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Kaizo Mario World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Kaizo Mario World 2

Submission Details

Name: Kaizo Mario World 2
Author: T. Takemoto
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Kaizo Mario World 2, also known as Asshole Mario 2, is a hack created by T. Takemoto for his friend R. Kiba. It features extremely sadistic, unique and groundbreaking level design. This is also the hack that started it all, since the kaizo genre wasn't existent beforehand. The literal translation of "Kaizo Mario World" is "自作の改造マリオ(スーパーマリオワールド)を友人にプレイさせる", or in plain English, "Making my friend play through my Mario hack (Super Mario World)". Kaizo is a rough translation of the word "modify" or "change" in Japanese.
Tags: gimmick glitch puzzle traditional
Comments: 17 (jump to comments)
4.3 (17 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (17)

zLukaasPvPz Link
It was a little bit hard in the final Castle but its a Very good romhack
Classic 5/5
Kimota Link
Returned to this after beating Kaizo 3 and generally getting better at SMW to see if it's as bad as I remember. It's worse, among the worst on the site. It would be rejected with prejudice if not for historical significance - and it wouldn't be because of floating munchers. The overall ugliness is the least offensive thing about Kaizo 2.

Most levels have one or both of (a) long waits on cycles, (b) spawn jank. Hidden blocks abound, and obstacles are designed to be obscenely tight. The average section length is something like one minute, so you'll be slogging through the same garbage many times before you can lock in progress.

There is one section of one level that approximates something fun (the elevator in Mt. Everest). The rest is misery. For me the most galling thing is that the creator probably did not beat his own hack RTA. With every sadistic section, I kept thinking "well you probably didn't do this legit, so why am I?"

TLDR: Kaizo 2 sucks ass, probably shouldn't play it if you value your time. At least don't be an idiot like me and play it twice.
Steve Eric Jordan Link
Kimota Link
The difficulty of this hack took me by surprise. Probably because it's overshadowed by Kaizo 3, I have not heard it mentioned with the usual hard but beatable hacks like GPW, Storks, Riff World, etc.

I beat GPW and Riff World in July in no-tool first playthroughs, and am 10 exits into Storks. I beat Kaizo 2 yesterday in a no-tool first playthrough and found it significantly harder than any of those. I spent something like 17 hours on Pandemonium, 12 hours on Ultra Star, and 9.5 hours on Castlevania.

Most of the hack was just miserable. In large part, that is because it is CLEARLY designed for save state play. The moves have no flow. They are discrete tricks, each designed to be as punishingly tight as possible, because the intent is for you to save state after each one. Some moves, like the spinjump off the last rock in Pandemonium, seem jank and luck-based. When playing RTA, the levels become a soul-destroying grind. I can't even award this hack points for creativity, as the level design closely resembles Kaizo 1, only far tighter.

I am posting this review as a form of grieving for the many hours of my life that died playing this terrible game, but also as a warning to all future players. Know what you're getting into.
TomsMostHammed Link
the first level was interesting
niko Link
Oh man, watched 10000 let's plays of this dumb hack. The vine level was so stupid. I hate this hack man.

5/5 regardless tho
GrandMasterLynx Link
Can’t get pass the Intro the Thwomp kills me
overmariofan Link
Ich fande den ersten teil fast am schwierigsten. Aber das heißt jetzt nicht, das er leicht ist :)
SQUID1000000 Link
Probably my personal favorite hack
StarTrekVoyager Link
This is trolling taken to a whole new level.
Black60Dragon Link
Guys, it's Kaizo Mario World. Who really cares about the floating munchers. I think this is more than notable enough to be an exception to the rule. Not to mention it wasn't even submitted by the creator.
ft029 Link
papa vldcx
GbreezeSunset Link
flooting munchers are definitely a reason,for removel though? pa vldcx and see a good example of no muncher level
XpheXl Link
Aside from the fact that floating munchers alone are no reason for removal, this hack and the predecessor are here for novelty reasons - like most other older Hacks on the site.
Kyanite Link
how dare they
 a hick Link
yuy gbirdzzzsoonsit i aggrii it shud b remoovd immedytly
GbreezeSunset Link
this gacj has cutoff And munchers in humongous stavks soo idk who allowed this submittal