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MintGreenYoshi's Challenge

Super Mario World Hacks → MintGreenYoshi's Challenge

Submission Details

Name: MintGreenYoshi's Challenge
Author: 7 up
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Pit
Description: I've created this hack for 100 subscribers on YouTube, of course. I couldn't submit this earlier, because there was no possibility to submit pit hacks for a while.

Other than that, this hack is mainly for those who look for something to play it quickly or beginners with pit hacks. There are 8 rooms:
- blue
- red
- green
- yellow
- gray
- palace in original colors
- orange (or maybe brown?)
- purple (ending)
Tags: glitch music no boss palettes puzzle vanilla
Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
3.5 (24 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (13)

NikSik1 Link
Just beat this hack with savestates and 50% speed. Took me maybe 2-3 hours. Not a bad hack by any means and was fun for how I played it. Probably one of the easiest pit hacks. Room one could easily be beaten rta. Overall a fun experience. :)
Holy Shinx Link
My first Pit hack that ive beaten, so i rate it 5/5, because you won't need like 30000 retries to beat it and its possible without frame advance (and ive done it in 4x slowdown), great visuals and good music, there are no autoscrollers so thats plus too :D, and tricks are simple but not like 20 walljumps in a row
A2yerold Link
nice and easy as far as pit hacks go it's pretty short though only 8 rooms and the rooms aren't that long over all it's a good hack i would highly recommend this if you haven't TASed a pit hack before
Sonic_BR Link
4/5 good for beginners like me
7 up Author Link
I can PM you for that
Anas Link
Can you teach me how to play pit hacks?
TheBiob Link
Played through this as well and yes, it's really easy. However even though there are a few sections where I thought to myself "Why didn't he just remove that, this makes it so much easier yet isn't necessarry" I'd say it's still pit difficulty and does well what it intends to do which is being a beginner pit hack.

(Though in my opinion there should be Pit: Light, Pit: Hard or something because there's quite a distance in difficulty between this and hacks like ColonThree or Item Abuse 3)
 xHF01x Link
This is a great hack, however I don't really think that it is a pit hack - I'd rather call it Hard Kaizo as it is easily completable without Frame Advance or LUA. I completed this hack within an hour or so, without any major problems.
Amaraticando Link
This hack is really EASY for a pit hack, so experienced players won't find anything challenging here. I've completed it under 1 and a half hour with tools, without any trouble. The palettes and music are nice and Kaizo players can try it with only states and slowdown. My vote is 3/5.
Green Jerry Link
Oh no! The rating is decreasing!
7 up Author Link
@Luansilva12 it's still possible to do it, though. If you get pushed into a wall and jump, you will prevent death.

EDIT: Oh, it's not such a big problem in hacks harder than regular
Green Jerry Link
When I die in the intro level, TIME UP! appears.
7 up Author Link
Two pit hacks in a row! What a coincidence!