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SMB3 Koopa Patch v2.0

SMW Patches → SMB3 Koopa Patch v2.0

Submission Details

Name: SMB3 Koopa Patch v2.0
Authors: Major Flare, Mattrizzle
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch prevents the Koopas from getting out of their shells when being jumped on or after being stunned. Yellow Koopas become flashing shells after being stunned, but this can be changed easily. Original code by Mattrizzle, conversion by Roy.

*Update: Added a Koopa 'turning around' frame disabler, as SMB3 Koopas didn't have it. Also, converted the patch to be user, asar and SA-1 friendly.
Tags: koopas lorom sa-1 smb3
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
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Comments (11)

buggy789 Link
Originally posted by Hayashi Neru
Tip: If using this patch, 4E and E6 tile is not used. (Even if Shelless koopa is placed on the map.)

Which tiles are you talking about? Numbers like that don't much of a bell for a newbie like me
Hayashi Neru Link
Tip: If using this patch, 4E and E6 tile is not used. (Even if Shelless koopa is placed on the map.)
Haha earlier during my SMB4 hack idea i was thinking about the SMB3 Koopa function.
 K3fka Link
Updated with screenshot. No need for remoderation on this one.
TheOrangeToad Link
work with LM 3.00
Mariofan64 Link
#019688 is the hex value that must be changed to fix the glitch where Yellow Koopas start to flash.
Just change it to anything 04 or higher.
DiscoTheBat Link
Well, this is a nice combination of patches here, it gives the hacker a bit more of practicality regarding the behavior of the koopas.

@TheJullasicFox: Of course there are simpler solutions, however, you need to understand that this patch is one of them.
 Major Flare Author Link
Ok. Your solution demands three different sources. Seems costly, don't you agree? A patch is the simplest mean to deal with this, in this case.
TheJullasicFox Link
Yeah, but you can use tweaker to give the yellow koopa the settings of a red koopa (the asm pointer box thingy).
Or only use green, red, and blue koopas.
 Major Flare Author Link
1) Although SMW Customizer does this too, that was not the point here. I was just upgrading a patch. Also, SMW Customizer does not give the option to disable the disco shell, should the user want.

2) We have a patch, indeed, and it's unnecessary to have, since it's a simple hex edit. But here, I combined two patches to make one flexible for the user's needs.
TheJullasicFox Link

Anyone, anyone ANYONE can do this with SMW Customizer.
But as for the no "turning around" thing, we already have one of those somewhere...