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Just a Pure Vanilla Super Mario World Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → Just a Pure Vanilla Super Mario World Hack

Submission Details

Name: Just a Pure Vanilla Super Mario World Hack
Author: Anas
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Just a pure vanilla Super Mario World hack of mine that I've wanted to publish a demo of for a while. Enjoy!

Plz let me know any errors of any sort

After Bowser was defeated, the Mario Bros., the Princess, Yoshi and his friends went back to the Mushroom Kingdom to celebrate their victory.

When summer came, Mario suggested that he, his girlfriend, his li'l bro Luigi, Yoshi and his egged friends go back to Dinosaur Land for a peaceful vacay.

When they came back to Dinosaur Land, they enjoyed their vacation for two weeks, that is, until Bowser, his kids and his troops came to kidnap Peach, Yoshi and his friends.

It is now up to the Mario Bros. to rescue them. Can they save the day once again?

Plz rate this hack and give some feedback! It'll be helpful!
Tags: vanilla
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
3.4 (9 ratings)
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Comments (11)

y21 Link
Very nice hack and makes fun to TAS
7 up Link
The coins lead to a Yoshi coin
Anas Author Link
Isn't it led by coins? It's supposed to be a puzzle
7 up Link
The secret isn't visible to the player when he doesn't look at LM.

You can see this in LM in the top of the level.

Anyway, you're welcome
Anas Author Link
@MintGreenYoshi: Whatcha mean the secret exit in DP1 is unfinished?

And I don't remember leaving that cutoff gray pipe piece anywhere in DP1

And I had to give the bouncing turnblock and the Classic Piranha Plant a chance somehow!

I think the glitched events are because I only tested the game in ZSNES. I didn't bother to test it on any other emulator. I never thought it'd backfire or something

But thanks for the review!
7 up Link
Well, it's a pretty memorable hack to play and looks like a good remake of original Super Mario World. Although there are just a few minor issues:
- glitched graphics, e.g. graphics of unused turn blocks when Mario interacts with them, Piranha Plant stems in YI3, events after beating DP1
- cutoff piece of gray pipe in DP1
- "unfinished" secret exit in DP1

Verdict: This hack is pretty enjoyable to play. I recommend it to people who want to have an experience with something different from Super Mario World or those who aren't familiar with the game enough.
Overall rate: 4/5

EDIT: A YouTube video is now available for everyone!
Anas Author Link
@Cobsters: I thought the bottom gray pipe end was better.

@Danielsonic 83: What buggy road on the world map are you talking about? Can you give me a pic?

I think five hundred secs is enough.

I'll change the difficulty to "normal", don't worry.

The "menace words" message box from Iggy... I can't put it in the first section of the castle 'cuz it has L3, and the moment the message pops up, the L3 smasher's going to vanish.

And there isn't an incomplete white tube in Donut Plains 2; the one with the used blocks IS the way to the exit, you just gotta find a P-Switch. I ain't gonna spoil that for you.

When you enter it, there'll be a bonus room. Get outta there and you'll find a neat puzzle (optional) next to it. Don't want to spoil that one for ya too, bro.

Are you sure the switch palace was puzzling? If it was, then I did a good job. :-)

Anyways, thx for the feedback, guys!!
Danielsonic 87 Link
Well,good hack in general,but there are some ploblems:
on the world map,I don't know if is ZSnes's fault,but the road on it...appears buggy and sooooo bad to see,like a Commodore 64 games runs on a mid broken cassette.
Then,I think you should put 400 on timer,because 500 is too much even if you simply walk slow.And dificulty,should be changed on "normal"bcause even the first level is harder than first world of the original SMW.
Then,I don't have much appreciated the "menace words" of Iggy on hintblock before the fight VS him.He's the same,anything changed so you should cancel that block,or change some Iggy's pattern,(for example to make him faster)
And on last level,I couldn't find the secret exit:I seen a white tube,incomplete,pheraps that is the exit.Is incomplete,if is like so...
horewer,I like the levels how well make remember the original SMW,and that puzzle on Yellow Palace...I lost a life,thinking that it needs a glitch XD Then I got that's simpler than I thought,and resolved^^really splendid puzzle,in my opinion^^

I give 4 stars because those negative thing written here,otherwise it could be easy 5 stars^^keep it up,it could be a great hack in future^^
Cobsters Link
Heyo! I can't really give you any level design tips since I'm not an expert on that at all, but I had a lot of fun with this demo. Great work!

Also, a weird thing. On Donut Plains 1, there's a portion of a pipe at the top for some reason.
Anas Author Link
Thanks, Eevee! 'Bout DP2, the level design is supposed to be like SMB3's. It's not flat. And I already talked about the glitched turnblocks in the message boxes.
 Eevee Link
Well it lives up to its name, and you certainly tried to keep it as vanilla as you could. That said, I would still make a new overworld if I were you. Donut Plains 1 also felt unfinished, as much of it was flat, and the turn blocks were glitched, so fix that in the next update.

It's not a bad hack, hence why I've accepted it anyway, I just feel you should make it stand out a bit more.