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Custom Level Message Sprite

Sprites SMW → Custom Level Message Sprite

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Nom: Custom Level Message Sprite
Auteur: imamelia
Ajouté le:
Outil: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamique: Non
Démontage: Non
Graphismes Inclus: Non
Description: This is a custom version of the Display Level Message sprite (sprite 19 in vanilla SMW). This one uses the extra bytes to determine which message to show. A version for RPG Hacker's VWF message patch is also included.
Étiquettes: lorom message pacifist sa-1
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commentaires (2)

 MarioFanGamer Lien
I made made a couple tweaks in the ASM file (e.g. added SA-1 support and made it so that the message number is stored after the check when a message is active). I also set the first extra property byte for the VWF file to one (it used to be zero).

Nothing more to say. Sprite works fine.
 MarioFanGamer Lien
Originally posted by sprite discription
This one uses the extra bytes to determine which message to show.