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Super Mario World Hacks → IUDICIUM TRIBUNALIS

Submission Details

Author: Sariel
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Kaizo
Description: Your challenge: To beat the 9 Levels IUDICIUM TRIBUNALIS presents you! Before you play, be warned: This hack does everything to stop you! This means:
- This hack requires glitches (but only relatively easy ones). Visit Yoshi´s House (aka. HORTUS AMICI) to find out, what glitches you need.
- It includes some almost pixel-perfect jumps
- The level design is very abstruse and unfair sometimes and you have to consider every possible option to proceed if you really want to beat this hack

Additionally to this the hack has 2 main-gimmicks:
- You have to use L/R at least once per stage (if you don´t break anything)
- Every Level has a "last-resort" room, with a quite close time-limit so you really have to hurry up if you don´t want to die because of a time-up.

If you aren´t deterred until now, feel free to try it out! But if world 1 already frustrates you, I strongly advise you against continuing. World 3 is going to be excruciating pain for you then. Don´t hesitate to watch the playthrough if you´re desperate!

Tags: glitch music vanilla variety
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
3.8 (12 ratings)
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Comments (3)

 dacin Link
These level feature many unique ideas and separate themes. The visuals make the levels really atmospheric. I love how claustrophobic some of the levels look. The level design however is lacking at times. There's a lot of jumps involving vertical 1-tile gaps and a lot of waiting, be it for p-switches, layer 2 or enemies (koopas or slowpokeys). A lot of the orb setups boil down to "guess the right frame to move/scroll", which largely boils down to trial and error.
Erick_Melo Link
Estou tendo muito sofrimento, frustraçao e dor logo no 1 nivel... Mas, foi muito inteligente os enigmas , a musica é linda e caiu muito bem com a fase... Uma hack muito difícil de vencer... Recomendo à todos
 Katerpie Link
I removed invalid tags like "kaizo hard" and "kaizo traps". Watch out for that!

So that was quite the hack as promised. I really like the sheer amount of variety, although it can be quite repetitive and way too lengthy sometimes. The switch palace was the most uncreative level of them all, but otherwise every level was clever despite some of them being really long. Actually, the only nitpick I have to point out is the fact that some babysitting puzzles last longer than they should have, especially the fish guiding puzzles in Flumen Vitae. That was one of the things I liked the least. Good job other than that!