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Details for New Super Mario Bros. SNES
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File Name: New Super Mario Bros. SNES
Authors: Mr. Pixelator
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: When Luigi goes missing after supposedly having left for the store, Mario sets out to find him in yet another huge adventure. Except, it's just a demo again, so, not that huge, I guess.

• Two worlds totaling 16 levels to play
• Custom ASM (blocks, sprites, whatever)
• Custom power-ups
• Other stuff that I can't remember because I'm an idiot

Update: Made it so that the BPS patch actually works, because once again, I'm an idiot. Also, added a side exit to the "End of demo" level, because people might want to be able to get out of the level.
Tags: asm, exgfx, hdma, music, powers, traditional
Rating: 4.5 (Votes: 11)
Download: Download - 808.60 KiB
I love these DS Style hacks! Keep up the good work!!
Posted by: rickyspanish86420 - | Link
Too bad this game is just a demo of two worlds. When will the full version of this hack be ready?
Posted by: Vallenatero2020 - | Link
I waiting the next uptade of this precious hack #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: GlitchyR-01 - | Link
#smw{:TUP:} Good Job!!
But its demo yes?
Posted by: TaroMoza - | Link
hey i made an account on this site just so i could ask - what is the music used in strudel plains 5? also very cool hack made moments when i had no internet/was sitting on the toilet much cooler.
Posted by: nyaNezt - | Link
The yellow switch palace was so rage inducing. that's kaizo stuff right there.
Posted by:  KPhoenix - | Link
Alex Angel Productions
And those emojis i’m using #smrpg{roar}:P#tb{¬_¬}#w{xD}#ab{-_-}#smw{:trollface:}#wario{>:|}#fim{<3}#thp{>:(2}#lm{MARIO69}
Posted by: Alex Angel Productions - | Link
Alex Angel Productions
I like those Sprites #fim{O:)}
Posted by: Alex Angel Productions - | Link
Posted by: Leanplays - | Link
Thanks... Nice
Posted by: carlacarrijo - | Link
Electric Programer
A glitch is that all Desert levels are all playable without needing to unlock them so you can go to the tower instantly. Still, very good hack! 10/10 Would play a sequel.
Posted by: Electric Programer - | Link
its a beautiful hacks but i have to give 3 stars because there are just too many problems.
too many enemys/slow downs.
softlock potencial. the easiest is to play "spicy secret" and enter the one blue pipe with yoshi. it tells you to press up to continue (to enter a door i assume) but since you are on yoshi this is not possible. you cant get off him either because its only a 1 tile wide area.
like already mentioned, in world 2 all paths are enabled so there is basically no reason to do any of the levels.

the hack itself is really beautiful, i'd rate it hard tho because there are soooo many enemys and with the slowdowns it can be frustrating. i love the idea of powerups that are not vanilla. ice flower was always my favorite.

its close to the 4* but not enough. i can still recommend this hack
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
Posted by: SuperMarioFan55589 - | Link
Posted by: Ultima - | Link
Good Hack
Posted by: SuperMarioFan55589 - | Link
Konata Izumi
He could complete it tool less, you just have to git gud.
Take this from someone who beat battletoads legit.
Posted by: Konata Izumi - | Link
FUCK THE YELLOW SWITCH PALACE! HOT GARBAGE! That's my opinion about that level. The other levels are easy, but don't put difficulty "normal" when you have levels that you couldn't complete yourself.
Posted by: wacfwaef - | Link
I beat the game! That was really fun!
Posted by: JaRetro - | Link
Nice sprites.
Posted by: JaRetro - | Link
Final Theory
How come people always go missing in these stories? Don't they have cell phones???
Posted by: Final Theory - | Link
Cool hack! However, there are a few issues I'd like to point out:

First off, every path in World 2 is enabled by default except Castle -> World 3, so you can just head straight for the pyramid at the start- may want to fix this!

Second, your puzzles in the two Switch Palaces are....way too long and frustrating. Your punishment for messing up even once is to go back to the start, and it's very, very easy to make a small mistake. I got too frustrated at the puzzle in Yellow Switch that I never completed it- I just gave up. Green Switch's puzzle is far easier, but still frustrating due to its length. It also doesn't feel like you're really building an interesting puzzle with it, you primarily just use the same 3 kinds of setups without really building upon all of them to make more interesting challenges. For example, you have 3 bouncy sections with Mushrooms. The first one is easy, the second one has you weaving under single columns to make sure you don't get a mushroom, and then the last is a long "snake" of mushrooms bouncing. This is good, I like the progression, though the snake is easier than the bounce before it- perhaps swap them? Now look at the setup of "mushrooms on sprite-solid blocks". At first, it's simple ducking and weaving, and then at the end you have one more...which is the same thing but shorter, and there's two trap mushrooms inside the blocks. But you can just run under them, and there's only really one obstacle mushroom. That's not much of an obstacle if you ask me, and I don't see much progression. Why not try to utilize the instakill Gears from the World 2 castle here? That way you still have a moving obstacle to avoid, but there's still no benefit to grabbing the Mushrooms because you can't just take damage to get rid of it. Just an idea, you don't have to use it.

Lastly, you have HDMA issues- every time you end a level, the colors start flashing. This has the potential of triggering peoples' epilepsy if they have it, so you may want to find a fix for this. If you can't get it to work with the HDMA, I'd recommend either changing the goal style, or warping to a room with no HDMA.

Overall, a great start, but marred by long, frustrating, punishing Switch Palace puzzles.
Posted by: Nimono - | Link
This hack is outstanding!
so good gfx and nice music choices!
there are a few bugs with the goal...
when you reach it everything except mario and the background colour do not get black.
but after mario makes the V sign it starts to blink every second.
so i hope you fix that.
and the 2 custom powerups are also really nice!
an ice flower and boomerang suit,....
I would like to see the tanooki leaf or hammer suit.
they would fit so good!
please put in the tanooki leaf please.
but overall a pretty sweet hack!
nice work.
Posted by: Mr.Ennardo - | Link

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