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Kruela Mario

Super Mario World Hacks → Kruela Mario

Submission Details

Name: Kruela Mario
Author: xHF01x
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 29 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Kaizo
Description: Kruela Mario is a glitch-puzzle-kaizo hack containing 26 levels with 29 exits. Savestates and slowdown are highly recommended, Lua can also be useful for glitches that depend on sprite slots.

This hack requires you to use a lot of glitches.

Also, as a gimmick, I decided to make the entire hack in Esperanto - Use a translator if you really want to understand the message boxes. Note that I don't really speak Esperanto, so correct me if you find any grammar mistakes...
Tags: esperanto glitch music puzzle vanilla
Comments: 2 (jump to comments)
4.2 (5 ratings)
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Comments (2)

 dacin Link
Nice glitch puzzle hack with quite a few glitches I hadn't seen before.

Some levels have questionable design (Nigra kaj blanka!), but there are also cool level themes that I haven't seen before (malplena mondo, la arkeo de Noa) and some nice references (mallibera!) to other hacks.

The first two auto scroller caves were kinda boring. It would have been better if they were puzzles like the 3rd one.
Vivian Darkbloom Link
I like the idea behind this hack and there are a lot of creative gimmicks in it, but a lot of the levels have a hard time deciding whether or not they should be platformery or puzzly, and they end up being kind of empty as a result. Also the last level is kind of anticlimactic despite being long.