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[Summer C3 2017] Super Mario 8MB - Demo

Super Mario 64 Hacks → [Summer C3 2017] Super Mario 8MB - Demo

Submission Details

Name: [Summer C3 2017] Super Mario 8MB - Demo
Authors: BlackStone187, PablosCorner, Quasmok
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: Yes
Length: 12 star(s)
Description: Super Mario 8MB, exclusive summer C3 2017 demo!
This demo includes 12 stars for you to seek and hunt down!
Will you clear your way through the mansion? Will you be fast enough in the sewers? Hone your skills on the waters and defeat a spooky challenger in this demo romhack!

- Make sure to read the READ ME file for important information and the credits
- Only compatible with the US ROM

Presented to you by Team Cornersoft!
Video Link: Link
Tags: demo island mario nintendo nintendo 64 rom hack super super mario 64 tropical
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