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One screen puzzle N°1

Super Mario World Hacks → One screen puzzle N°1

Submission Details

Name: One screen puzzle N°1
Author: SwagDePaul
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Hi everyone !

This is my first hack of super Mario world !
This hack is a One screen puzzle (two sub boundaries screen) featuring... No spoilers !

The only thing I can say is that I put a reset patch and that you can't duplicate blocks.

I don't know if I will make another One screen Hack, but I still put "N°1".


-added a reset patch instead of a reset door
-added infinite lives
-can't duplicate block anymore
-replaced the lava by the dark room switch block
-removed some HOT CHEESE
-added better grammar


-added complexity
-removed some MORE CHEESE
-added grey star blocks that kills you >:)
-added palette
-changed the intro level
-changed the "demo level" (Level C7)
Tags: glitch puzzle vanilla
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
4.6 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (7)

ArthurWilliam Link
At first it looked very hard, but after giving a look i could solve it so easily, just:

take the blue block, free and hold yoshi,

quickly feed yoshi with the blue block,

feed yoshi with the green shell,

hit the top ? block and wait till de shell turns into a turtle,

feed yoshi with the shell and the turtle,

throw yoshi at the ? with the p switch then jump in te white platform to take it

go down and use the p switch then quickly get and use the white p switch,

quickly go to the top take the death ! blocks (turns into coins but not graphically) and the black plants,

wait for the p switch to end

take yoshi and open the top block (the goomba will turn in a white coin and go up ) wait till the coin fall near the key then make the yoshi eat it

yoshi will grow you take the key and finish it.

i didn't yet discovered the northeast complicated place yet i beat the game like this
TheVexedGamer Link
I found some massive cheese so that you don't have to get the P switch. Great puzzle though. I know how to beat it legit but I can't execute it.
 Katerpie Link
The title screen has this weird garbage tile. I suggest removing it with this patch. Also, you have some sprite memory issues. I also changed the difficulty to Kaizo: Light since it's more appropriate for this hack.

Overall, this is a short but alright puzzle hack. I could find a lot of solutions, one of them being how you can use the throw block and the shell from the ? block to feed the baby Yoshi or even all five edible sprites. You can get trapped forever if you get past the throw block at the top and just stay still! I'll let it slide, but please get that fixed in future versions if possible.
7 up Link
Hey, I'm also the author of a one-screen puzzle hack! Mine is kaizo and uses some intricate glitches
SwagDePaul Author Link
Thanks for your ideas, I changed the hack.
trillian Link
Nice hack! A few things I want to point out though:

You could have used some better graphics for the lava. At first it wasn't even clear that it killed me.

The timer should have been longer in my opinion - just because you can solve it in 300 seconds doesn't mean someone who has never seen the level can.

You should have given the player infinite lives, since this is a puzzle level.

There are a few grammar mistakes in the message box in mario's house:
* Congratulation -> Congratulations
* a great SMW knowledge -> great SMW knowledge

Apart from that, a nice little hack.
NaroGugul Link
i know thats not the intended way. Theres a patch to fix that.