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Details for Sprite Respawner
SMW Sprites - Sprite Respawner Show random
File Name: Sprite Respawner
Authors: Sonikku
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: A sprite that you place at roughly the same X/Y positions as another sprite. It aims to respawn the sprite whenever the target sprite is killed or otherwise despawns. This sprite is intended to be used with a sprite such as the Magikoopa disassembly, Lakitu disassembly, or the Boss Bass, but can realistically work with most others.

If the sprite is turned into a coin (i.e. Silver POW, Fire Flower), it'll only respawn when that coin is collected.

Uses Extra Bit: YES
If Extra Bit is set, it will respawn the sprite in the same X and Y positions as where it originally was.
If Extra Bit is clear, it will respawn the sprite in the same Y position, but from a random side of the screen.

Extra Property Byte 1 controls the timer before the sprite respawns

Extra Property Byte 2:
Bit 0 (01): Don't spawn if Mario is too close (when Extra Bit is set)
Bit 1 (02): Display smoke effect on-generate (when Extra Bit is set)
Bit 2 (04): Play sound effect on-generate
Bit 3 (08): Use free RAM to disable respawning sprites
Bit 4 (10): Suppress sound effect if Extra Bit is clear
Tags: lorom, respawn, respawner, sprite
Rating: 4.6 (Votes: 7)
Download: Download - 3.13 KiB
Kinda bugged: I have no clue how fast the timer counts down, and this thing tends to respawn sprites, like, lightning fast, even on a high timer, which is kind of a bad thing when you're using this thing primarily with Boss Basses/Porcu-Puffs and still want a fair hack.

Currently, I have "extra property byte 1" set to 250 (I converted this sprite to a .json file at some point, which only allows for decimal numbers...) and that SEEMS to work, but I'm not 100% sure...
Posted by: A-l-e-x-99 - | Link
Thaks for the neat answer. I thik I understand it better. To make this work I've followed the descr and put this sprite at same X/Y than target sprite to respawn. But I have to put it below.
Posted by: qantuum - | Link
This does not seem to work when the sprite has been obliterated by the "sprite kill muncher" block. Or maybe I don't understand well the insertion process in LM? --> forum post
Posted by: qantuum - | Link
Dark Prince
sad that it isn't sa-1 compatible
Posted by: Dark Prince - | Link
Updated to use pixi, also added tags and screenshots.
Posted by: TheBiob - | Link
Acts somewhat strangely on the first screen (it spawns a new sprite even if the old one hasn't died yet) so keep that in mind.
Posted by: Medic - | Link
Thank you.
Posted by: zacmario - | Link