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Edge level blocks

SMW Blocks → Edge level blocks

Submission Details

Name: Edge level blocks
Author: HammerBrother
Act As: 0 or 25
Includes GFX: No
Description: These package contains two blocks:
  • End level block
  • Teleport block

They only trigger when the player goes off past the edge of the level, useful if you want their effects not to happen when the player is 1 block away from the edge of the level.

Both “level constrain” and “Disable screen barrier via RAM” patches are needed for this to work.
Tags: beat level edge edge of level end level lorom teleport
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Comments (4)

HammerBrother Author Link
Note: With the update of the level constrain version 3.2 and later, and made it RAM-based, make sure you enable the flags of the sides the block uses so that they function correctly.
EddieMasterOfGameplay Link
Sounds good, but, where the fuck are the VIA SCREEN EXIT tele-blocks?!
 MarioFanGamer Link
A great alternative to the Ultimate Screen Teleporter. The usage might be a bit weird since you still have to place the blocks inside the playable area and not outside. In other words: You'd place these blocks in the same way as you'd do with their regular equilivants.

I also have fixed the position checking at the edge of vertical levels where you just have to touch the screen edge instead to really go offscreen.

Finally, I would recommend on creating a routine and use a flag (like the carry flag) to determine whether to run the code or not.
Kaizoplayer Link
Cool, I will wear