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Another Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Another Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Another Mario World
Author: Stivi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 54 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Welcome to my first finished Hack called 'Another Mario World'

This is a Vanilla Hack that i've started working on in Summer 2016, it's a Hack that is pretty similar to the Original Super Mario World, you could say it's like a sequel. but the only thing that isn't that SMWish is that the koopalings are not set up like in SMW, i like to have them in the Newer order, like in NSMB Wii, that means Larry, Roy, Wendy etc.

The only patch i've used is the Asarspritetiles patch

This is an updated Version, i fixed most of the issues that were mentioned in Wakanas 'Featured Hacks' Thread

Have fun with this Hack, i really hope you enjoy it
Tags: traditional vanilla
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
3.8 (24 ratings)
No rating
Download 130.08 KiB | 6,091 downloads


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Comments (12)

Truxton Link
a bit bland, but it picks up around world 6
SirMystic Link
Very nice vanilla hack :)
TorbiBoy Link
Hey, Stiviboy! (If you wonder, no my name isn't inspired by yours #smw{^_^}) This was my first hack I ever played and until then I didn't even know something like this is possible. I was really impressed. I love the level design and the difficulty. I really think your newer hacks are way more difficult and maybe even too difficult for me. I would even say, that this is the best hack I ever played (okay, maybe the sequel is a bit better but I don't know.). Thank you so much for creating and if you don't know, what you are going to make after Super Mario Travellers, please think about Another Super Mario World 3! #smw{:peace:}
blaze800000 Link
great hack
William Kazama Link
Muito divertido,poderia ser um Super Mario World 3 kkk ^.^
NatsuFireball Link
Hello Super Stiviboy,

I enjoyed your hack a lot, an interesting Vanilla one =]

You varied and mixed the color palettes and sprites in a cool way.

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you man =]
 Dan Link

Patch the .bps file to a clean SMW rom yourself using Floating IPS. Posting .smc files is illegal, and will most likely get you banned.
Owengren Link
Could you make a .smc version of this hack? Because mine doesn't support .bps files.
 Stivi Author Link
Oops, sorry about that
 Koopster Link
Super Stiviboy: please use the "Submit Update" button next time you want to update a previously accepted hack of yours.
willian125677 Link
This seems pretty good, by judging the pictures above.
SketchNI Link
Not a bad hack at all. My only suggestion is that a few of the ghost houses are too easy.