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Overworld Warp

UberASM Repository → Overworld Warp

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juaneergameer Link
good for hammer bros. battles!
Mogu94 Link
Cool. Thank you, telinc1. Was asking for possible future use so I'll test it in the future and comment back (if I decide to use this).
 Telinc1 Link
No, it doesn't do it. This is a recreation of an old sprite which was removed during the remoderation.

I haven't tested this, however, adding LDA #$01 : STA $0DD5|!addr between BPL - and LDA #$0B might work. If it does, you can change that #$01 to #$02 for the secret exit.
Mogu94 Link
How much work would it be to also cause OW events to get triggered?
Judging by the gif, the current code doesn't do that.
 Telinc1 Link
The old "OW Warp sprite" sprite, converted to UberASMTool format and with SA-1 compatibility.