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Details for Warp Star
SMW Sprites - Warp Star Show random
File Name: Warp Star
Authors: Kaijyuu
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: The warp star from Kirby. It will float in the air. When Mario touches it, it'll rise up along with him and teleport him to another level.

If set up correctly, Mario will be riding a star when he enters the other level. The star will fall and explode when it hits the ground.

Check the readme and the ASM files for information on how to link and place the star correctly.

Originally part of the Kirby Sprite Pack.
Tags: lorom, pacifist, sa-1, star, teleport
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 1)
Download: Download - 7.75 KiB
Converted to PIXI and added SA-1 compatibility.

The original sprite was hard to use and had quite inefficient code. The version in the sprite pack let the hacker use screen exits and broke the sprite even more.

This version is completely fixed. It will default to using screen exits. If no screen exit exists, it will use a table to find which level to warp to (instead of using the inefficient, space-wasting, and confusing method that the first version of the sprite offered).
Posted by:  Telinc1 - | Link