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Luigi's Misadventures - Tsux Namine's factor

Super Mario World Hacks → Luigi's Misadventures - Tsux Namine's factor

Submission Details

Name: Luigi's Misadventures - Tsux Namine's factor
Author: Roberto zampari
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 108 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the first SMW Hack that uses Deviantart OC (original characters),
Markiplier and Pewdiepie

Plot: The Mushroom Kingdom was taken over by the Switch Busters (characters made by mechasvitch).
However, the UTAULOID named Tsux Namine (character made by mewkwota) appears in the front of Luigi (Main Character) and reveals that she is in the Namibol Tower with the evil Youtuber.
In order to reach the Namibol Tower, Luigi must venture in the modified version of the Mushroom Kingdom and defeat the Switch Busters.

All the OCs belongs to their respective owners, check the file "credits".

v2.0 - Fixed an issue in the "Fire Secret Base"
Tags: asm bosses exgfx music variety
Comments: 26 (jump to comments)
4.3 (21 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (26)

RkHunter Link
My wife love it!
Danik2343 Link
BSNES Glitch in Boss Orochiki Fortress
Danik2343 Link
Good Hack! Played first in 2019.
Joaokk19990 Link
Jogo bem interessante ótimos gráficos
AnkisethTheMonk Link
Large 108 exit hack. A lot of custom stuff like enemies, music, backgrounds, etc. There are also a good amount of "gimmick" levels--spin jump switches on/off switches, that kind of thing. Very similar to the 2nd game in this series which was the first one I played. I enjoy this a bit more than the 2nd one.

The bosses are all custom. They kind of look like Mega Man bosses but I assume they're based on an anime or fanfic. The final boss is
for some reason and the Special World is a picture of

The levels are generally pretty long. There are a lot of powerups throughout the game. There are a lot of 1ups until World 5 but it evened out after that. Nothing gets unreasonably difficult. The hardest levels are probably the boss rush levels just because of the length.

Took almost 8 hours to complete with 107 exits on the title screen, guessing #108 is the final level. Video of playthrough:
Vegetto 577.02 Link
Ya lo jugue y esta genial los niveles y todo
LiamBLOL Link
very fun hack definitely recommend #smrpg{y}
moldormyaboy30000 Link
Do you thing you can add Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog on your next fifth project of Luigi's Misadventures? Link
It's really tough to reasonably approach something like this that's so polarizing in it's presentation but the tl;dr is great levels, awful presentation.

music selection is generally great.

Some custom bosses are brilliant. Shell bosses, the mouser/bomb chucking guy, triclyde, but several bosses seem to just run back and forth and chuck projectiles. This is terribly boring.

The "secret" level seemed like it was playing at kaizo, but without a good understanding of it. You don't need to stay in your lane, and making kaizo stuff can be great training for it but the final section was just. bafflingly uninteresting. Ending it in a bizarre gush of "omg markpilier plz play my hack" was just painful. I'm very glad I didn't wait to do that last as it would have been an awful final thing.

On top of that, the final boss was almost nauseatingly cringe and calling on an old antisemetic thing was just. super distasteful. Jokes are supposed to be funny - try to remember that, just in general. And to be clear - I don't like the guy, at all. I consider him kind of the worst - but I still think this is a tasteless way to rib the guy.

A few levels felt a little long but generally it did a really good job of stretching a gimmick out in interesting ways. I wish more levels, especially later had combined gimmicks but at no point did it feel like "OK fine that's enough of this" over 100+ exits, that's a good thing. In general, I liked the level design and enjoyed the difficulty curve. This is where the hack really shines - it does a good job of taking custom mechanics and chocolatey stuff in a way that feels really natural and appropriate, even when it stretches kind of far away from mario concepts generally.

So it's really hard to say where this comes in. without any of the cutscenes its like a solid 9/10 but when you pile all that cringe on... it's hard to sort through to find a fun hack in here.

it's tough because I get that the things that make this extremely cringe to the point of near intolerance are likely what drove the creator to make it, but good god is it just unbelievably awkward. The severe spelling errors in literally every cutscene really just kind of pile onto this. Seriously consider and english as first language copy editor or just proof reader.

Or maybe even offering a no cutscene patch, as well as a cutscene patch. I would be HUGELY thankful for this.
edwinmusic Link
great !thak you!
RobertoGS Link
It was a good SMW hack, the levels were at a balance between medium and hard, songs were amazing, the history is really crazy, i laughed a lot when i saw the last boss was PewDiePie xD, however, i have a problem with this hack, the bosses are kinda boring and repetitive, but outside of that the hack was good, i give you a 7.8 of calification, its now time to play Luigi's MisAdventures 2!
jobvd Link
Nice hack! Some great backgrounds with nice selection of music. Is it possible to get 108 as the number on the title screen?
Henry James Segura Link
#smrpg{y} One very good hack ever I played.
Overworld was nice, the level design was great.
To be honest, The giant Koopa mini boss was awesome that Nintendo should take note from you.
BeniDelFuego Link
I'll be honest. At first, I cringed because of the story and different OCs. However, the levels and bosses were pretty fun. Nice overworld and level design. Gonna play Luigi's Misadventure 2 and 3 next!
RobertoGS Link
Yo, i downloaded this hack a weeks ago, its awesome man, i give it 5#lm{owexstar}.
rafaelfutbal Link
1) I found these misspellings in these stages:

Diamond Ice Casino
"Renember" the game Donkey Kong for Super Nintendo? ...

Cloudy City 2
... but "renember" that if reaches to zero, it'll fall.

2) I found this bug in the game:

Nanoro's Battery
The check point does't works.

PS: Great touchable hard game! I loved having played it.
I finished it by PSP. :)
rafaelfutbal Link
Thanks for uploading this game.
Nice hack Mario! =D
Cheolpeoduck Link
Nice Hack!(★★★★★)
PM-Faster Link
5 Stars#lm{pal}
Very Good Hack :)
Alex10-0 Link
very nice #smw{:TUP:}
Lotica Link
A pretty generic hack honestly. The levels, while not the worst I've seen, are really repetitive. It gets to the point that I don't even have to think when I come across the blocks that have a powerup in them. There's not really anything memorable about this thing, and I'm in World 4 as of now. When I don't have anything that's memorable that far in, it's a lose-lose situation for me. The only thing that (ironically) kept me playing was the bad fanfiction you were trying to create. Seriously. When I see Sonic OC's being used, I'm in a gold mine of hilarious content. Other than that, I didn't like it overall, I'm sorry.

Also... Switch Busters. Just... just no.
LordLuigi Link
Real mixed bag so far (I'm like %40 done) interesting concepts and levels however sometimes the mashup of sprites and the aesthetics of the levels doesn't always mesh well. Definitely a tendency to overdue it on the amount of enemies/sprites on screen and the amount of powerups. All that aside there are certain levels that are really fun so 3.5 for me so far....
wacfwaef Link
Hot garbage levels... This is full of levels rated 100man expert = trash. Better play kaizo romhacks than this trash
MKDSmaster91 Link
Amazing level designs, overworld maps, bosses and the music is well used for this hack!
Chaosman.EXE Link
Pretty fun hack so far; very fun level designs for the most part.
I'm having a bit of a difficult time finding some of the secret exits though... I'm stuck trying to find the one in Bad Morning City; so far I don't see any indicators of where it might be and I've run the level 4 times. There aren't invisible blocks involved, are there?
 Dan Link
Quite a fun and rather lengthy hack. While the story doesn't interest me that much, the levels were fun and challenging, and I really love how you hid some of the secret exits, very clever.

Keep it up and don't give up on making hacks, I know you can do even better in your next one!