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Donut Lift Block

SMW Blocks → Donut Lift Block

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Donut Lift Block v1.2. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Donut Lift Block
Authors: Davros, mikeyk
Version History: View
Act As: 100 or 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: An updated and optimized version of the donut lift block included in Spritetool. This custom block spawns a custom sprite when touched from above or the corners. Details in the readme.

GHB's fix:
Fix a bug that pushes Mario left or right instantly if mario triggers the top offset going down when his feet isn't completely on the surface of the block (like a low jump under the block, and right at its apex when mario's top half touches the top) when it behaves like a ledge (0x100).

New fix: fix a small bug involving jumping off the block the first frame the player touches the block won't trigger the block; $7E:0072 doesn't set to zero while the first frame on it.

New thing: thanks to LX5, the animation in the transition from block to sprite is now a lot more smooth.
Tags: donut lift lorom smb3 sprite
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Comments (8)

Qwerty13x Link
The crasheo he makes is very useful to me :V
NaroGugul Link
Having the same problem as Romano338. It turns back into some other unassigned tile instead of the tile ive inserted with GPS.
Any fix for that?

^^^ just ignore this.. just seen the setting inside the sprite asm
Romano338 Link
doesn't work, I can just jump as soon as I get onto the block to make it regular ground
thewhiskas27 Link
Is this the SMB3 donut lift or NSMB2 / SM3d series ones ?
 Erik Link
I optimized the code. Preserving X wasn't needed, neither was SEC or TAX.
HammerBrother From older version: Donut Lift Block Link
@ samanato:

Gps has been updated, now has the missing routines.
samanato From older version: Donut Lift Block Link
Doesn't work with the latest GPS. Apparently it's using a routine, %move_spawn_into_block, that doesn't exist. (not included with the block itself)
Masterlink From older version: Donut Lift Block Link
>GHB's fix

Thank you! That bug has always annoyed me; I never liked the idea of having a Donut Lift act completely solid.