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Details for Blockreator v1.2
Tools - Blockreator v1.2 Show random
This file is obsolete. The latest version is Blockreator v1.3. For other versions, check the version history.
File Name: Blockreator v1.2
Version History: View
Authors: Kipernal
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: Yes
Website: Link
Description: Kipernal's Blockreator that allows you to simply create custom blocks to be inserted with GPS.
The blocks can be created by selected certain conditions and events to occur when the player or a sprite touches the block.
See the readme for details.

This version adds the wallrun offsets, as well as fixing various bugs with labels and certain codes not working properly.
Tags: custom asm, custom block, generator
Rating: 4.6 (Votes: 16)
Download: Download - 1.03 MiB
Posted by: derpferpmerp123 - | Link
Yeah, I saw some of your stuff in showoff, looks great from what I saw so far. Anyway, if no one is showing any progress by the time GIEPY is fully standardized I would just start doing the asm stuff with the tool.

No clue when that'll be though, all I hear is "soon™"

I also want to add stuff I'm planning on adding to GPS with the next update. Though I'm not entirely sure when that'll be either, probably once 1.60 is accepted assuming I stop being lazy.
Posted by: TheBiob - | Link
Ah. Cool cool. I've been slowly doing some work with it myself such as various UI rearrangements/tweaks, optimizations, and ease of use features like undo/redo, and the ability to save blocks to a custom format that can be imported. If anybody is working on some ASM stuff for it, I'd love to get in contact because ASM is sort of where I fall flat with it.
Posted by:  Deakula - | Link
Not really. I think someone was doing something with it? like making blocks hybrid instead of the sa-1 option and some other stuff but it's been a while since I've heard from that, dunno if that's still being worked on.

Also, once GIEPY releases this'll probably have to be updated to support it, I'm not quite sure if it even properly supports PIXI at the moment. Might've been part of what was being worked on.

But other than that, I'm not aware of anyone actively working on this.
Posted by: TheBiob - | Link
Is development on this program still active?
Posted by:  Deakula - | Link
B try th th iyjrtb get b unbggfg f2f

Posted by: randywhatson - | Link
It should just have an option to import really simple custom code blocks tbh

I have other stuff to do though so unless someone else makes it it's probably not going to happen.
Posted by: TheBiob - | Link
Then at least it should have a function for looking at Lunar Magic ExAnimation variables.
Posted by: Fostelif - | Link
Add one.

Really though, this is meant for people that don't know asm but want to make simple blocks, if you want to actually work with memory you shouldn't use this kind of tool or at least know enough about how it works to modify it so it works imo
Posted by: TheBiob - | Link
I really, really wish this had a function for "If RAM address is..."
Posted by: Fostelif - | Link
Best app ever
Posted by: josziPL - | Link
This ws really handy
Posted by: LPJ25 - | Link
Try reading the description
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
Is this like Blocktool? Can I insert custom blocks into my ROM hack with this?
Posted by: Imnever - | Link