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Yet Another SMW Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → Yet Another SMW Hack

Submission Details

Name: Yet Another SMW Hack
Author: JP32
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 33 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: YASH aka Yet Another SMW Hack is just generic, yet another SMW hack with nothing special about it.

-Wall-jumping and ground-pounding
-SMB2 health system
-175 A-coins and health upgrades to find
-First four worlds can be beaten in any order
-One optional world in which each level is unlocked by collecting A-coins
-7 Worlds, 32 Levels in total
-Each world has its own gimmick and set of sprites in them
Tags: asm bosses exgfx exploration gimmick hdma health music traditional
Comments: 24 (jump to comments)
4.6 (14 ratings)
No rating
Download 706.72 KiB | 4,554 downloads


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Comments (24)

LooneySMW Link
@J I love this hack (it’s all I’ve ever wanted in an SMW hack) though 1 pet peeve remains: I’ve always hated the flesh colored gloves. Don’t get me wrong, I love the SMB3-like sprites (You even used the game’s actual looking up sprite) but I’ve always hated the All-Stars sprites because of the gloves. I know it’s minuscule, but if you could fix this, or provide an alternate patch, I’d be forever grateful.
HeitorPorfirio2006 Link
Hum, someone help me to put a clip in this commentary, please?
Is that I wanted to reveal something to the staff. Thanks
mish1 Link
i was browsing thru the hacks section and the aesthetic of this one REALLY caught my attention, looks amazing
JP32 Author Link
I did want to add a-coin counter to the overworld, but there wasn't anything that worked with the three-digit counter patch, or the alternatives had issues with other patches, well at least at the time when I making this hack, these days there are far better options, I think. This hack was made before asm selections were remoderated, and before PIXI become an thing (or w/e the current sprite tool is) so there is a lot of weird asm-related bugginess. and I've lost my back-ups from hdd failure(other than unreleased F1.5 rom itself, but all the edited and myself made asm patches and sprites are all gone).

and of course this is designed for d-pad, super Nintendo does not have analog sticks or any of analog buttons(buttons are either ON or OFF, not in-between), so using analog-sticks is straight out idiotic and pointless. get better controller if yours d-pad sucks or is uncomfortable to use.
Cote de Boeuf Link
As of this writing, I'm not even close to beating this. As such, I will not be giving the hack a score. However, I have a few preliminary thoughts on overarching design decisions:
- I really don't like the fact that you opted to lock content behind Advance coins and even put a spiffy Advance coin counter in the status bar but didn't include some way distinguishing levels in which all Advance coins have been collected. Lots of hacks include overworld dragon coin counters and it's surprising to me that with all the bells and whistles you put in this hack you didn't include something like that, given its importance for completion.
- The wall jump and ground pound features are nigh game breaking for players using a control stick instead of a directional pad. I now realize that the d-pad is vastly superior for Super Mario World in general and have abandoned the stick. If you simply didn't bother to test how your hack would play with a control stick because the d-pad is de rigeur, then fair enough. Nonetheless, I feel it would be good to take that into consideration. In any case, while the new jump mechanics work far better on a d-pad, they're a little twitchy and I still occasionally ground-pound into pits on accident.
- Level design makes extensive use of enemy spam. While I imagine this is likely due to the fact that Mario's a pretty formidable combatant because of health upgrades and the abundance of vegetables that he can use to kill a lot of enemies in one shot, I'm not sure what I feel about the chaos it engenders. There's plenty of more traditional Mario action, and the enemy spam doesn't make the hack hard; I just don't like the feeling that I'm expected to tank hits or that certain setups expect me to be carrying a vegetable.
All of this said, the hack so far seems to be 4-star quality. Level design is mostly solid and the bells and whistles are exciting and interesting. I like how almost all levels are thoroughly non-linear and abundant with secrets. The only big problem I have is the lack of an intra-level Advance coin counter; I hope you can add that in sometime.
MikeBigFrog Link
This is a great hack! The biggest complaint I have though is trying to grab onto the vines. It's not the same physics as the standard SMW. It's challenging and fun!
JP32 Author Link
Then you clearly haven't played that many snes games or dont know what you are talking about.

For example music is fucked up in many games, one clear example being earthworm jim. Also because said issue with music, its why many older hacks fails to work on real hardware and only works on zsnes. There are plenty of other reasons why not to use ZSNES.
inwencja2009 Link
ZSNES was my first emulator. Even now, I don't see the difference between ZSNES and Snes9x/ZMZ emulation.
UTF Link
i haven't beaten this hack yet, but i'm enjoying it so far. stopped in the castle world. the challenge world levels in particular are interesting. :)
Cobsters Link
you get an A+, mister
 RussianMan Link
Because you use ZSNES! And yes, it's garbage that can damage your computer! You better to move to SNES9X, or, if you like ZSNES interface, use ZMZ from tools section.
joelcanciones Link
Why can't I paly? it appears a message that says:
"This gamepak for use in your outdated msnes emulator.
use of this emulator may eesult in serious damage to your pc/phone/device.
Please refer to your instruction booklet for further information" and it does mothing when I pres any button.
TheBiob From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
Originally posted by toad64
What is this once i open the rom.

It's a message telling you to stop using an outdated emulator. Get a better one. (snes9x for example)
TheOrangeToad From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
What is this once i open the rom.
elezard From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
Authors: Skankhunt42

JP32 Author From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
This is version Demo 1.1, change log:
Andyana Jonseph From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
Congratulations on it getting accepted KDee
 Eevee From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
Neat little demo you've got here; the effort shows, and I had a nice time playing it. The ASM was very nicely done and felt fairly natural, and the level design was nice too. Looking forward to the full release.

It could do with a bit of polishing such as with this glitchy bubble, and minor graphical goofs here and here..

Generally though, great work; keep it up.
Andyana Jonseph From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
Well under moderation... again. Good luck... again.
Andyana Jonseph From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
Green Jerry From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
v Not anymore.
Andyana Jonseph From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
Well under moderation, good luck.
Mariofan64 From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
A bunch of stuff in the first level appears impossible to obtain.

Edit: I just solved it.
Andyana Jonseph From older version: Yet Another SMW Hack Link
Let's hope it gets accepted, you did an amazing job.