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Zeldara's Glitch City v147

Super Mario World Hacks → Zeldara's Glitch City v147

Submission Details

Name: Zeldara's Glitch City v147
Author: Karisa
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 64 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: "Hi, and welcome to Zeldara's Glitch City! This hack is full of blatant level edits and graphical glitches! Yay!!!"

Most SMW hacks are designed to feel like new games that just happen to be based off of SMW. This hack is just the opposite.

Zeldara's Glitch City is intended to be a very strange, unconventional, and otherwise confusingly random hack, that deliberately exploits unusual aspects of the SMW engine (as well as the fact that most SMW hack players are quite familiar with the original SMW's levels) to its advantage. (It also intends to showcase various little-used edits that are possible in SMW hacks.)

It is also an entirely different take on the concept of SMW hacking, in an attempt to prove that the popular expectations of a "well-designed" hack are not necessarily a requirement at all.

I hope you enjoy it.

Demo 147 contains 7 worlds (plus a minor preview of world 8) and 64 total exits, and ends with a level titled "403 FORBIDDEN". (If you believe you have reached the end of the demo but have not yet encountered this level, keep searching... there's more.)


2017-7-23 addendum:

First submitted on 2011-5-8. While originally released as a demo, this is effectively the final version. Due to the long delay, the read-me might no longer be accurate.

ZGC147 was only submitted since I was specifically encouraged to do so, mostly for historical reasons (and due to the precedent of YUMP, because apparently the precedents of Chaos CompleXX and MARIO were not enough). If sharing the hack, I suggest linking to the release video rather than this page.
Tags: joke vanilla variety
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
3.4 (14 ratings)
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Comments (11)

Gabriel_Master Link
Very Confused Hack 2/5
TheCrownDoctor Link
Not your average hack that’s for sure.
Nyan Cay Link
kaitri Link
meh. im okay with messed up graphics n stuff but a joke (or troll) hack usually overdoes it a bit. just like this one. the puzzles were too simple or i was just lucky.
what am i even talking?
SuperMarioFan55589 Link
This Is Weird
JuliPro Link
GuD LeBel DeSiNgN
Lucayorlando Link
best game 1986
RedAstaire Link
I'm super happy it's finally released <3
 RussianMan Link
So, it's like YUMP? Good level design and no aesthetics?
Konata Izumi Link
am i dead yet
 Eevee Link
For those wondering, this is pretty much a similar case to YUMP, where the hack is well enough designed and notable enough to be brought here, after being rejected way back in 2011.

Guidelines will soon be adapted to suit more joke hacks of this kind (ones with effort) so stay tuned.