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A Very Super Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → A Very Super Mario World

Submission Details

Name: A Very Super Mario World
Author: SchwerMuta
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 120 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Super Mario World has been around since my child hood. Super Mario Bros. 1 was my very first video game and I grew up on Super Mario Bros 3 and thought it was the best thing ever. I really don't remember when I first played Super Mario World but it wasn't until a long, long while after I played Super Mario Bros 3 (at that point I already had Super Mario All Stars) However, probably over a decade later after having played it, I'm still playing it, and still loving it. I don't think I'll ever outgrow classic Mario platforming. That's probably why I liked SMW hacks so much. I'd play a ton of them, even long after normal people likely would have gotten bored since a lot of hacks are still basically Super Mario World.

I've made no attempt to really set myself apart to that end, because when it comes down to it, that's what I'm here for; classic Mario platforming. Back during a time when we were actually excited to rescue the Princess again. Back during a time when we could separate levels by world and the levels told you what world they belonged to. Back during a time where there weren't any funky control gimmicks, weird goals or anything that distracted you from the overall feel that it was a Mario game, nothing more, nothing less. Just straight up run, jump, shoot fireballs, swing your cape, stomp on enemies and stuff like that. I've made this hack with that in mind, it's nothing but classic Mario platforming. Don't expect anything flashy, both on part of that and on part of my general inexperience and laziness in hacking.

There are eight primary worlds, an extra world, a star world that connects various places, and a special, secret world that will test your mettle (and patience.) The goal of every level is to reach the end, and possibly fight a boss such as a koopaling once you do. Many levels have secret exits that are usually opened by taking a key to a keyhole, as per usual Super Mario World fare. There's many features and gimmicks to many levels, but the feeling of classic Mario platforming typically stays the same. The story is always the same; Mario goes on an adventure to save his friends and the Princess from the evil King Bowser, and along the way jumps, shoots and even flies through the land in search of the castles controlled by Bowser's underlings.

~Tester notes~ There are a few minor sounds bugs here and there but nothing game breaking and usually only when you enter specific levels.
Tags: asm bosses exgfx huge level music traditional
Comments: 35 (jump to comments)
4.3 (25 ratings)
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Comments (35)

witcacy Link
Hi, In Bandits' Way level I am trying to get the key, but is missing, when I hit the box is always empty, I tried to use the all the stars, to use the cloud, to use the cape, I watched a video and imitated every move in the tutorial but is not possible to get the key so that is so frustrating, and I abandoned the hack, I found bugs related to items disappearing, but it was not important at least,.
Saamlopezz Link
Hi bro!
Could you find a way to get the key out? I'm stuck at that level :(
crocodileman94 Link
You can still
enter the pipe
using Lakitu's cloud
Kaizo123 Link
My Yellow was my last one i has searching for. How long i fly around the Block at the Beginning. And after many many trys, i had new idea.
The P-Switch middle of the level. Use this to make a Block to go in the Green Pipe, there is the secret exit.
I has played and seen everything. But this was new for me.

jBL00D Link
This is a very well balanced vanilla hack with great level design (excluding a few). I would say 90% of the levels are just fantastic and very fun to play. Although difficult I would still rate most of it as fair. I did find there was a LARGE lack of Yoshi levels given there are 120 levels, it would be nice to see him more playable. However with all that said, there are some serious flaws in this hack.

There was a couple levels that were pure cancer like 'Jelectro System'. Nearly impossible without savestates.
No level design, just a spammed jellyfish maze swimming while holding item while being chased by Phanto Mask FML
. Don't even get me started on the Celestial Star levels. Each one longer than the last. It really should have ended with 'Castle Gauntlet'.
It's 26 rooms that takes roughly a total of about 30 mins to beat. Each room the 300sec clock restarts
. The Final Celestial Star level 'Eternal Mario World'
is roughly 90mins long with no checkpoints!
It is impossible without tool assist or savestates.

Another thing I wasn't a fan of was the key holes in random spots in the air off screen. Unless you are flying throughout all the levels you're likely never going to see them.

A major flaw in this hack is once you enter Star Road there is no going back without beating the level. I'm sorry, but the return star should be there as soon as you are transported to Star Road. Also if you are playing a Star Road level and find the key exit first, your return star shows up OVER the level you just beat. That means you can't replay the level to find the regular exit anymore. Could you imagine finding 109/120 exits (like I just did) and now realize you can no longer get all 120 exits and have to start from the beginning all over again?

Another flaw, the level count doesn't save after beating Bowser. After beating the game and you reset, it will return you to the last in game save point. And if you re-beat a ghost house or castle/fortress a second time there is no save option. So that's super annoying


Currently at 118/120 with the final Celestial Star level remaining and 1 unplayable Star Road. Given the Celestial level seem to be more tool assisted and recently found out is 90min long without checkpoints, I may just pass on trying to get 100%. Seems like such a waste.

Overall rating I would have given it a 7/10. But because of what I mentioned I drop it to 5/10
pifpaf Link
I can't find the 5 special coins in world 2-4 Padoch Plains... Any clue please ?
Murcielano Link
Eu achei meio difícil, porém muito desafiador. Parabéns ao criador.
Metballs Link
This is a pretty decent vanilla hack. Though, there are some levels that suffers with excruciating amounts of enemy spam. There were some difficulty spikes in this hack that definitely felt out of place. That didn't really stop me from enjoying this hack though.

However, I truly believe that the last level in special world is never gonna be beaten without savestates. It’s a 90+ minute long level with tons and tons of very difficult sections with no checkpoint. Now THIS is the definition of unreasonable. It became very clear that this level was tested with tools. I did manage to beat the other Celestial Star levels without tools and they were very, very difficult.

4/5 Good hack, but you exaggerated the last level way WAY too much. It's borderline impossible without tools. (also, in the 2nd section of this level, I actually found a crash when I died. I doubt that'll be an issue because it only happens in that section and everyone will play through this level with tools)
IrrelevantGamer Link
IrrelevantGamer Link
Cave story music hehe love it
D10s_Sah Link
vengo de parte de heil xd
Crash88 Link
Fun and Great hack.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Fun rom hack
GarbitheGlitcheress Link
I really like a lot of the ideas in this hack, and it's a fun game. That being said, a few levels in the special world seem unreasonable to beat without savestates, which makes 100%ing this hack seem unreasonable. From watching a video, the last level takes nearly 90 minutes as a straight runthrough. It also seems easy to accidentally get booted out of star road levels by getting the secret exit first.

7.5/10 ~= 4/5
Ivy Link
I really enjoyed LPing this for the channel. I intend to actually clear the game off camera at some point when I have the free time!
PJHacker Link
This hack is awesome. I really think you captured the spirit of SMW and the SNES overall, then took it and made it even better. Love this hack, and would be very surprised if it didn't get featured.
DynastyLobster Link
can't figure out first secret in big island...
kvbriggs Link
Also, I'd like to see more save points. I just spent 45 minutes beating a bunch of levels to get to a castle, then, figuring it would be my only save point for a while went back to get all the secret exits I'd skipped before doing the castle only to end up stuck in the god damn star world with no way out. I'm too drunk to beat the Jelectro System right now. Jerk. No saves for me tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.

I love my Super Everdrive, but sometimes I really miss being able to save my progress anywhere in the game.
kvbriggs Link
I'm enjoying this so far. I use Super Everdrive, so no save states. I ran into a problem in Koopa Kid Castle #2 Morton Koopa. I found the secret passage to a mushroom, but then went back to the left over the rocks and dropped down into a hole Mario can't get out of at the start of the level. I had to wait about 200 seconds to die before trying again. Consider adding a way for Mario to get out of that drop off or block him from running over the top of the rocks so far? I'll continue with more feedback as it comes.
Chaosman.EXE Link
Good and enjoyable hack so far, but I found something weird in the underground stretch of Grass Garrison 3. I wound up above the walls and I'm not sure whether the camera should have followed me because a number of things happened up there, such as...
~ Breaking several bricks
~ Making a key I couldn't see appear and then somehow picking it up to take with me to the goal post
~ In one instance, being killed by (what I'm assuming was) an unseen Buzzy Beetle that had been up there and later having said Buzzy Beetle fall from the top of the screen to hit me when I came down and broke an unseen brick near where it was
TheRetroGamer02 Link
Why (I see it on the sceenshot) do I see 1992 ~ 2014

I know 1990 is the year it was made and punlished but why the 2014
was that the year you started making this rom hack or did you republished this with some more levels in it :)
willian125677 Link
Just adding a note: this one has the secret exit in A2 fixed, so you can get all 120 exits available in this hack.

Thanks DehydratedLemur!
JikissGamer From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
This is by far my favorite SMW hack. Amazing work on this. The level design is great and really challenging, The new music, new enemies, new items & mechanics are a great addition.

Was the Celestial Star world taken out in the version 2.1?
Cobaltcontroller2 From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
Is the music in this game compiled anywhere 'cause it's pretty great
Luigi Severus From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
This hack is honestly one of my favorites, it's really fun, the music is great and I love the real Luigi sprite, not the Mario palette swap (ew). It gives a good, but fair challenge!

Ambureon From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
Distant Land 6's secret exit doesn't work; It's using the normal exit sprite, rather than the secret one. If anyone wants, I'll upload a fixed IPS.
 Aram From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
I'm the 900th downloader~!

UpBForVictory From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
Amazing hack mate, I love the atmosphere and overall feel this hack brought on, it felt like it could fit in right with the other Mario games.
Elvis1991 From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
Awesome hack , but i just found 113 exist ...
Paddy From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
I've just started playing this and am on World 2. My only real criticism so far is the inability to take Yoshi with you from level to level. Everything else feels like SMW in tone and it's great to see, but this one ommission takes mr out of that and it takes away from the experience of the game. It wasn't a problem in the real SMW, so why is it for your hack? Apart from that though, it seems like a very good hack so far.

Also, in the level "Intermission - Bandit's Way" there is a block that when hit, makes the sound like an item has appeared, but nothing does. I have tried hitting it with various items and in various Mario forms but get the same result. Is this a bug or what am I doing wrong?
Shadman19 From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
Cool hack so far just entering world 2, Thanks mate ;)
CanadianHitmanX From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
I am on World 3 of your hack and I have to say I am really enjoying it. However if I could make a suggestion.

On the level "Where are my Key's" could you please extend the time limit (or have no time limit at all) because it's next to impossible to check all the keys and key holes in the short amount of time. I actually had to use the "Infinite Time" Game Genie code in order to find the key and the keyhole.

I'll post a better review when I complete this hack.

Like I said.. it's really fun.. but if you can, please take my suggestion into consideration.

MercuryPenny From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
Looks like a pretty cool, SMW styled hack. I should give it a shot and see if it holds up to that some time now that I'm done playing another hack.
xirtamehtsitahw From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
I like the clever level names. Padloch plains (play on both the words padlock and the Scottish "loch") = WIN.
VanessaWolfe2015 From older version: A Very Super Mario World Link
This hack needs custom music!