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Details for Super Mario World + Land
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File Name: Super Mario World + Land
Authors: Bioma
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 96 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Mario and Luigi arrive on Yoshi's Island to pay a visit and find strange things there. They see no Yoshi, just enemies everywhere. You must now seek to know what is wrong. The project does a merger of SMW and SML series. This project replaces Super Mario Emulator, which was transformed into Super Mario World + Land. The noname account has been disabled. Have a good time!

Update: Version 1.1 to 1.2
Tags: bosses, less exgfx, traditional
Rating: 3.9 (Votes: 19)
Download: Download - 402.76 KiB
Hm, No ridiculous difficulty or curves.... Well I might try this one!
Posted by: zacmario - | Link
The level design of the game follows the traditional Nintendo style. Many hackers create games much more difficult than the original standard. SMW + Land has varied level design, seeking to reach varied audiences that appreciate a balanced curve of difficulty along the levels.
Posted by: Bioma - | Link
Meh, the level design is just bland. 3/5
Posted by: Wolfexer - | Link
Loving this. I'm not a hardcore Mario player, the thought of Kaizo just doesn't appeal to me (so spankin' new I signed up on the boards just to comment on this game), and this game is right in my wheelhouse. Lots of fun to play, but a few things I wasn't thrilled with, but they're mostly minor.

Some levels seem like they're missing checkpoints. (Ahem, MELTING. Amazing level design, simply blown away by the way it works, wish it had a checkpoint).

The map is huge and robust, and the difficulty curve is amazing, but finding all the secrets and nooks and crannies shot me into the stratosphere it seems like (again, I'm not a Kaizo player, so there's that).

Hoping to see a guide or hints on some of the levels with multiple exits someday, too. Having a blast playing it, but I also have that twitch that makes me want to see EVERY screen I can, and the thought that I'm missing out on some of your game almost pains me.

Again, strong work. I haven't played many hacks, but of those that I have, I find this to be the most enjoyable.

Posted by: RebelliousDink - | Link
Franken, it's impossible to create a game that pleases everyone. Many are enjoying the game and if you want more challenging games, feel free to download them in the section reserved for this. But thanks for playing it!
Posted by: Bioma - | Link
The game looks very nice and the sprites are very nice but the level design was just terrible for the most part. Some of the levels in world 1 and 2 were fantastic but once I got to world 5 and 6 I wasn't having fun anymore. It was just auto scroller after auto scroller and for me that's not fun. I'm playing mario I want to run and jump around, not just stand there and wait for the level to pass. 2/5
Posted by: Frankenfunk - | Link
Great hack. Playable without save states (including while intoxicated) and captures the spirit of the original game while adding new twists and dynamic. This one was a lot of fun. I would have liked more challenging bosses, other than that I am a very happy camper.
Posted by: kvbriggs - | Link
Hi, CZ. The project has picked up elements of the original SML series that belongs to the Game Boy platform. It may have some similarities to the 3D version, but it is mostly based on the old Mario & Wario Land games for the Game Boy platform. A little custom touch to the game. Hugs!
Posted by: Bioma - | Link
Is this Super Mario World But with super mario 3d land? (pm me if it is)
Posted by: CZ_YT - | Link
Hello, Natsu! Glad you enjoyed the game! That was really the goal in his production. It seeks to follow closely the quality of the Nintendo games, guaranteeing hours of good entertainment. And, at the same time, a good compliment for the work is an incentive for the production of future works. Grateful!
Posted by: Bioma - | Link
Hello Bioma,

What a very entertaining game you did !

It is a large one, and there are plenty of good ideas in it, such as Yoshi/No Yoshi sections, custom sprites which vary depending on the environment of the level (i.e. desert/space/eskimo Koopas, an so on...), flying shooting engines you can sit in or very cool references to other games such as the one in Deep Dungeon when you find the P-Switch =] and the personalized credits are very welcome, since the credits are rarely customized =]

You did quite long levels, often with a lot of different paths (King Wart's Castle is impressive !).

I think I found all exists, though I can't confirm it because the counter blocks at 96* at title screen, and there are a few more. I counted 103 but I might be wrong.

I had a very good time playing your game, very good and hark work !

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
Thank you for moderating the game and expressing your opinion. Like everything on the Internet, there are those who enjoy work and those who position themselves differently. But, I hope that many more enjoy the work and spread it, because it was done for that purpose. I am very happy with the disclosure and appreciation of the players. Thank you all!
Posted by: Bioma - | Link
(took me long enough)

Not a particularily entertaining hack. None of the levels had any interesting setups or challenges to them. On the contrary, there were a lot of levels where you just sit around and wait for the autoscroller/platform ride to finish. The yoshi/no yoshi sections felt like pointless addition to me. I appreciate the open world element on the overworld, but it falls flat when the levels themselves aren't interesting to play.
Posted by:  Lazy - | Link
i enjoyed this hack, it was pretty gooood ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by: CubeProductions - | Link
Thanks, people. Snes 9x is really the best.
Posted by: Bioma - | Link

It's not required to make hacks work with ZSNES, seeing as ZSNES is full of bugs and exploits, and it's everything except accurate. Just focus on making your hack work on Snes9x.
Posted by:  Dan - | Link
ZSNES is a bad emulator.
Posted by: TheOrangeToad - | Link
Hi, Eevee. Sorry for the difficulties caused by the updates. They were required for testing the Zsnes and Snes 9x emulators. The first version fit well with the emulator Znes. But it was necessary to synchronize the game so that both emulators presented no problems. It is best to do this now before increasing the number of downloads. Thank you for the advice.
Posted by: Bioma - | Link
Please refrain from updating this hack again until it has either been accepted or rejected! We appreciate the dedication, but remember constantly updating before it has finished moderation makes it much harder for the moderators. Thanks, and good luck!
Posted by:  Eevee - | Link
Yes, mjbg. The version 1.2 fixed this problem. The Room X don't stuck you anymore. Thanks!
Posted by: Bioma - | Link
im trying (ver 1.1 i think) it and enjoying a lot although its a quite bit easy..

i dont know if version 1.2 changes it but im stuck at the room X of Kings Wart´s Palace (world 6).. i really dont get what to do there.. any hint?
Posted by: mjbg - | Link
i downloaded super mario world land version 1.2
Posted by: filip - | Link
Please download version 1.2 here and discard the previous version. One more update was needed. Thanks!
Posted by: Bioma - | Link

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