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SMW Sprites → Foo

Submission Details

Name: Foo
Author: Tsutarja
Tool: PIXI
Type: Cluster
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This sprite (and two others) was meant to be released on this C3. However, due to real-life problems, I just missed C3 and ended up releasing nothing.

Anyway, these are the clouds that you find in NSMBWii's 7-5.
They blow a smog that obfuscates Mario when he's near.
They also can be killed with every kind of attack. The smog may optionally push Mario back.

Make sure to specify the smog's sprite number from list.txt in sprites/foo.asm! Check the two ASM files for configuration options.

Credits go to ArnuroMinigon for drawing (editing?) the graphics that come included.
Tags: cloud enemy fog fragile lorom nsmbwii sa-1 sky sky enemy sky level smog wind
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
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Comments (18)

solgaleo35 Link
Can we have a sprite that attacks the foo as well? A foo fighter sprite, if you will.

I literally know nothing about the band I just stole this joke from Underway
Odyssey K. Link
the smog also appears under or over the foo in some areas
Odyssey K. Link
Originally posted by Lespna1
How do you make the smog push you back? Do you just change the number in the Insert Sprite box or do you have to change something in the ASM file?

some sprites have settings that you can change in the asm file (change !PushMario = 0 to 1 in the cluster sprite asm file)
Lespna1 Link
How do you make the smog push you back? Do you just change the number in the Insert Sprite box or do you have to change something in the ASM file?
Wyatt Link
This sprite is incompatible with the "Better Random Number Generator" patch - foo will blow all his smoke at the same angle (about straight forward). The fix for this is to replace the line "JSR Random" with %Random(), which calls Pixi's default random routine.
 Telinc1 Link
I've forgotten the exact way the sprite works, but the smog should take the high bytes into account. It's does, however, make smoke sprites, which don't have high bytes for their X and Y positions, so they appear on all subscreens.
Nowieso Link
Amazing Sprite but I found a bug. His smog exists in the areas above/below the sprite with an invincible Foo.
Mogu94 Link
Thank you for implementing the option to have the smog push Mario back.
 Telinc1 Link
Converted to PIXI and added SA-1 compatibility. I've also implemented the idea of having the smog push Mario back. It's an option in the cluster sprite's ASM file, however.
zacmario Link
No way... So cool.
Luaxon Link
@Tsutarja: Yeah, I commented something about that in the YouTube demonstration video. But this still looks good! :D
Tsutarja Author Link
@Sonikku: Someone also gave me that idea and it was planned to do it before releasing. I was very lazy to do it tho, i certainly don't know why.
 Sonikku Link
Seems like an interesting sprite. Maybe if you make a future revision, I'd like to see the extra bit used to make the smog interact with Mario; you could make it push him back so that this sprite becomes a hazard.
 RussianMan Link
I know! I mean that Foo is standart sprite! Because you can insert him/her with spritetool! Ok, nvm.
Tsutarja Author Link
@RussianMan: Foo itself is a normal sprite, but the smog it blows is a cluster one
 RussianMan Link
I mean Romi Spritetool can't insert cluster sprites, so... this should be standart sprite?
TheJullasicFox Link
RussianMan read the readme in the .zip
 RussianMan Link
Foo is cluster sprite?