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Venus Flyin' Trap

SMW Sprites → Venus Flyin' Trap

Submission Details

Name: Venus Flyin' Trap
Author: Mandew
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: Venus Firetrap combines with the Jumpin' Piranha Plant to create this monstrosity.

Venus Flyin' Trap hides in a pipe and jumps out, fluttering a bit, before shooting a fireball or two and hiding back inside the pipe.

The Extra Bit determines how many fireballs are to be launched. Clear = 1 fireball, Set = 2 fireballs. It also changes the color of the sprite to match their respective functions in SMB3.

At the top of the asm file, there are some configurations for the projectile to be spawned (It can be determined manually, or by the extra property byte instead of spritenumber+1)

Also included is a proper 8x8 hitbox fireball sprite. This one bounces like a Fire Bros' fireball by default, but the extra bit can be used to make it go in a straight line like the Venus Firetrap's fireballs usually do.

Hope y'all have fun making level design happen with that!

Oh, and just in case, it includes the Venus Firetrap GFX file that is included with PIXI.
Tags: enemy fireball jumping lorom pipe piranha plant projectile sa-1 venus venus fire trap
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Comments (7)

MegaSonic1999 Link
Can you help me, please? I want to change the head tiles but can't find the tilemap.
P-Tux7 Link
Could you please fix the glitchy stem graphics routine? I noticed the glitch not only in this .gif, but also in a screenshot of Two Mice Walk Into a Bar. Thanks!
 MarioFanGamer Link
Fixed the SA-1 conversion where a couple addresses were left unconverted.

Anyways. It would have made the fireball an extended sprite and the GFX routine looks quite unoptimised too. Other then that, this sprites does its job well. Maybe a bit too well...
zacmario Link
Yep that's pretty cool.
Final Theory Link
I think the speed of the fireball is too quick.
LucasRCD Link
This looks like my kind of sprite. Really interesting, and really evil.
 Erik Link
you're going to hell