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Multi-step Autoscroll

UberASM Repository → Multi-step Autoscroll

Submission Details

Name: Multi-step Autoscroll
Author: mathie
Version History: View
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This code allows you to create your own special autoscroll that goes where you want at the speed you want, much like the generator used in Butter Bridge 1 (level 00C) in the original game.

It works by using tables where you store X/Y speeds for each step of the autoscroll. It allows the use of fractional speeds and can be paused/resumed anytime you want using a flag. Plus, all the free RAM used can be easily changed to avoid conflicts, and the whole scrolling code can either stop or loop when it reaches the end of the tables.

UPDATE: You can now setup a custom code that will interrupt the autoscroll and be executed at certain points in time. This way, you force the player to progress only if a certain thing has been done.
Default code is the classic "advance if all sprites have been killed".

Details in .asm file.
Tags: autoscroll lorom sa-1 super fx
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Comments (10)

Riskbreaker Link
sadly i couldnt find a layer 2 version of this...had a cute idea with both instances of step by step running together. Not that i would actually make the level. My mind just enjoy going places
clarkeg02 Link
This does not work for Lunar Magic 3.00+, the !Timer variable uses an address commandeered by Lunar magic in that version. Errors involving layer 1 and 2 misplacement can occur. This can be fixed by switching $1936 to $13E6.
yygdrasil Link
good job
 mathie Author Link
@zacmario: Sure. All you have to do is read the notice in the .asm file carefully, then fill tables.
zacmario Link
canthis be used to go different directions? like go right couple screens then up , then down etc..
 Thomas Link
Very easy to setup and design with, and works perfectly. Good job!
 HuFlungDu From older version: Multi-step Autoscroll Link
This is a cool little code. It works very well for variable speed scrolls that you would otherwise not be able to use in SMW.

The only minor issue is that Mario doesn't treat the side of the screen as a wall, that is to say, he doesn't side when he goes against it and it pushes him, as he does with the normal autoscrolls. You can submit an update for that if you like, but I think this is worth accepting in it's current state.
 mathie Author From older version: Multi-step Autoscroll Link
File has been fixed. You should be able to open it now.
 mathie Author From older version: Multi-step Autoscroll Link
I just realized I actually have this problem too... it's probably due to the fact that I submitted this between two Internet cuts (God I hate my router).

If a mod see this message, please wait just a little if you want to moderate it, I'll fix the broken .zip file quick.
HammerBrother From older version: Multi-step Autoscroll Link
For some reason, my pc couldn't unzip the file...