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Kaizo Mario World 3

Super Mario World Hacks → Kaizo Mario World 3

Submission Details

Name: Kaizo Mario World 3
Author: T. Takemoto
Demo: No
Featured: Yes
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Kaizo Mario World 3, also known as Asshole Mario 3, is a hack created by T. Takemoto for his friend R. Kiba. It features extremely sadistic, unique and groundbreaking level design. The literal translation of "Kaizo Mario World" is "自作の改造マリオ(スーパーマリオワールド)を友人にプレイさせる", or in plain English, "Making my friend play through my Mario hack (Super Mario World)". Kaizo is a rough translation of the word "modify" or "change" in Japanese.
Tags: gimmick glitch puzzle traditional
Comments: 17 (jump to comments)
4.6 (21 ratings)
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Comments (17)

Steve Eric Jordan Link
Kimota Link
Definitely a big step up from Kaizo 2. Takemoto has dialed up the creativity with this installment, inventing a few staples of the genre, such as Sky Tree and a final castle with lava moving on layer 2. Layer 2 seems to be a running theme in this hack with most levels featuring a unique gimmick centered around it.

If just ranking Kaizo 3 on creativity and impact on the community, it would easily be 5/5. But I did play it all the way through RTA, and unfortunately very little of it is actually enjoyable. Sections are far too long and feature copious amounts of waiting. Some parts felt as if the cycles were aligned to create the maximum amount of waiting. This makes each death all the more frustrating. As I wrote in my comments for Kaizo 2, this series is clearly designed for save state play, so playing RTA makes for an awkward and punishing experience.

The elephant in the room with this hack is Bowser. The entire hack pre final boss took me around 27 hours (less time than Kaizo 2), but then Bowser added another 18 on top. Ultimately, I'd describe the boss as disappointing, and my feeling when beating him was 10% accomplishment and 90% relief. Obviously a lot of work went into it, and the steady escalation of difficulty with his phases is clever design, but there are too many random actions happening too quickly to make the fight reasonably fair. I use the word "disappointing" because if only a few things had been tweaked (e.g. space out Bowser's attacks a bit or get rid of Magikoopa), the fight would become vastly more consistent, satisfying, and beatable within a reasonable amount of time, instead of being what it is, a crapshoot slog that takes even most skilled players 10+ hours.

Overall, I'm glad this exists to inspire better creations from others, and I'm relieved to check it off my kaizo bucket list, never to return. 2/5.
Deivid Borba Link
10 Exits? Isn't 12?
vintologi Link
This is the first kaizo hack i am playing after briefly trying kaizo 1, it's a lot more fun than i expected and it's not too hard when you use a few save-states per level (probably a good idea when you are new to this).

SimFan96 Link
Just wanted to make a note that the Japanese version breaks on console when reaching Bowser. I made a fixed version that preserves the original hack's Bowser music.

About the hack, definitely brutal and a classic!
Wyatt Link
This took me 2 years to beat. 5/5
fpshigh Link
kaizo light ? kaizo very hard
randomdude999 Link
it's called "kaizo: hard" and it's even crazier
MichaelGTDunn Link
Kaizo: light....? I hate to think what heavy means!
Crumy100 Link
Although the description isn't that good, the hack itself is actually great! I think people complain just cause of the difficulty...
Dode Link
Hmm, this is the outdated version, version 3.0. Takemoto later made a version 3.1 which included a different maze, boss rush, and Yellow Switch Palace. Both of these versions will crash on console due to an outdated version of addmusic. Kaizoman and I fixed these patches and made a version 3.2 that works on console with patched music and English text. I would appreciate if an SMWC mod would contact me so I can get this updated version on here. Can do either 5-life or infinite lives version if need be, since infinite lives are acceptable in the speedrun. Thanks :D
Daizo Dee Von Link
Kyanite Link
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 Erik Link
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GbreezeSunset Link
like tjis comment if you're playing in 2017
 Erik Link
couldn't even get CREATIVE with the description