis hack shares the name with a (very) spooky and terrifying Undertale AU so i think renaming it to UnderMario or something like that would be useful.
TheGamerLand Link
Scoutellite Link
I. Just. LOVE THIS HACK!! Man, you're so good at this, and this is so realistic! With Napstablook saying "moron"...
Ryuhishi Link
I can't wait to play the full game!!!
Dark Mario Bros Link
that was a pretty cool demo, I hope to see more of this in future
#Peace, DMBros.
Tob Link
Originally posted by AcousticJamm
I can't seem to find the IPS file of this hack. I'm interested in playing this, but I need the IPS file. Can you direct me to the download of it? Thanks in advance.

IPS Files are no longer being accepted iirc.
The download contains a .bps files that you can patch using FloatingIPS. You can find it in the tools section.
AcousticJamm Link
I can't seem to find the IPS file of this hack. I'm interested in playing this, but I need the IPS file. Can you direct me to the download of it? Thanks in advance.
cyphermur9t Author Link
@crazymario2002 I'm still making it, trying to make it as good as I can.
crazymario2002 Link
I was wodering when the full game will come out?
Idrinkgrapesoda Link
Going to record this when I find some time!
cyphermur9t Author Link
@Loziogiuliano No.
Loziogiuliano Link
Cyphermur9t I played with all your hacks, I wanted to ask if you keep the MUSHROOM KINGDOM MELTDOWN and MARIO GIVES UP series, I played in 2008 with a hack called MARIO EMPRISE removed unfortunately cause some bugs, I wanted to know if you're creating a series of new hacks
 Lazy Link
A cute reimagining of Undertale set in the Mario universe. The way you represented all the different elements from the original game is really neat and detailed. Some parts didn't carry over quite as well as others, but all in all this was pretty enjoyable. I'm interested in seeing how this is gonna turn out in the end.

Also I saw someone released a port of Enemy Approaching during C3 so you can use that instead of whatever you're currently using!