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Another Mario Remastered

Super Mario World Hacks → Another Mario Remastered

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RockyBoppy Link
Ah! The very first SMW Hack Rom i've played back in 2017! So much nostalgia with it due to that! The OST is one of the best thing it has, many good levels too but in 2021 I gotta say something, the boss battles are terrible, the Piranha Plant and Bettle... sadly those nightmares are over-used in so many hack roms i've tried...

That's really the only problem in this hack because I still see it as a master-piece and I hope maybe one day you'll touch it again and create better bosses. (:

PS, the music when you do the first desert level has been a key point in my life because i've never heard something so beautiful and i'll never forget how much I adore that song and whoever composed it is a genius! I still listen to it with my phone in Flac format in 2021!
Gabriel BR Link
Is really good!!!
lezil_dark Link
like the graphics, cool music, dont like that all you get is fire flower, wish it had more depth.


played to completion
exdeath Link
this hack is much cool the graphics are be magnificent and the music
Poison Link
This hack is very cool, good music and graphics.
5/5 worth playing :)
DankClam Link
The graphics, music, and other custom stuff or whatever is pretty cool.
But sometimes, the level deign can get kinda shitty.
Zack-san Link
Thank you so much for giving credit to me. I've just returned to this site to give you thanks. Enjoy the rest of the day!
kvbriggs Link
Fun hack. I got to the end without save states, but more save points would be nice. I have up on beating the entire game and just went straight through to Bowser without worrying about secret exits or anything. Some of the bosses were really challenging, but the end boss was lame. I was hoping for a challenge.
roanrafael Link
@NatsyFireball Thanks! I got it :D
NatsuFireball Link
Hello DAA234,

This a very good hack ! I love the graphics and the very fun colors, took me back in time =]

There are original ideas, such as the fact that the state of Mario is mapped with his head in the HUD, even when Mario has a star. Yoshi coins becoming shines is also a good idea, and collecting all of them adds a pleasant challenge. Custom enemies and bosses are great too =]

I found all 71 exits without using any savestate as game has a very well balanced difficulty. Some custom bosses are quite tough, such as Piranha, Beetle or Twomp, but totally beatable after some study of their pattern.

Also, loved the overworld and the custom credits =]

For information, the game crashed a few times (played on zsnes), typically when losing a life or side-scrolling (softlock with only music playing).

I loved your work, thank you very much dude ! 10/10 (5 stars) =]

@roanrafael : Yoshi isn't present in this hack, so you must complete world 1-3 and all other levels without it =]
roanrafael Link
well, i finished it but i couldn't to find the yoshi. Isn't he needed to complete World 1-3?
 Erik Link
There's actually 71 exits instead of 69.
There's really not much to say. It's a decent chocolate hack with simple level design, nothing to gimmicky. Feels pretty traditional altough some of the sprites are a nice addition. One thing that annoys me is the afct that there are way too many blind drops, and most of them result in a death be it by falling in a pit/lava, or because of an enemy below it. The center scroll patch doesn't help to the issue. Also I hate how the midpoint in 8-Bowser is so lopsided. You put it almost at the end. It could really benefit of multiple midway points.
Dark Mario Bros Link
funny how there's better cap mario SMA style at the status bar lol
 RussianMan Link
Looks a bit empty... and interesting at the same time.