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Conker Reloaded - Tediz

SMW Graphics → Conker Reloaded - Tediz

Submission Details

Name: Conker Reloaded - Tediz
Author: Blizzard Buffalo
Type: Original
Purpose: Sprite
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: The Tediz from Conker, in their Live and Reloaded incarnation, I was about to make it a custom sprite, that shoots bullets, throws greneades and stuff, but since I can't code and program ASM, I just made it as Koopa replacement. Feel free to edit it as an ASM if you like.

Net Koopa and Super Koopa Compatible, I also recommend you to NOT use it with pink and green berries since the palettes are changed unless you hardcode them to not share the palettes.
Tags: koopa needs remoderation
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
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Comments (3)

 Counterfeit Link
I am perfectly okay with this being a Koopa edit instead of a custom sprite because as a consequence, we get the Disco Stahlhelm in SMW. Cute GFX btw.
P-Tux7 Link
You could use it with the Bullet Bros. and Bomb Bros. sprites. I think there also some grenade sprite that makes Sumo Bros. fire that I saw in SMW The After Years.
Konata Izumi Link
Very Nice!