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Mario's Amazing Adventure: Extrem Edition

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Amazing Adventure: Extrem Edition

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Konata Izumi Link
Originally posted by kamekku14

Klug Link
RossyCreeperMS Link
Looks cool, but I haven't got a chance to play any hacks. Hopefully I'll be able to play it!
fatelifesthefans Link
If You Download savebase MAA.srm Open This Hack,You Found All World Or
All Levels(Or Not?),I Wish This Hack So Complete,And See All Levels
wacfwaef Link
Hot garbage as Poo would say. Kaizo romhacks are better
 Lazy Link
Seems to be the entirety of the original version with a few levels changed at the start. I'll accept this for now, but please add a proper End of Demo level (or multiple ones in this case) in any future demos.