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Opcode Disassembly Cheatsheet

Documents → Opcode Disassembly Cheatsheet

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Name: Opcode Disassembly Cheatsheet
Author: Buu
Version History: View
Platforms: SNES
Games: General
Type: Documentation
Language: English
Description: This document contains all 65C816 ASM Opcodes (Mnemonics), the Hex number they have, and other info. Great for converting Hex to ASM manually and knowing more info about the opcodes.
Tags: asm coding conversion hex
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Comments (1)

HammerBrother From older version: Hex2ASM Disassembly Cheatsheet Link
also pretty useful for the all.log and know how much bytes an opcode takes up. Possibly showing the list of opcodes (in numbers) in the ROM (with opening a hex editor). Remember than the number it follows are little-endian, as in, bytes in raw code after the opcode are reversed compared to ASM language (example: [LDA $1234] -> [AD 34 12]), this applies to data too: [db $12,$34] ->[dw $34,$12]