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Korosu Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Korosu Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Korosu Mario World
Author: ChrisG___
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Inspired by hacks like Kaizo Mario World and Super Dram World, Korosu Mario World isn't actually about Mario at all. He's Busy.

In this hack, it's Luigi's turn to play Kaizo.

- Fixes item box sprite in Bowser fight
- Adds Save Prompt to secret level and Korosu Castle
- Fixes background in Vertical Level (for the most part)

- Fixes RNG jumps in New City Sky (see Linkdeadx2 comment below)
- Fixed ability to run over the top of Turn Back

- Changed Spikes to Munchers in Ghost House due to visbility complaints.
- Removed 1 Dolphin in Ula Lake before midway
- Moved pipe 1 block closer to left at the end of Ula Lake
- Fixes another frame-rule jump and awkward shell jump due to bullet bill in New City Sky
- Fixed Vertical Scroll is levels that did not require it.
- Patch is now BPS

- Fixed a potential softlock caused by Retry Prompt in Vertical Level
- Adds a message box about the secret exit in Galoomba Garden
- Fixes the first Chuck in Juz River (1.3 I accidentally changed it to a jumping chuck instead of charging.)
- Adds a Mushroom at the end of Happy Fun Time so the secret is not completely useless.
Tags: glitch luigi puzzle
Comments: 41 (jump to comments)
4.6 (23 ratings)
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Comments (41)

Ezel Link
This was one of the first kaizo hacks I've attempted, but I've never finished it until now. I don't know how to feel about it, I have mixed opinions about it. There's some levels I liked, and some that sticked out as especially frustrating.

As for pros, I think this hack has a fairly good checkpoint system, and some of the later levels were actually quite well designed (the Special World was pretty fun imo, it probably had the most polished levels out of all). It recreates Kaizo 1-2 and Dram World pretty well, so if someone's into these kind of oldschool hacks, they might have a good time with this one.

As of cons, there's a handful of levels that stick out with really questionable design decisions. Some of the most notable are the secret in Galoomba Garden, which was frustrating to do and I ended up using the Yoshi item grab glitch to make it easier. The level after that (Happy Fun Time), has a lot of issues with the player being forced to stay on the right side of the screen, ending up with some jumps feeling semi-blind. Fort Nexus also had a lot of problems with spawn dependency and questionable enemy usages, such as using a bone throwing Dry Bones that doesn't really add to the difficulty, but causes a possibility of it juking you when you attempt to jump on it, causing rather annoying deaths. The kaizo blocks were also very hit or miss: some were funny, but most of them quickly became predictable and uninteresting.

Overall I think this hack was really good for its time, and it served as a more balanced Kaizo 1, but nowadays it clearly shows its age, especially with a lot of bugfix patches missing. It's a decent choice for a second or third kaizo hack, or if you're very into oldschool level design, but apart from that I'd recommend playing either Korosu 2 or the Hark series instead.
Thaipirate Link
The original Dram world trainer.

A great first vanilla hack. Final boss is actually fun despite what others are saying.

The special levels are definitely a jump in difficulty.
banshee Link
So yes, I do somewhat like the hack. But the Bowser fight has to be the most unfair boss fight I ever played. Am I supposed to just do it three hundred times until the game lets me survive by giving a managable pattern? It's so tedious getting killed by Yoshibabies you can't even see because only their hitbox is above ground. Good hack, worst boss fight ever.
callmedoor Link
Fantastic hack. Some really, really annoying kaizo blocks, but got a good chuckle out of me 70% of the time due to the little Mario in the back of my mind telling me that there's a block there for sure.

Level design was clever and short enough to enjoy. Good checkpoints throughout. I would consider this a good beginner hack as some of the levels were easier than I thought they'd be, but the kaizo blocks made some simple tricks a bit more challenging.

Great work.
Zappa Link
I left this hack with mixed feelings. Didn't like all the waiting in the levels. Obstacles were overused, like the 2-tile-gap, in which you have to jump into, with an enemy moving left/right. I liked the Special World levels, especially the last one and really liked the Water Level with its funny trolls.
Lightplay Link
This was the first hack I beat, had an enjoyable experience whilst learning to get a bit better at the game, thankyou!
NewPointless Link
A classic. IMO it's better as a 2nd or 3rd hack than a 1st hack as many recommend.
DefybyDefault Link
This hack was incredible and instantly made me a fan of Chris. It has a pretty consistent difficulty throughout though the final boss of the 100% is unusually easy.
UghRochester Link
This was my first hack after being recommended from users like Juzcook. Didn't know much about basic SMW physics until I played the hack, which taught me quite well.
WaitingCoronet5 Link
This is an amazing hack! I played through the entire thing and it had very fun gameplay! Definitely rated 5 stars.
ECS.98 Link
Finished this hack today! 100%! (Even though the exit count shows 15... but i counted and there are 17)

This was an amazing experience! And i can say this is easily one of my favorite kaizo hacks!

This is one of the easiest kaizo hacks i have played, and does really well as a first kaizo hack (even though it's officially my 3rd. The 1st one was Super Mario World Remix, known for being very easy, and the 2nd was Learn 2 Kaizo, which is mostly a tutorial (but requires some skill))
This hack is really good for learning kaizo, and also to get used to some tricks used in tougher hacks!

The levels in this are extremely fun to play! The difficulty is really well balanced, without any sudden difficulty spikes.
The level design is really well made, with a lot of creativity put into the tricks and obstacles that make it a fresh experience even for people used to kaizo. The levels flow really well, and feel really good to go through!
Having the right lenght, and really good checkpoint placement, all levels feel very comfortable to play, without becoming a tiring experience!

Personally i really liked the common use of shell jumps throughout this hack, as it's actually the hack in which i learned to do shell jumps! And they always feel really satisfying to do!

Oh, and the retry prompt is really useful! It makes it sooo much better not having to go to the map every time we die! For me it should be almost a mandatory thing to have in every kaizo hack!

Overall, an amazing kaizo hack! One of my favorites! It was really enjoyable to play, and a really good hack to get into kaizo!
Now i look forward to Korosu 2!
Yanncar Link
how can I make this game work, what emulator would you recommend? Thanks
bananarchy Link
This is currently my favourite kaizo hack (but I'm also biased because it's more accessible for me - see below). The level design is vanilla yet creative and masterfully paced. There are no out-of-nowhere difficulty spikes and the tricky jumps are balanced nicely with easier ones. The levels are just the right length and the checkpoints are fairly placed.

I'm pretty new to kaizo. I made it about halfway through kaizo 1 and then got an sd2snes and started exploring other romhacks. After trying out a number of the popular kaizo:light hacks (i.e. the ones that are fair and playable without savestates or being Dode), I chose this one to start grinding and hopefully eventually running, mostly because of the accessible difficulty level. As a newish/crappyish mario player, I am challenged but always making progress and steadily grinding through the levels. Plus, the replay value is very high: even when I hit a new level, I still enjoy going back and trying to clear the previous ones with as few deaths and the best time possible, with the goal of eventually doing a complete run in a reasonable amount of time. Many sections/jumps have both a safe strat and speedier strats so once you've figured out how to get through it's still fun to go back and try to one-cycle it or just do it more efficiently or consistenly.

I say all of this mostly for the benefit of newer players or players who are looking to get into savestateless kaizo playing. In my opinion, this is the perfect hack to start with if your experience/ability is anywhere near mine. Not only is it less frustrating than some of the harder ones, but it gently teaches you a lot of the subtle tricks and nuances required for other kaizo hacks. Things like midair jump and speed control, regrabbing, establishing visual/audio cues for consistent set-ups, momentum control when bouncing off enemies, etc.

Oh, and the retry option is VERY welcome imo. Although it does tend to make me get sucked into the game for longer periods of time since there aren't really any breaks when drilling a hard new section. A couple hours can go by just like that. This is either a good or bad thing, depending on the day ;)

tl;dr this is my favourite hack and an excellent choice for both new and more experienced kaizo players
juzcook Link
A great hack for people wanting to get into kaizo games. I would recommend this as a game to begin with, especially if you don't know SMW physics (for those coming form something like Mario Maker). Some sections are a bit tight but overall a very enjoyable experience!
bagelboy Link
why do i get crushed at the end of happy fun time? the mushrrom disappears and i die because the autoscroller doesnt stop.
 Akutarex Link
Seu bonus é um jooj 10/10
ChrisG___ Author Link
Thanks Jack.

I will agree to disagree on the retry prompt, it's there because IMO going back to the Overworld after every death is tedious. Regarding the bonus room, how did you get there? There is no level that is designed to take you there the muncher floor was simply to avoid accidental softlocks. If possible though I want to fix anywhere that causes the player to end up there.
JackTheSpades Link
Wow, that was a blast.
The levels really have this easy-kaizo feeling to them. You might not want to give this hack to a TASer anytime soon though as I've seen (and used myself too) plenty of chances to sneak a power up out at the goal.
You have creative challenges that don't just plain rip-off kaizo Mario.

I've got but two complains.
1. The retry dialog is plain useless. It should be used for hard levels, not for kaizo ones. What's the difference you might ask. Well, kaizo is unfair. It kills you in ways that you couldn't have seen coming the first time around (eg invisible coin blocks) a level that is just hard could use many of the challenges you used here too but SHOULD generally be possible to beat the first time too.
2. The muncher floor in the bonus game. Again with the unfairness but this one is bullshit even for kaizo. Dying and unavoidable death after clearing the level (resulting in the level not being cleared and having to play it again) is just plain bullshit. Especially when people tend to savestate after the level is done fading out. I was able to rewind far enough but that's not a given.
 VinylHeart From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Just started a TAS series on my channel called "Kaizo Apprecation" and your hack is the first one I'm doing! Really enjoying it so far!
ChrisG___ Author From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Thanks! :D
 Katerpie From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Nice to see some of the (minor) issues I mentioned in my previous review were fixed - can't find any major ones. All in all, that's a really good hack which manages the difficulty very well. I'd recommend it even to people who aren't used to kaizo hacks. Good job overall!
ChrisG___ Author From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Thanks for the feedback, all noted :)
 Katerpie From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
That turned out to be an alright hack which stemmed around the difficulty of the original Kaizo Mario, but you've really overlooked some things. Levels like Ula Lake could've at least benefited from the vertical scroll since it had no use whatsoever, whereas in the very last level it had almost no use of the layer 2 smashers beside the first screen. There were also levels that could've benefited of more uses of the sprites they mention, such as the goomba level, and when they did, it was mostly in a free way. Take care of that.
ChrisG___ Author From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
I'm not sure I'd call the below a bug... I mean, you're dead :) Thanks anyway though
Green Jerry From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Bug: In Ula Lake, dying causes the water disappear.
garbanzoguy From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
I'm not able to play the latest version on SNES9X or a flash cart, even with a clean rom. Played an old version, though, on my Everdrive, and it's a really fun hack so far :)
Green Jerry From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Common issue. Run the non-patched ROM through this.
KaizoDaemon From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
This hack doesn't work for me. Patched it but it fails to load, anything else i patch works perfectly. Does this use another version of SMW ROM then US? Maybe Japan? Europe? Want to try this...

Edit: Nevermind, works on another emulator
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
This is a great hack. I would recommend to anyone looking for a kaizo hack that is truly easier than Kaizo 1.

-Has the retry prompt system which cuts downtime from dying massively. This should be a staple for any kaizo romhack.

-Kaizo blocks aren't overdone.

-Great level design overall. Good use of enemies and obstacles. Nothing felt bland or out of place. Levels never overstayed their welcome.

The only thing I didn't like:
-New City Sky had a few jumps where you needed to get lucky with Mario landing on the enemy sprites to make the height needed to land on the next platform. The retry system really saved this level.

niko From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
i give a 5, i cant see that 1 star rating, it makes me sick.
niko From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
ups, sorry buddy.
Green Jerry From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Originally posted by niko

You misspelled my username.
niko From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
"You should probably stop wasting people's time. ;)"

I just answered Luansilvas12 comment to the 1 star rating from THIS hack and i give a answer about this rating.

The answer has something to do with the hack, but was not neccesary for the author to read, because it was not the hack themselve.

 Dan From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Originally posted by niko
That comment from me was abosolutly not neccecary for the author, so, no problem i guess to write in german.

If i write something about the hack from the author, i always write in english.

Then why are you even writing here in the first place? This comment section is meant for people who wish to write something related to the hack.

You should probably stop wasting people's time. ;)
niko From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
"You probably shouldn't post in German when the author of this hack isn't even German. "

That comment from me was abosolutly not neccecary for the author, so, no problem i guess to write in german.

If i write something about the hack from the author, i always write in english.
Green Jerry From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
This is what I got from GT:

That everyone should find their own for themselves :D
But can translate the same synonymous lol.
 Dan From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Originally posted by niko
das sollte eig. jeder für sich selbst herraus finden : D

kannst aber das auch gleich noch übersetzen lol.

You probably shouldn't post in German when the author of this hack isn't even German.
niko From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
das sollte eig. jeder für sich selbst herraus finden : D

kannst aber das auch gleich noch übersetzen lol.
Green Jerry From older version: Korosu Mario World Link

I'm just wondering how to be as hobbyless as the one who has been doing it for many months.
niko From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Ich frag' mich nur, wie man so hobbylos sein kann wie der, das macht der ja schon seit vielen Monaten.
Green Jerry From older version: Korosu Mario World Link
Oh no! The mysterious user that gives 1 star ratings is back!