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SMW Sprites → Trouter

Submission Details

Name: Trouter
Author: Sonikku
Version History: View
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: The fish from SMB2 that jumps from the water. It contains a few minor tweaks;
Trouter.cfg - A Trouter that jumps from where ever you place it, doesn't need water.
TrouterStomp.cfg - Same as the first one, but dies when stomped.
TrouterCarry.cfg - Same as the first one, but can be carried
TrouterSpin.cfg - Same as the first one, but can be killed per spin jump regardless whether you can kill it per stomp or not
TrouterBuoyant.cfg - Buoyant Trouter, only jumps when it reaches water.

..As well as the ASM file, ExGFX file, and a Readme in case you don't know how, but want to customize certain things such as disabling/enabling killing via spin jump, and if the sprite can be carried or not.

No credit needed, PM me if you encounter any (major) errors.
Tags: enemy fish lorom pacifist sa-1 smb2 water
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Comments (1)

 MarioFanGamer Link
Added PIXI and sa-1 support, and made a couple changes in the ASM files.

Specifically, I merged all behaviours into one single ASM file with the settings beings determiend by the first extra property byte (not extra byte). That includes buoyancy, making it carryable and allowing spin kill which required seperate ASM files before (hence why I submit it as an update and not silently).

I also fixed an issue that if you grab the Trouter at the moment it dives into the water it spawns a vertical flying Koopa due to the jumping timer this sprite uses also is the stunned timer in carryable sprites and any stunned enemy behaves as a Koopa shell (with a Koopa with the stun timer), thus spawning the flying Koopa at that moment.