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Luigi and the Violet Stars v1.2b

Hacks de Super Mario 64 → Luigi and the Violet Stars v1.2b

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Luigi and the Violet Stars v1.2b
Autor: usernamesarentimportant
Dificuldade: Intermediária
Demonstração: Não
Duração: 135 star(s)
Descrição: Use a bps file to patch it onto a clean 8MB ROM. If it does not work, write if so down there and I'll try to fix it.

Bowser has returned [again], and has painted his stars purple and dispersed them from level to level. However, 70 extras have popped up that he isn't aware of... sort of. It is up to Luigi, because Mario is busy with the green ones, the yellow ones, the blue ones, and the red ones, to collect these stars and give Bowser the boot.
Do not let your kids play this game as it has vulgar language.
This game may start out extremely easy, but its difficulty curve goes up quicker than a roller coaster. Don't let your guard down. There is also purple coin comes in some of the levels, which make them very long and very hard. I don't recommend 100%-ing this unless you REALLY want to. Or you want bragging rights... Though, any%ing it is incredibly easy...
Link para Vídeo: Nenhum
Marcadores: joke linear music vanilla vanilla graphics
Download 5,56 MiB | 13.928 downloads

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