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New Super Mario Bros. - Super Mario World Hybrid Objects

SMW Graphics → New Super Mario Bros. - Super Mario World Hybrid Objects

Submission Details

Name: New Super Mario Bros. - Super Mario World Hybrid Objects
Author: Wii2
Type: Original
Purpose: Miscellaneous
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: These graphics changes some blocks from the original SMW and changes them into New Super Mario Bros.(-ish) styled blocks. The blocks still retain some of their SMW style, such as rounded corners, to make them fit better.

This also fixes the Midway Gate's graphics.
As a bonus, this pack includes graphics for users of Perfect Bricks and Reverse.
Tags: cement block message block needs remoderation note block p-switch pipe powerup question block springboard turn block used block yoshi coin
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
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Comments (5)

Verliezer18 Link
zacmario Link
np, thanks.
Wii2 Author Link
Zacmario, I'll be honest, probably not. I suck at making graphics, so this will, most likely, be a one-off thing for me. I might update it at some point though, but, again, likely not. Anyways, thanks for the nice words.
zacmario Link
nice stuff here, are you making more in the future?
Lumy Link
Next time don't upsize your screenshots too much. 2x upsize is enough.