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Yoshi color switch

SMW Blocks → Yoshi color switch

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Laplantestrong Link
Could you get this to work with sa 1
SWPlaysMC Link
SWPlaysMC Link
Looks like the Switchs from Switch Places.
That means you can set the color until the pressable part green to denote it's a Yoshi Switch, rather than a ! Switch.
Vawlpe Link
This is awesome i will use this THX for making this <3
TheBiob Author Link
Yeah, I'll do that when I'm done updating GPS to work with the new map16 area.
FedoraFriday Link
Ahh, I figured as much. Should probably put it back in GPS since custom blocks like this take advantage of it. :P
TheBiob Author Link
Blame erik for not noticing
Thought for sure that thing was included in the original GPS. Dunno if I should update this or include it in GPS' next update though.
Anyway, sorry about that I'll fix it one way or the other.
FedoraFriday Link
HEY, mind including the swapxy routine in the zip folder as well? I was stuck for awhile cause gps didn't know what that macro was, until I found out it wasnt provided. :( Sweet blocks tho!
WaterFox_ Link
This could make some interesting Gimmicks :o
 Erik Link
welp i forgot to click approve 2 months ago lmao
 Erik Link
TheBiob Author Link
@Erik: The crash turns out to be on your end. You have a PLY in your change_map16 routine which shouldn't be there (and it isn't in the latest GPS version)