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Details for Mario is Missing! Done Right
Super Mario World Hacks - Mario is Missing! Done Right Link - Show random
File Name: Mario is Missing! Done Right
Version History: View
Authors: Gamma V
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 90 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This hack attempts to be what the real Mario is Missing should've been. There are no geography lessons here, just platforming and head-stomping.

UPDATE: Fixed the colors of the little flames left by Hopping Flames in 4-Castle

UPDATE 7-23-17: Fixed the level intros so that they no longer glitch out on hardware thanks to Ladida
Tags: asm, bosses, exgfx, hdma, luigi, music, traditional
Rating: 4.5 (Votes: 41)
Download: Download - 560.89 KiB
Steve Eric Jordan
Posted by: Steve Eric Jordan - | Link
I found something unusual in the W4 fortress
the bottom bar said W★ instead of w4
Posted by: BeancityHacks - | Link
Very good. I stopped trying to get every exit after 5-2, but I got at least one exit per level, and finished the game in a bit under five hours. Nearly an hour of that, I think, was the final castle. It was a little too difficult--too easy to make a mistake over such a long level. Still, a great hack.
Posted by: Sopoforic - | Link
What a great hack ! A lot of work has been done and we can feel it in every level. Graphics are pretty, music is perfect, everything is at its right place #smw{:TUP:}
I enjoyed my playthrough from level 1 to credits. Thanks a lot for this amazing hack #smw{:peace:}
Posted by: Ccedric68 - | Link
I really wish this had a 2 player mode. I know it wouldn't make sense to have Mario as 2nd player, but I'd honestly be fine with both of them being Luigi if 2 player mode was implemented.
Posted by: Visigothic - | Link
I can't get down the yellow pipe at level 5-2 to go to the Key room, it simply doesn't work. I don't know if it is a problem with my ROM or with the emulator I'm using. Have anyone had the same problem?

edit: for whatever reason, it only works right after you collected the five A-coins.
Posted by: lapilozo - | Link
Overall a very enjoyable hack. Pretty easy, but still some challenge and fast platforming towards the end. Good music, graphics and overworld. I don't get the obsession with the fire spitting piranha plants though :D

The last boss really got my heart pumping, I feel that if I had died a couple of more times to it I could have hated it because
of the amount of level you got to do over again
but it was exciting and well done, really a satisfying ending.

I'm missing 1 exit and found all of the red level exits, I guess i'm missing a Ghost House or something... Could you tell me what it is?

Thanks and awesome work!
Posted by: Nicoke42 - | Link
I love this hack. Makes Mario is Missing! Be what it should be: a platform adventure game in the style of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, and not a boring educational game. Thank you, Gamma V.
Posted by: Vallenatero2020 - | Link
If you were unlucky like me, you played the Mario is missing educational game.

But thanks to this hack I can finally play a real Mario is missing, and also created by the incredible Gamma V!

10/10 #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: Aueipg3k - | Link
Really good rom hack ! I had fun playing it.
Posted by: Crash88 - | Link
gran juego
Posted by: arturoke - | Link
Minish Yoshi
The level design is very well done. Great music choices, great graphics. Very fun to play and complete, a pleasure. Fantastic work, Gamma V!
Posted by: Minish Yoshi - | Link
Completed the hack. I think the overall hack is great! 10/10 #smw{^_^}
Posted by: Alexander3350 - | Link
How Can I Play It On Snes9x 1.60?

Edit:Wait. I Figured it on
Posted by: Hex - | Link
what is the music you used for the overworld final world 7?
Posted by: volume - | Link
Ah, Good ol' Gamma V. You never fail to impress. Where to begin?!

You had me at the title screen. I actually streamed playthrough of this hack. It was most enjoyable indeed. I've begun to know a hack is made by you when I see Alliteration in level titles! #w{xD}

Graphics Amazing as usual. The color palettes in levels set a feel (along with music choice) for the whole level. The OW was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. The music choice in each world brought back so many memories! You even threw in some non-mario baddies! I almost didn't catch that! Hahahaha!

Your music choices are another thing I loved about the hack (Again, they never fail to impress!). It was fun picking out what tracks were from what game. Oh, and the mood they set. Just wonderful. This could have easily been its own Mario game back in the day.

The coding/ASM Fanciness threw me for a loop. And you call this a CHOCONILLA HACK?! I can't imagine what a fully chocolate hack would be like from you. The thought both scares and excited me. Without giving spoilers away, the "Flippity Flop house" really creeped me out in a good way. I would have never expected that!

Overall: WOW! What a hack! Everything from the boss fights to the comical nod to SMB1 at the final boss had me giggling and cheering. Way to go! I can't wait to play your newer stuff! You've definitely got a fan in me. I'd give 100 stars if I could!
Posted by: Kritter - | Link
This hack is awesome! 10/10#smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: yoshiboiii - | Link
Possibly my favorite SMW hack yet!
Posted by: ClayCowan89 - | Link
Originally posted by Panther-T
Good hack overall.

My only complaint is the lack of a checkpoint before the final boss. This is an oversight I see a lot and it's frustrating that testers didn't realize that having a hard final boss and no checkpoint prior was bad. 4/5.
I think it's more a nod to the original SMB then an oversight.
Posted by: zacmario - | Link
Amazing hack! The difficulty curve kind of spiked towards the end of the game, but it was forgiving after I beat it lol.
Posted by: PatrickDoesABCs - | Link
Good hack overall.

My only complaint is the lack of a checkpoint before the final boss. This is an oversight I see a lot and it's frustrating that testers didn't realize that having a hard final boss and no checkpoint prior was bad. 4/5.
Posted by: Panther-T - | Link
cool! i like it!
Posted by: PSI_Digglit - | Link
Pretty good hack, music is great and levels are good, but the controls are reeeally bad. #ab{:S} Sometimes i can't switch directions mid jump and momentum won't stop. It might be my emulator, but it's never happened with other hacks.
Posted by: TetrisKid48 - | Link
This hack was seriously cool. The graphics, the music, the level design, the natural difficulty curve... It all feels very professional and Nintendo quality. If I have any criticism, it's that the boss fights felt undercooked, outside of Bowser. But the level design is so good that this is a must play for people who want to play a romhack that makes them forget it's not an official sequel. 5/5.
Posted by: supercrownjosie - | Link
how do you play it
Posted by: DedMeryo2008 - | Link
Loved it. There were some levels in World 7 that were too hard compared to another levels in the same world. The rest is great; music, graphics, level design... Would play again in the future.
Posted by: MiniPutin - | Link
Finished my play through - all 90 exits.

I am relatively new to playing SMW hacks and found this one to have a great difficulty arc with interesting level design!

5/5 for me and I would recommend this hack to many others.
Posted by: bsolt - | Link
This really is a fantastic hack, and by far one of the best hacks on this website. Keep up the good work Gamma V!

Graphics - 20/20 - Really nice; inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3 graphics I presume.
Level Design - 20/20 - The levels all had a unique spin on it, which never gave me the repetitive feel other hacks give me.
Difficulty - 16/20 - The hack started out way too easy, but the difficult progressed very smoothly into a nice amount.
Music - 18/20 - I really appreciated the music, and it was very cool how it was mostly remix's of other game's musics. I think
there should've been more original tracks though.
Overworld - 18/20 - The overworld was really interesting, how each world was it's own sub-area. The one problem with this is that you are unable to scroll around and look at the map.

Final Rating - 5/5 - Five stars, because it's a truly fantastic hack, that everybody should play. I had tonnes of fun playing it.
Posted by: Kanekechi - | Link
Holy Shinx
that was great, at a start i was bored because it was kinda easy but difficulty slowly rose up, spritework, level design and music is really nice, thanks for making it
Posted by: Holy Shinx - | Link
Thats so awesome please keep your work
Posted by: HeroPlay978 - | Link
Excelent! Thank you so much!
Posted by: edwinmusic - | Link
Very solid hack 4 stars(8/10). I 100% it without using savestates.
Posted by: lewon.x - | Link
made this really quick for use on the SNES Classic
Posted by: SuperColom64 - | Link
tried to play it on snes classic. did not work when even patching it
Posted by: LuigiRulez - | Link
tried to play it on snes classic. did not work when even patching it
Posted by: LuigiRulez - | Link
it starts simple then slap u in the face
with great level design and challenging enemies
i liked the giant enemines in the jungle
it has some great soundtracks..some from
games like Sonic and etc

i didint like the bosses..same strategy mostly

overall great hack 4/5
Posted by: kaicooper - | Link
Fun hack probably my favorite from Gamma V and that's saying something
Posted by: LordLuigi - | Link
Doing a LetsPlay of this hack and I love it.
Posted by: PeskyBandAid - | Link
its very nice
Posted by: Waryjoaquin - | Link
Posted by: jakub - | Link
He descargado el ROM pero no puedo jugarlo en mi emulador para celular (John SNES lite)
I downloaded the ROM but i can´t play it on my cell phone emulator (John SNES lite)
Posted by: Yuyo - | Link
This ROM is sick! Congratulation guys, very well done!!!
Posted by: Actos - | Link
I just saw this on youtube someone was playing. This looks so darn cute, but I can't seem to get it to work. I patched the game, but the game just opens up to Luigi falling into a pit after I choose my file. I really wanted to play this and show my father who loves the mario games. Did I do something wrong? lol

Edit: Nevermind- I figured it out. Don't use an old Emulator. (Did not see a marking that said what emulator works and what doesn't. Why did I use the old emulator? Netplay lol. Snes9x 1.53 and Zsnes 1.51 is good lol)
Posted by: MysticTemptress - | Link
como se tiene que emular??
algun video??
Posted by: KVNC003 - | Link
The pipe of the world's secret exit 5-2 is not working

I have already collected all the A-coins and I can not enter
Posted by: JooJBr - | Link
A 4 out of 5 at this time, in world 5. Will edit later if I feel different after completing.
Also, the Chomp graphics are x-flipped. They don't face the correct directions in this level. Just something to point out. Did not notice this in any other levels that have Chain Chomps.

Edit: Would rate it as a 4.5 out of 5 if that were possible.
There's a lot I love about this hack, like the custom graphics, most of the level design and the ASM (sprites, patches, etc) that are used. At the same time, there's some instances of custom graphics that I find odd looking like the small Koopas without a shell graphics (all of them) for one example. Level design is on-point through most of the game but the difficulty curve at points drops down to being really easy in later worlds. An example of this (at least to me) is 7-7 which was super easy.

This level I found to have a lot of blind spots where these spike balls could easily catch you off guard...but maybe I'm just impatient?

A few cases of lag I experienced are here and here

A very minor nitpick is the layer 2 hitboxes but I'm not sure what you could even do about that. It clips through the block and hurts Luigi. Another is these cannon balls. They're a little too fast IMO and could be just a tad slower.

In some ways, it feels like a true Mario game. in others, it does not (like the graphics as I touched on earlier. Not all custom graphics, some).
Very solid work overall.
Posted by: Mogu94 - | Link
@LucasRCD Oh didn't think about that while playing but it totally makes sense now, thank you =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
Originally posted by NatsuFireball
A question though : what does the '0' stands for in the bottom right middle box ? The number never changes throughout the game. I thought it was related to the A-Coins, but I found all of them and didn't change anything ?

I'm pretty sure that's just the bonus star counter, which I'm assuming doesn't change because the goal tape doesn't give you bonus stars in this hack. In other words, it serves no purpose in this hack, but it would in other hacks that use the same status bar and have bonus stars enabled.
Posted by: LucasRCD - | Link
Hello GammaV,

Another wonderful work =] There are inventive colorful levels and sprites, and so is the overworld. Music is awesome too. Bosses are a little tricky but also inventive... really I loved every level of the game !

All 89 exits (90 counting Bowser but the game does not save after beating it) are reachable without using savestates. Last world is in fact more challenging, but that's fine for me.

A question though : what does the '0' stands for in the bottom right middle box ? The number never changes throughout the game. I thought it was related to the A-Coins, but I found all of them and didn't change anything ?

10/10 (5 stars) A big thank you for you and all your team. You guys are awesome !

Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
I really have enjoyed your hack for many days.

Thanks for make it.
Posted by: Majunia - | Link
Gamma V
You need to collect the A-Coins to get it.
Posted by: Gamma V - | Link
Secret exit pipe in 5-2 does not work.

Edit: Thanks i could get the secret exit using your advice! Really nice hack. Last worlds get a little hard, but i enjoyed it all the same.
Posted by: norwegianboyee - | Link

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