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Another Mario World 2: Luigi's Mission

Hacks de Super Mario World → Another Mario World 2: Luigi's Mission

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Another Mario World 2: Luigi's Mission
Autor: Stivi
Demonstração: Não
Em Destaque: Não
Duração: 70 exit(s)
Tipo: Padrão: Normal
Descrição: Here it is, the sequel of my Vanilla Hack 'Another Mario World'. This one is Vanilla too, but with some small changes:

- One Player only Patch
- Custom Music
- Custom Palettes
- Custom Luigi GFX
- and some mixed GFX in some levels

After Mario saved Peach again, Luigi heard that King Boo wants to take over the World, again. So Luigi has to stop him once again.
Have Fun!

- Fixed some Slowdown
- Fixed some Autoscroll issues
Marcadores: music traditional vanilla
Comentários: 27 (pular para comentários)
4,6 (21 avaliações)
Sem avaliações
Download 1,15 MiB | 9.985 downloads

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Comentários (27)

yango Link
Anyone has a save game with the complete game? I lost mine.
Ghelfs Link
One of the best hacks I've ever played. I finished all the exits. Good job!
EduardoSK Link
Originally posted by TheusGamerBR
Please, the "COOKIE DESERT 5" (2nd world) level music, where is it from? How's it called? Please, somebody tell me ;)
Castlevania 2 - Simon's Quest - Bloody Tears (SMW Remix)
EpicTails Link
probably my favorite hack ever
Wonderful #smrpg{<3}#smrpg{y}
SirMystic Link
Fantastic hack, love the lore and how each castle has a ghost theme before each boss, love it! :D
Retro Master HD Link
Best game I have ever played. Completed it twice now. Great music choices as well really liked the theme tunes In King Boo’s World 3, Mint Jungle 2 and 3, Ice Cream Valley 3, 4 and 6, Choco Mountain 2, Star World 1, 3 and 6, Plumber Island 4 and Cookie Desert 3. Their my favourite theme tunes but my most favourite theme tunes most of all are Choco Mountain 5, Star World 7, Mint Jungle A, King Boo’s World 2, Cookie Desert 4 and Cookie Desert 5. Those are my 4 favourite theme tunes of all in the game. King Boo’s World 2 and Mint Jungle A have the same theme tune by the way. Anyways great Hack hope you come out with more brilliant Super Mario World Rom Hacks like this one in the further future. 10/10 because it was that amazing and the music choices in this Hack were on point. #tb{:]}#tb{^V^}#tb{:D}#tb{:DD}#tb{:)}#tb{:j}#tb{XD}#ab{:LOL:}#ab{:)}#ab{:D}#smw{:TUP:}#wario{:peace:}. Excellent work Stivi. 😀😄😁.
Anotador0 Link
¡Soy español, me impresiono este hack! como todos de este buen señor!
MojangGaming Link
i like this game and luigi is the better jumper
bandicoot Link
I enjoyed a lot this hack when I played#tb{:DD}
5/5 stars!
Robot Mario Link
Nice! Challenging, and pretty nicely put together!
William Kazama Link
Muito legal jogar com luigi magrinho kkk ^.^
LordLuigi Link
Stivboy: I was just going off what your bio said and I thought it was impressive that you are already making enjoyable hacks keep it up 🍻
 Stivi Author Link
Thanks! Um... Did you say i'm 15 because i made the hack when i was 15?
LordLuigi Link
Nothing groundbreaking or anything but it's really fun which is all that matters kudos to stivboy for making a very enjoyable playing experience. Definitely some problems and room for improvement such as the secret exits and amount of powerups but for a 15 year old i t hi k stiv did pretty well and I look forward to seeing how his hacking skill progresses in the future.
kaitri Link
this has to be one of the easiest hacks i ever played on smw. a lot of powerups, no real hard part, im really surprised that this hack isnt rated as easy.

i'll try to keep it short, overall i will give this hack a 3/5. there is nothing special in this hack its average. music, colors etc is all fine, only 2 bugs i found in the entire hack both in the last world one is a vine going through a yoshi coin which removes part of the vine and the other one is in the ghosthouse with a room thats supposed to be a mirror room. look at the top to see what youre supposed to do cause the bottom doesnt exist. but in fact it does so yea lol.

at the end i started using the feather to skip large parts of the hack because, like i said its very average.
if you want a hack that could (almost) be super mario world 2, then i can only recommend this. otherwise, like i mentoined 100 times by now its average. nothing special.
SMW Physicist Link
Really enjoyed this hack. Hope to see more from you soon. 5/5!
NatsuFireball Link
Hello Super Stiviboy,

The second part of Another Mario World is a great game, even better than the first one, that I already enjoyed a lot =]

Very nice palettes are used, and the coming back of Big Boo in each castle with every time an increased difficulty is very interesting. You put little puzzles that are funny to resolve.

The game is quite easy but becomes a bit harder to the end, especially the last levels, but all 70 exits are totally beatable without using savestates.

Will be waiting for a part 3 with impatience =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you man =]
niko Link
its time to test this hack and show is lazy right or not xd
Spaghetto Link
Really enjoyed world one here's gameplay:
Fern4nDitto Link
I loved this hack!

For it contains 7 worlds, and among them my favorites was "Star World" and "King Boo's World"

This was a great hack and I'll be waiting for more: D
 Lazy Link
It exists. Didn't commit any level design crimes but it didn't have any drive to it either. It was just objects n sprites placed wherever. The most annoying parts where the secret exits where the key and keyhole were either in plain sight at the end of the level or in some random pit where you can't see them. That shit is just frustrating for obvious reasons. Also I don't get why why you would name your hack another mario world, you instantly lower people's expectations with the "another". There's nothing wrong with being a bit ambitious and making an interesting romhacky hack rather than trying to make a fake nintendo game.
7 up Link
BTW, I'm still making my series using an old version
 Stivi Author Link
I sent Lazy a fixed version
7 up Link
Mint Jungle 1 has only 3 Yoshi coins. Or maybe it's just me
tmauri Link
I already played it and I really like it.
TheusGamerBR Link
Please, the "COOKIE DESERT 5" (2nd world) level music, where is it from? How's it called? Please, somebody tell me ;)