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SM64: A New Adventure - DEMO "2"

Super Mario 64 Hacks → SM64: A New Adventure - DEMO "2"

Submission Details

Name: SM64: A New Adventure - DEMO "2"
Author: Twoopliss
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: Yes
Length: 7 star(s)
Description: lezg_g Here! :D
I present you my new SM64 A New Adventure Demo c: For C3
It contains 1 level, a new hub, custom sfx, New coins modeled by me, a New goomba face : 3, and much more!
Hope you like my work.


PS: Read the readme plz :)

Credits: Kaze for his objects patches and some help, Mariocrash for the logo, Pablo for some general help, Stomatol, FireMario74 And many people I can't remember right now.

C3 thread!
Video Link: Link
Tags: custom sfx demo music
Download 4.63 MiB | 3,170 downloads


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