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New Mario's Adventure

Super Mario World Hacks → New Mario's Adventure

Submission Details

Name: New Mario's Adventure
Author: yoshi9429
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 94 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: This hack can only play World 1~7 and 10.
And this hack is World 7 Demo.

- Ver 1.01 -
9-2 : Modified wrong palette sprite.
10-7 : Modified movement pipe cutoff.

- Ver 1.02 -
2-1, 2-S2 : Modified movement pipe cutoff.
2-2 : After obtaining Yoshi Coin, graphics bug fixes.
2-S1 : Modified cutoff.
3-3 : ON / OFF Door graphic errors corrected.
3-7 : The second castle inside replace the door Layer 2 to Layer 1.
10-1 : Fixed an issue that did not see the message.
Red Switch Palace : Fixed Dolphins did not follow Mario.

- Ver 1.03 -
Green Switch Palace and Others : Modified poisonus mushroom block crashes the game if Mario touches it from the sieds(coners).

- Ver 1.04 -
3-5 : Added a keyhole room.
10-3~10-6 : Added a exit star block. (I will soon support to 10-7~10-9.)
10-5 : After obtaining Yoshi Coin, graphics bug fixes.

- Ver 1.05 -
World 7 + Expert World Demo release.
Yellow Switch Palace : Fixed that the exits of the pipe in the second map were wrong.
2-Fort : Fixed problem moving to level 0.
Other minor error fixes.

- Ver 1.06 -
2-2 : New version was created.
5-1 : Added Secert Exits.
5-3 : Changed level.
7-2 : Fixed a bug where one pipe moved to the original SMW 1ED level.
Other minor error fixes.

Please report bugs I did not notice.
Tags: asm bosses exgfx gimmick hdma music traditional
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4.5 (11 ratings)
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Comments (17)

Retro Master HD Link
This is a really great Hack really hope the full version comes out at some point. #tb{:]}.
s3bio Link
- World 5 - Level "Sky Airship" - You can jump on top of the level at the beginning. Looks like cheese. The same happens after first CP. But if you come to the end you are completely softlocked. Since the height invites to jump up there you should add something to prevent people from doing this.
s3bio Link
This hack is great!

- I liked the enemy placement very much. Chain jumps are very mean :) It's challanging and earns the "very hard" difficulty level.
- I like the way, the level transissions are designed. A level ends in the same way the next level begins. That's a cool idea.

CONs - Since it's a demo here are some issues i had:
- Alternative exits in castles can not be found after completing the level (castle gets destroyed)
- World 5 - Level "Flying Sky Zone" has a dead end after the pit you can fall down. The auto scroller ends, there is a key but no key hole.
- World 5 has these violet pillars everywhere. You cannot tell if the pillar is in the background or is a bloicking foreground object. This should be changed.
- Enemy sprites are different for the same enemies (Thwombs for example). Since the behave in the same way they should look the same to get the design more consistant.

I'm gonna ad more things after playing through all available levels. So far, it's really nice! Keep it up.
 Manofer Link
I liked very much this hack!
quando sairá a versão completa?
VesperVidya Link
I played this last night, I enjoyed the level designs and the graphics are nice. My only issue is that it isn't friendly for console players, the lack of save points quickly demoralized me from wanted to play it further. I would suggest adding more save points for the final version or a replayable save point stage somewhere in world 1 so that console players can at least attempt to grind through levels without having to lose too much progress.

3/5 but I would easily rate it higher if I could save my game more often.

Aqua-Grove-Prod Link
Narky Link
I love this game! I can see their as a lot of effort put into this. Love youe work man! Can'twait to see more hacks from you.
 Wakana Link
Okay, it has no issues now. It's a good hack more or less; I honestly hate the difficulty, it sometimes feels like there's no way to avoid the enormous amount of hazards on screen. This goes from the very beginning of the hack till the end. Thus, I'm changing difficulty mark here to "Very Hard" since I feel it'd suit best.
If any player here disagrees, let me know it with a comment down here.

As for the issues, here too, a big amount of them was found due to poor testing. I'm addressing you the most important ones:
- Wrong actlike of tiles in here. I can go inside this FG.
- Sprite tile limit issues, which in this level are a lot for some reason.
- Bumpty penetrating slopes.
- I can access the next level of this map even if I didn't complete the former one.
- Swimming a tiny bit on this water when upside down is possible. I'd replace the lava actlike with a custom instakill block.
- I think I addressed this already, but this kind of death trick is silly and unfair, especially since the level is insane already.

 RussianMan Link
Better to get testers. It's not hard to post in your thread to get beta testers!
h.carrell From older version: New Mario's Adventure Link
my demo is coming but its only got 9 exits
you can wall kick
yellow water solid with blue pow
blue moon is dragon coin
bemo From older version: New Mario's Adventure Link
Good! It really is a nice hack!
 Wakana From older version: New Mario's Adventure Link
Okay, now the hack doesn't break anywhere. A good one, it kind of recalls Brutal Mario (there are even some sprites from it), except that the fancyness with bosses is replaced with fancyness in level design, always fun and entertaining, even if difficulty is pushed a bit too much in a few levels.

Found a minor error here, you may want to fix it. Also, not sure about how you get the secret exit in "Crow Valley1". I mean, the key can be found easily, but there's no keyhole around. Maybe I missed it...?

Either way, a good hack, totally worth accepting.
GageThornton From older version: New Mario's Adventure World Expert Link
Can you link me the status bar?
cheat-master30 From older version: New Mario's Adventure World Expert Link
Not a terrible game, though I'd definitely agree the Pix bosses get extremely repetitive. Vary up the fights a bit! We've got a whole section for SMW sprites for a reason...
Paddy From older version: New Mario's Adventure World Expert Link
I got as far as Cloud World and turned it off in frustration.

- Controls are all over the place at times.

- Why does every level start with the 'no Yoshi' intro? It's totally pointless. Yoshi is only in one level, so make it that he can't end the level with you and there's no problem and every level doesn't have to start with the same intro.

- The placing of your tiles needs some work. Things appear to be in the foreground and can look like walls and platforms, but they are in fact the background and it gets confusing.

- Some translation issues too in the text.

- The fact that every level seems to have some form of 'wind' or debris flying around for purely aesthetic reasons also is silly. Use it on one level for effect, not all of them!

- The boss of every stage is the same, and you have to make sure that no enemies are on the screen so you can pass, so it makes it quite hard to do when shells/bullets keep spawning and you have to devise ways to make sure all of them are hit and exit the screen at the same time just to progress on to another part of the level. Fix this.

Overall, it's not bad, but it does need a good bit of work to make it decent. Out of the sheer frustration this has caused, I'd give it 3.5/10.