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Super Mario World Hacks → YUMP

This file contains crude language and suggestive dialogue. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: YUMP
Authors: JUMP Team, Lazy, idol
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 120 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: the year is 2017. the war between aesthetics and level design rages on. cities have collapsed, buildings burned. but from the wake of this destruction comes a guiding light: YUMP. yump is a love letter to 2008 romhacks that protonjon or azureblade would've played, and is the hotly anticipated sequel to Jumfp.

c3 thread

hard mode

(if anyone is wondering why the fuck this was accepted: the staff team has decided that this hack is remarkable enough to be accepted into the hacks section, despite violating a number of core values. it's similar to how Chaos CompleXX and MARIO were accepted. thank you and have a nice day)
Tags: crude language gimmick glitch joke music puzzle suggestive dialogue traditional vanilla
Comments: 103 (jump to comments)
3.3 (86 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (103)

pistoffjstr Link
This hack is amazingly confusing! Link
I get it - A lot of interesting unintended/unusual behaviors used in interesting/puzzley ways. Some of it is really interesting. I even get the idea of extending the visual bizarreness to kind of encompass the edgy teenager making mean tough romhack too hard for big brudder energy and playing the strange behavior off of that visual aesthetic.

But overwhelmingly, I found so much of it just frustrating or annoying, even with states/rewind that I am just over it. I love JUMP and this was a weird follow up. I wish in general it was less annoying to play through, but many of the jokes outwear their welcome, and then refuse to leave for eternity, and that's just your life now. a bad joke on a loop.

A ten minute goddamn autoscroller.

For me the idea of a good joke that plays off bad content has substance - rises above the awfulness it's imitating to show that you can be awful, and also make fun. This fails on that like, easily 50% of the time. There are some real gems and some great gags, but so much of it is bookended by so much frustrating nonsense that I'm moving on to jump half.
I wish I liked it?
tjb0607 Link
banger hack
RTG Link
over powered 120 exits
Minish Yoshi Link
I wrote my original comment before I had played YUMP and was under the impression that it was just a big joke with no real substance. Having now played through the entire hack, I can say that I was surprised by its ideas. I found about a third of the levels to be unfun, another third to be alright, and the remaining third to be genuinely good, albeit unconventional. YUMP doesn't exactly leave a good first impression, so it's definitely easy for someone to leave the game before ever reaching any of the cool levels. There are a number of creative ideas and a few interesting puzzles. Not everything lands, but most levels do try something unique, no matter how silly it is. The Special World is particularly good (for the most part) and is probably my favorite part of the entire hack. This hack is creativity in its most raw form, and it is definitely worthy of appreciation. I would recommend checking it out, but maybe play with savestates or get a 100% save file if you just want to see everything or some of the later levels.
Astrakitu Link
NEON CITY is my favorite level. That's it, that's the comment.
BearAndBoarFan Link
Fun Game but a level named cj and i cannot beat it
there srpite spam,sprite with giltched grapics and more
Somebody for sure Link
i play this hack for fun /srs
 idol Author Link
raocow was the only person allowed to play this actually so it makes sense. if anyone but raocow plays this theyre not allowed and its illegal
 Sugar Link
Originally posted by PMiller
I reached the level "land of communism" which tells you not to collect coins or points to get the secret ending. I did neither and was unable to beat the secret exit. I'm using a Super NT and FKPak Pro. I went so far as to mimic exactly how a YT video cleared it, including putting a mushroom in my item box to cause lag at the end but still, no go.

Have you by any chance modified the ROM hack in any way? This level abuses a bug in Super Mario World that Lunar Magic 3.0 did fix - modifying anything in this ROM hack with Lunar Magic 3 or later will probably make this level impossible.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
I have to admit, this romhack uses every glitch possible. Without knowing these glitches, you can't finish the game.

Those last 15 or so levels are beyond brutal. Major shoutouts to Raocow for being the only known person for beating the game
 Heraga Link
very good hack, i wish there was a sequel.... #wario{:'(}
PMiller Link
I reached the level "land of communism" which tells you not to collect coins or points to get the secret ending. I did neither and was unable to beat the secret exit. I'm using a Super NT and FKPak Pro. I went so far as to mimic exactly how a YT video cleared it, including putting a mushroom in my item box to cause lag at the end but still, no go.
Minish Yoshi Link
I have, not precisely as a pretty decent; This hack can never have. YUMP is a parody of the many different hacks and VLDCs jump. It is by design features that could see a jump team.

The whole joke Hack. If evil is, however, that it is not a joke is just a prance on which he made. He might have, for the sake of a joke so many stepping-stone to cut, to cut off the next right he was.

Hack This is the quality of their hidden riches of secret sit , not even in the most prosperous in the future, polysulfone, all the time to help you. Not enough time for this issue to be fed expensive parody about 120 predecessor.

And I was with her: and with respect to the hype of this interpretation according are pampered with. The most often it is not sure. I'm not sure if the original romp than happy. At this point, in my opinion, the guidelines are a bit resident's question.

Further. I'm looking forward to another by him to jump up on a horse.
0ne_bins211 Link
eu .... i mean #smw{@_@}
0ne_bins211 Link
luckily it's a joke#smw {@_@}
PSYotta Link
Awsome and Mario says it's great before he dead.#smw{:TUP:}
Metballs Link
Ah yes, the yump. I replayed this hack quite a bit of times and it can be quite enjoyable. Though, I can understand people quitting this or using savestates since sometimes, the joke does overstay a bit. (like the ice castle in special world with a slow 10 minute autoscroller) Few levels in this hack can get a bit long but still enjoyable imo. (call me a sadist if you want but I actually liked the "gay sht" level)

This is probably my favorite shitposty hack out there and I still find myself replaying this from time to time. Thank you for making this hack JUMP team.
ninj Link
overworld looks like trash but overall good hack
The Lucifer of Gaming Link
This is an awesome hack especially when I found out after Hidden Grotto then you hear Radio Gaga as the map screen theme! Can I use that in a hack sometime?
requiredyump Link
Playing YUMP is a necessary SMW experience. It is a carrot cake with raisins: a really good cake mind the raisins. But maybe you like raisins?

I really enjoyed this. It has funny levels, very good levels, and very bad levels. Play it!
GbreezeSunset Link

It's okay
7 up Link
This got accepted and even was nominated to featured hack? Where does humanity aim?!
Young Boi Link
if this had more stars i would give this 6 stars. this is the greatest hack of all time, mario's keytastrophe is chris-chan compared to this, which is mozart. i wouldn't play any other hack for the rest of my life. this is the peak of human evolution.
 Hobz Link
oops, sorry for quintuple post
 Hobz Link
what is this shit
 Hobz Link
what is this shit
 Hobz Link
what is this shit
 Hobz Link
what is this shit
 Hobz Link
what is this shit
Bohemio Link
I might be wrong, but i think shell shocked steed´s fourth room is broken
Satsumaimo Link
Looking at the screenshots made me kek
Idc what people think, I don't even care if I unironically enjoy it for gameplay value or not, it gets 5 stars
from me, in the spirit of top kek and ayy lmao
Braixen Link
this hack is only for pornos who doesn't play hacks lololololololoolololol
slakkmichael Link
My life is complete.
SuccoJones Link
This game's level design manages to be funny to look at while at the same time being very well thought out. I like it a lot.
 idol Author Link
if the hack was polished in an optical way, it would be pretty interesting. a lot lf levels are really interesting and fun.
but ugly as hell.
i think the 3* fits this hack really well
mish1 Link
it cured my depression
it cured my autism
it cured my anxiety
it cured my social anxiety
10/10 would play atleast a million times
kaitri Link
if the hack was polished in an optical way, it would be pretty interesting. a lot lf levels are really interesting and fun.
but ugly as hell.
i think the 3* fits this hack really well
kaitri Link
if the hack was polished in an optical way, it would be pretty interesting. a lot lf levels are really interesting and fun.
but ugly as hell.
i think the 3* fits this hack really well
kaitri Link
if the hack was polished in an optical way, it would be pretty interesting. a lot lf levels are really interesting and fun.
but ugly as hell.
i think the 3* fits this hack really well
 idol Author Link
thjis hack should get featured :D
Kiatus Link
Originally posted by McCloud
Where can I find the Radio Gaga version used in world 3?

As Far i know its ported by Lazy, and its made for the collab

btw i am searching that 6646 endless battlefield port
VesperVidya Link
I am enjoying this hack so far, the levels are entertaining to look at. It is hard to make bad levels feel so good. Although some of them are very frustrating like gj, playing on a 25 year old SNES controller that registers up inputs randomly led to plenty of resets but it was a fun time for me. More save points would be nice, but other than that I give it my highest recommendation.

Found out you can bring up the save menu by completing World War 3 stage, made the game much less frustrating.
Kiatus Link
TheJullasicFox Link
this hack has a VERY special place in my heart
it makes me happy
it cured my terminal brain cancer

make a sequel called cump pls
McCloud Link
Where can I find the Radio Gaga version used in world 3?
 Stivi Link
nice lol
 yogui Link
more like masterpiss
Quantix Link
tfw people don't realize what a masterpiece yump is
 Ayami Link
Joke hacks gets joke rating

It's common sense
GbreezeSunset Link
this chat is scrolling so fast no one will realize that I am pee
Wind Fish Link
That's interesting. If you guys had taken a 15 day break instead (or in your case, a month) most of us wouldn't have noticed. :P

You can enjoy it, but not everyone has to enjoy it with you. Having different opinions & tastes is what makes us human.
bwal Link
i dont like the average rating
Maxodex Link
People nowadays can't enjoy a single fucking thing.

Also it's not like the jump team is being paid to make the next jump game so literally what's the damn problem with the existence of this hack.
 Lazy Author Link
btw @wind fish the actual production of the hack took like, 15 days. the rest of the three months was just me compiling it, working on the ow, porting shit for it, procrastinating, etc. everyone else was working on jumphalf in the meantime
 Noivern Link
Originally posted by Wind Fish
You may not think they could have been slotted in, but they could.

I would defer to gbreeze on this. Actual insight in the hack creation process and all.
 Eevee Link
S.R.H. Link
tfw the jump team is the new code of the dragon
Wind Fish Link

In those three months you guys could have been polishing/creating levels for JUMP. :O

You may not think they could have been slotted in, but they could. Take parts of the levels & give them a bit of a polish, then slot them in. The first JUMP did this a few times, I don't see why it couldn't be done again.

I read the hack description. Not sure I one hundred percent agree with it though. I prefer jokes being within a hack rather than the whole thing being one big joke. I get it's my personal preference, so it shouldn't really matter.

With all that said, I'm happy to hear the hack is still progressing steadily. Maybe next C3 I'll see JUMP instead of YUMP.


I don't think it was ever made very clear that joke hacks were allowed. It's good to know I guess.
 Lazy Author Link
shut up and enjoy the yump
leod Link
There is no in-between, joke hacks were pretty much officially given the pass after we did a bit of rethinking when this hack was discussed. Hence why Zeldara's Glitch City was submitted and accepted soon after.

Who worked on it was never a factor and I really wish people stopped bringing that up as if it mattered. We at staff don't even know who "JUMP Team" means to be quite honest, other than it's some of the people who worked on JUMP to some capacity. I literally can't tell you why Lazy and idol were specifically mentioned separately in the authors lol
GbreezeSunset Link
@Wind Fish

LOL. You are actually right about us not putting the effort into JUMP half while this hack was being made. ft029 called it the "distraction side project". Still, as soon as it was finished, we resumed work on the real hack. So don't worry, this hack didn't take away from the quality of JUMP half. Lazy, who put the most effort out of everyone on YUMP, just finished an extremely good JUMP half level. So yea, don't worry about that.

Also, you seem to think that these levels could have been slotted into JUMP half. I disagree, because this hack is far less polished. If you saw the difference between worldpeace's YUMP and JUMP half levels, you would laugh. His JUMP half levels are far more polished and excellent. We tried to avoid janky levels in JUMP half. Here is where the jank can run wild. Most of these levels would be rejected from JUMP half.

Also, it literally took the team 3 months to make this, so it didn't distract as that much from JUMP. One of the levels was made like 5+ years ago though :P

Another thing, both chaos complexx and zeldara's glitch city are allowed on the site now. I think that good joke hacks are now accepted. A reason other joke hacks are rejeced is because they are actually terrible. If you make a high quality joke hack, it will be accepted. I'm sure hack mods are gonna release a statement on joke hack acceptance at some point though.

Lastly, I understand this hack isn't for everyone, so I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. Glad you're looking forward to the next JUMP though :D

@leod, lazy and idol are mentioned because lazy made most of the overworld, inserted a lot of levels, and basically led the project. Idol is literally pee
Mogu94 Link
Wind Fish basically echoed how I feel about this hack. Allow all joke hacks or don't allow any, there shouldn't be an in-between. Doesn't matter who worked on it.
Wind Fish Link
I've got to be completely honest here, this hack doesn't need to exist. YUMP is a parody of many different hacks, including JUMP & VLDCs. It's made by the JUMP team, so certain design traits can be seen.

My problem with this hack is that the whole thing is a joke. Now this wouldn't be so bad if JUMP itself didn't have joke levels in it, but it does. So I feel a lot of the joke levels could have in theory been cut or slotted into the next JUMP.

The hidden development nature of this hack meant that the team weren't putting their full time & effort into the actual next JUMP hack. There shouldn't be enough time to make a 120 exit parody of one of the most highly regarded hacks in recent times.

I am disappointed about how much praise & hype this hack has received. Especially since joke hacks never usually get accepted here. And I'm sure this wouldn't have if the original JUMP wasn't as successful as it had been. It makes one question the hack moderation guidelines a bit, in my opinion.

Still, I'm looking forward to the next actual JUMP hack.
 Erik Link
gbreezeie pls
GbreezeSunset Link
this hack is epic fail
Ultima Link
 Ayami Link
 Eevee Link
As I already, said, it was only featured briefly, it's up for discussion again, since it's best for us to collect more thoughts.
leod Link
We don't make any relation between hacks by the same author(s), so one thing being featured will never influence the other (not even when you say you don't want it featured in favor of the other).

Also you can't influence anything really, nobody from the Jump team even chimed into the discussion we had among staff.
ft029 Link
I'd rather JUMP1/2 get featured only than this. Having this featured makes us seem like some corrupt society that can influence whatever
 Koopster Link
I didn't say you hadn't played it. I just said I am. Kind of sounds like I'm implying it though, so I'm sorry!
But do you really think someone who doesn't read the hack's description of all things will read the comments? :P
NGB Link
You said that like you know that I didn't play the hack.
This isn't true though.
I tried it and didn't like it.
A lot of people don't read descriptions and I just wanted to write my opinion about it being featured (which isn't a crime IIRC)
Like Mathos I'm ok with this hack being accepted, but featuring it is simply a bit too much imo.

It is an opinion, but I didn't enjoy this hack.
 Eevee Link
My mistake lol. We've agreed it would be best to have a bit more discussion and I'm still for it, but yeah
 Koopster Link
If you're looking for something funny and that destroys every standard to pull off the most unexpected shit, play this hack.
I mean, after reading the hack's description, I can't imagine you think this is an "actual good game" the way you said it, NGB.
It does have some good level design amongst the mess though. Word from someone who's actually playing it.
 mathie Link
Despite the fact that this is the most advanced form of trolling and one of the best joke hacks out there (I'm not against it being accepted in the hacks section), I have to agree with the minority and say that it's not acceptable to have it featured, be it in the hacks section or on the site's main page. It's way too broken to be presented, like actual hacks, on a pedestal.
NGB Link
If you came here because this is featured and you want to play an actual good game, then don't download this one.
It is a joke hack and its design is intentionally bad (just look at the pictures)

I don't agree with this being featured, because it violates core values of this site (which was admitted by the moderators). It was only featured because it is popular. If you are looking for a good hack, look somewhere else.
zacmario Link
Originally posted by Erik557
this hack is blowjobs

 Minuy600 Link
Really annoying, but also oh so satisfying and fun.
vide0gameah Link
this is just mostly unnecessary map events, and block spam
QubicTom Link
Best hack of 2008
Spaghetto Link
BEST Game lol Gameplay:
S.R.H. Link
@julienz57: its joke
Also @small minor bugs with The block music or small cutoff - I don't know if moderators still point it out, but if they do, it's just so the author can polish their hack. It's not a reason to reject a hack anymore (by itself at least)
J'lien Derulo Link
I do not even see why this hack was accepted on SMWCentral, people are publishing clean hacks and just because there is a music problem on a specific emulator it gets rejected, likewise for small minor bugs with The block music or small cutoff, you even blacklist a clean hack for a bug not yet corrected or forgotten if it is republished too many times, you really break all the rules of SMWCentral by having accepted this hack
 RussianMan Link
It's just level design and no aesthetics! There are some cool levels, thought kaizo levels aren't good.
Peyton Link
I love this hack so much. It breaks every rule that makes a hack good and is so bad that it's good. I honestly just love everything about this hack just because of how CREATIVELY TERRIBLE it is!

Also a few comments down is a very triggered reviewer. It's like nobody realises that Chaos CompleXX and MARIO are in the hacks section.
Disk Poppy Link
it's like jump 2
 1UPdudes Link
Should of been called Salt Generator due to the review below this one.

On a serious note I do like how this hack harks back to the way most hacks used to be in the earlier days. Its pretty light hearted in its approach but still provides some clever gimmicks in a few of it levels.
Romano338 Link
SMWcentral accepting that hack says long about the website. This breaks absolutely every single rule the website has set to have a hack accepted on it. But the website doesn't care about rules, it cares about popularity because it gets views and downloads.
So terrible hack, as I guess it's supposed to be. Some good ideas, always badly done. It's a joke hack, but not that funny after like 8-9 exits you have seen what it is and the joke effect is pretty dead.
Cobsters Link
good sequel. its gud.
ExxorD Link
I would say, to those who don't even read the description, and probably don't even read the comment section, the tags have the word 'joke' in it. The rom hack isn't meant to be taken seriously, and is there for humor's sake. But I do like seeing when people go along with it in spite of the hack being a spoof/parody/joke/whatever word comes to mind. 10/10 -ign
Kyanite Link
dang dis be looking hot af
Lucayorlando Link
Originally posted by leod
This hack looks terrible. If this get's accepted to the site that's some bullsh*t.
Superwario101 Link
 Linkdeadx2 Link
How long do snails sleep/Podobo Jumps

Mayo-chan Link
the hack ever
This hack has good level design and no aesthetics. 60/60
 Eevee Link
 BeeKaay Link
1 with cape
Quantix Link
humanity has lost
 S.N.N. Link
the puzzles in this hack lack clarity

GbreezeSunset Link
erikie pls
 Erik Link
this hack is blowjobs