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Super Dram World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Dram World 2

Submission Details

Name: Super Dram World 2
Author: PangaeaPanga
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: This ROM Hack is dedicated to one of my good friends, Dram55. It is the sequel to Super Dram World, which I also created in 2015. Dram55 is a Super Mario World Speedrunner who has held numerous World Records in the past. He has showcased some of his speedruns at Games Done Quick marathons and will (hopefully) return from the war soon.

This hack aims to be as vanilla as possible, attempting to keep that nostalgic, authentic feel to it. A special world is also included for any 100%'ers out there. An added bonus (which is actually useful) is given to those that complete the special world. The hack also includes a built-in death counter.

Special thanks to Kaizoman (Thomas) for helping me fix a lot of bugs as well as creating a lot of the ASM used in the hack. Another thanks to Umari0, who has helped rigorously playtest and point out any bugs found during the playtesting phase.

Good luck!


v1.1 (July 31, 2017)

- Fixed a bug that allowed players to keep Yoshi after dying in "The Cape Escape"
- Fixed a bug that gave Mario's Overworld sprite a halo after receiving exorbitant amounts of 1-ups
- Fixed the grammar in two of the message boxes
- Removed a skip that allowed players to skip the second half of "Dram's Bathtub"
- Added an additional throw block in "The Chase" to make it easier to grab (grabbing a throw block depends on if Mario is facing the throw block or not)
- Adjusted the second half of "The Cetacean Cavern" to make it slightly easier
- Adjusted the final fight to remove an unnecessary effect
- Added a few more troll pipes for fun
- Changed the troll room's pipe to lead back to the troll room

v1.11 (August 1, 2017)

- Fixed a graphical bug that showed Mario exiting a pipe in mid-air in the second half of "Avogadro's Constant"
- Removed a skip that will still possible in the second half of "Dram's Bathtub"
- Removed a skip that allowed walking over the turn blocks in "The Mushroom Palace"

v1.2 (August 5, 2017)

- As of this version, NO MORE UPDATES will be added. This will be the final version
- Fixed the end of "The Cape Escape" to play the correct music
- Fixed the death room of "The Adulthood" to play the correct music
- Fixed a minor bug that occasionally prevented blocks from being activated when hit with an item, such as a Baby Yoshi or P-Switch
- Revamped the dolphin spawns in "The Cetacean Cavern" to make the second half of the level much more enjoyable
- Removed a potential softlock near the end of "The Statues of Dram"
- Removed a skip that allowed players to skip parts of "The Statues of Dram"
- Reverted the change made in v1.1 for "The Chase" and fixed being able to grab a throw block while facing the other way
- Adjusted the aim of the fireballs for the final fight to make it feel less luck
- Added a minor easter egg in "The Adulthood"
- Added even more troll pipes for fun
Tags: glitch vanilla
Comments: 19 (jump to comments)
4.6 (38 ratings)
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Comments (19)

Picayune Link
An all time classic, thanks Panga for all you do.
PaneraBred64 Link
Panga did it again, and this time he outdid himself. While the first Dram World game was like an appetizer, this hack was like a FULL COURSE MEAL, pushing your guts to the limits. Extremely replayable, super satisfying, and incredibly enjoyable. This hack is also really flashy and is great to play in front of people, with various shell tricks, fast autoscrollers, and intense battles with dolphins (that level was GOD-AWFUL!). Another example of a GRAND hack, where the level design is huge and feels momentous to play. Nice hack, Panga. Well done job, again.
Lagarto Link
Someone has to change the difficulty
to "Kaizo:Expert". It's much harder than
Kimota Link
This was largely a slog. Maybe a third of the sections were enjoyable. Dram 2 still has the odor of the original Kaizo series, as well as many derivative obstacles and level themes from Dram 1 (ex: the final boss is basically the same minus water). There is good new stuff here - for example, cape levels - but unforgiving difficulty makes it harder to appreciate.

The total absence of quality-of-life features contributes heavily to the "slog" feeling. In this hack, you will find: blindness, mandatory waiting, random kaizo blocks in open areas of air, no custom music, no retry, and the occasional jank. Wall clips are not patched so expect to die many times from losing your spin jump against a wall. Obstacles generally have to be manually timed, rather than "lining up" in the modern sense. Cut it some slack because it's 2017, but worth keeping in mind that much more modern feeling hacks like Super Glitchcat World predate Dram 2.

If you have played Dram 1, then the best description of this hack would be similar in style, but more punishing.
Bruno Visnadi Link
A beautiful TAS of this hack, made by IgorSantos:
Fons Link
Anyone know of a good set up video to play this? I don't have the emulator either. I would appreciate that a lot. 10q!
Braixen Link
It's very cool. No wonder who got secret finish on the second level after 5 yoshi coins.
Yoshi Das Bala Tensa Link
Hard And Cool
MarioFan22 Link
Been watching a bunch of streams of this hack on Twitch and I'm loving it.
Don't think I'll be playing it myself though. I suck at Kaizo hacks! :P
MinoTaur-_- Link
i won im a supeeer mega ddddificulttttyv//;edjygfrhdue9jws)//;

Bruno Visnadi Link
Fantastic hack, definitely top kaizo quality. I really recommend looking on twitch for the speedrunners playing this, it's a lot of fun to watch. I also had a lot of fun playing the hack (although I had to use some savestates, as I'm not very skilled with RTA plays), and I'm definitely going to TAS it at some point. 5 stars!
leod Link
Your ROM is not clean, try downloading one from another source, then check what this tool tells you.
saico91 Link
when i apply the patch it say this patch is notintended for this rom, the same thing happen with dram1 but i can apply the patch with other rom..
is there something else i need to do first?
PangaeaPanga Author Link
@kallaan, thanks for pointing these out, I have fixed these and will either post a v1.11 with the minor fixes, or wait for a v1.2 to fix another issue I've stumbled across.
kallaan Link
I'm not sure the rule on posting cheese here, but you can still cheese Dram's Bathtub in v1.1
The first spot the cheese can be done has some death block in the way, however you can still cheese it at the second spot located after the pokey. There's also some invisible walls in the way, but you can swim under them.

There's another cheese at the end of Mushroom Palace that lets you jump across the blocks normally. Just a heads up in case you want to fix it, keep up the good work Panga.
kaitri Link
dram you are missed sniff.
looking forward to give this one a try soon.
warning: im a savestate noob. i usually do savestates when i failed a part like a thousand times :D
GbreezeSunset Link
juzcook Link
My body is ready...
Black60Dragon Link
Let's go! I'm looking forward to this.